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Paradise view cabin - homer, alaska, Welcome to paradise view cabin, where the name says it all. Off-grid and remote, a lovely scribe-fit log cabin with a metal roof, fully furnished, complete with older tundra sno-go, honda generator, and tools galore! This one of a kind, well planned and amazingly executed forest home is built for rest, relaxation, and economy! This is a dream come true if you want off the grid but still easily accessible by road or plane.
Homes and Cabins for rent in Anchorage and in other Southcentral cities of Alaska including remote property. Prime rural Alaska Nushagak River waterfront property suitable for an exclusive lodge or other residential or commercial purposes. This rare 5 acre waterfront parcel is located 25 miles up Alexander Creek near the confluence with Suckers Creek. Fishing is quite good for silver, king, and chum salmon as well as rainbow trout and grayling. Will sell whole parcel with both cabins for $175,000 or half parcel with front cabin for $110,000. Homes and properties in Anchorage, Alaska that are expected to be listed and sold within the next 12 months. This waterfront cabin on the Kenai River has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a large deck overlooking the Kenai River. Cabins and homes for sale, building lots, land and acreage also available for building your dream vacation home.
The irony of their argument is that it is typically argued ONLINE on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other popular online forums. The fact that off grid technology deniers and anti-technology off gridders typically ignore is that to make these statements and posts online, they are online too, and are using high technology and computers, and therefore NOT off grid by their own definition.
The fact is the term is subjective and highly interpretive once you move beyond the actual definition of off grid. Below  is an excerpt from our main Living Off Grid page, which gives a more in depth look at the terms, their meanings, and the interpretations of those terms. The term “off grid“, or “off the grid” has multiple interpretations, and many people have different opinions as to what off grid truly means. I’d like to point out the obvious before we start clouding the issue with definitions, meanings, interpretations, and more debatable opinions. Before we attempt to define what “off grid” is, we should clarify what “the grid” is, then we can attempt to define what it means to get “off” of the grid. For one person, being off the grid may mean simply being disconnected from the power grid, while another person may have the opinion that to be “truly off the grid” they must disconnect from all utilities and live a completely self sufficient lifestyle, free from reliance on public sources of utilities, food or housing.
There really is no hard and fast, black and white definition of what living off the grid means, because generally speaking, it means different things to different people. Solar panels, wood heat, gardens, generators and propane make it possible to live without connecting to utilities in these self-contained homes. This completely self-contained home on an island near Ketchikan includes a 1,200-foot sandy swimming beach and 1.58 wooded acres. This cedar-log home has a sophisticated solar, wood generator heating system and a stunning view of 40 acres dotted with blueberry and raspberry bushes.
This brand new, well-outfitted mountain retreat was built in 2008 but has never been lived in. This cabin, located 15 minutes from downtown Missoula and five minutes from the Snowbowl ski area, uses solar panels and gas generators, propane and wood heat. This tiny cabin in the Adirondacks is just 140 square feet, set in the middle of almost 2.5 acres. Spanning nearly 100 acres, this high-mountain desert retreat was designed for an artist with a detached pottery studio and an elaborate, hydroponic greenhouse. Rustic design lovers may feel at home in this straw-bale house with a stucco exterior finish, metal roofing and vinyl-clad wood windows. Over 24 acres of beautiful, private land off the grid with road access and trails right into alaska state land.

Newer rural alaskan home, remote, but conveniently located off glenn hwy in the community of nelchina.
I thought I’d share this excellent example of people living simply in a tiny cabin in Alaska. And upstairs is your sleeping loft with skylights which you’ll get to see down below. And if you enjoyed this tiny cabin in Alaska, you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with even more! There are a lot of these little cabins in the woods all around the Fairbanks, Alaska area- it is not an uncommon way to live up here.
I get so excited about the different houses shown on this site, then I get depressed, because, in the end, the question of property tax always pops up for me.
I agree that for a LOT of places what you or your landlord is paying is a LOT but in some places the education and other infrastructure is DREADFUL but they are paying almost nothing.
Retirement will mean we HAVE to move as we will no longer be ABLE to afford either the taxes or the electric–that has more than DOUBLED in the past few years.
Alex, ever since the first day a discovered your newsletter and saw LaMar Alexander’s cabin story featured, I have been an avid fan of tiny houses, simple living, and homestead life.
Now I have plaster board and some weird faux wood molded paneling–not exactly what I am in love with! Oh this is way fabulous!, lovin it all…how beautiful, and spacious everything works so nicely, thanks for the peek! I wish my first cabin in Alaska I built would have been as simple and efficient as this one. Back to Alaska,,, This time I will build a much smaller simpler structure using the trees located in the area.
1) it takes a lot of planning , education, life style changes , and some natural talent to live well in a remote situation. Hannah grew up in a home her parents built (her father is a boat builder), so it was only natural for her to follow in their footsteps.
Tucked away amidst a dense forest and surrounded by wildlife, Tim and Hannah's tiny cabin boasts a storybook view of treetops and purple-bluish mountains. The cabin's modest footprint meant the couple had to create smart storage solutions and keep only what was needed. Less maintenance and fewer repairs, along with the couple's sustainable living style, makes it less costly to own a home.
Tim and Hannah's refrigerator consists of a cooler and ice packs, which, in the winter, they easily refreeze by keeping the water packs outside. Biggest Challenge: Carrying all of the material for the entire cabin down a trail through the woods to the building site.
We scored a mis-sized alder door from the local lumber yard and stained it to match the roof trim. Our Ikea table can fold up on one side for two, slide out and fold up on both sides for four people, or collapse completely for activities. We love to cook, so we had to make sure all the necessities were there, but nothing extra. The loft is just big enough for our California king bed (some things can't be downsized) and has a beautiful birds eye view of the mountains. The deck is about the same square footage of the entire house, which makes it very easy for outdoor living and entertaining. Packages and plans available for constructing the log cabin of your dreams anywhere in Alaska. From hunting cabins with outhouses to beautiful log homes bejeweled with solar panels, here are some homes for sale where you can relax to the hum of a generator. The 25.7-acre Hope Valley property is off-grid but comes with an efficient generator system. The adjoining guest house has a wood-fired sauna and hot tub to warm up after a day on the slopes. The residence is also highly energy-efficient with a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index score of 10.

The interior could easily serve as an artist’s studio with welded steel railings, polished concrete flooring and more.
He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. Regarding this house and property, can you say, just ‘ballpark’ figure what your property tax is? But in dealing with the by-product of this spending in the past, the school kids, I’d have to say someone is due a huge refund. This meant Tim and Hannah can spend less time working and more time enjoying the outdoors together.
At night, their main source of light is oil burning lanterns, a few LED lights, and headlamps.
This is one of the most beautiful spots on the Kenai River, this lodge has been in business for over 25 years!
Some people might opt to live that lifestyle, however, that is usually based on personal preference, is not a hard an fast rule of living off grid, and is usually a personal choice. Living off grid does not mean primitive living. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. I live in Northeast Tennessee which for some reason tends to get overlooked for western NC. I am making mine a more airy island style mini-villa with a white steel roof and shaded windows with Bahamian awnings. With that in mind, Tim and Hannah started out with 20 acres of land and no blueprints, and built one of the most impressive houses I've ever seen in my life — not to mention it's fully off-the-grid.
The two integrated as many recycled, salvaged, low-impact materials into their design as possible.
This lodge has the main house, and 3 separate buildings with 12 rooms, living area, bathrooms, kitchen, and much more!
The Nushagak River has the best king and silver salmon fishing in the state and is the access point to the Wood River - Tikchik area. TN doesn’t have a state income tax and we have the same beautiful scenery as western NC does. This is lodge comes as a turn key operation all items staying with the property including a 20ft boat! More cash thrown at corrupt to the core political hacks only guarantees richer political hacks. I currently own a cabin In the far south west that costs me only $65 per year in property taxes for ten acres including my cabin. Not to mention finding the most efficient vehicle that will run on veggie oil during the summer months and happens to get 50 mpg when using regular diesel. Seconds, mis-sized, and salvaged materials were sourced from their local lumbar yard and the Restore. NC and VA both have state income tax as well as personal property tax (required to list your personal property(cars, boats, jewelry, etc…) and be taxed on it. But FYI after much buying and selling property I ended up getting it for free even made $1000 after swapping and selling other pieces after it was all said and done. TN has a higher sales tax but if you live on the border you can just do your shopping in the neighboring state with lower sales tax. Furthermore, they lift the home off the ground to prevent snow drift during cold winter months and heat retention during summer months. I don’t live close enough to KY to know their tax structure but other taxes like I mentioned are as important to know about as the property tax rates. To build but only because of the lack of trees In the area and requirement for super thick and insulated walls ceiling.

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