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Solar energy panels are perhaps the most crucial component of any solar power systems and make it all possible as a good and practical alternative to conventional methods of producing electrical power.
As mentioned earlier, solar energy panels essentially absorb solar radiation and transform it to usable electrical power. Although such alternative power system may seem like something out of a science fiction movie for many people, solar power is actually nothing new and has long been applied as viable power source for all sorts of portable devices such as calculators and flashlights. Indeed solar power systems present an excellent and viable alternative to conventional sources of electrical power. Protect Your Privacy with a Secure Blackphone - April 11, 2016 Survival of the Human Race and the Progression of Artificial Intelligence - April 9, 2016 Massive Dock Robots Keep Containers Moving and Commerce Rolling - March 28, 2016 Advanced A.I.
Magic Leap uses a head-mounted retinal display that projects a digital light field into the user’s eye. Living outside the technology box is this company’s objective by creating an interactive virtual world like the holodeck on Star trek. Survival News and Views Technology Google Invests in Magic Leap 3D Holodeck – Watch This VIDEO! After seeing a post on Inhabitat titled Compact Prefab House is Made from a Single Shipping Container in Milan, Architect and writer Lance Hosey tweets:When will the shipping-container-home fad die?
Panels for solar energy store the heat energy generated by the sun and turn it into electrical energy that can be used to power homes and commercial or business establishments.

Another significant advantage to solar energy systems is portability making it an ideal power source for yachts and recreational vehicles. Make no illusions though, the cost of setting up such alternative power systems and the cost of crucial components like solar energy panels and solar batteries can be quite significant easily amounting to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Humanoid Robot Admits She Wants to Destroy Humans - March 21, 2016 Self-Driving Cars May Be Hitting a Speed Bump - March 20, 2016View all Back to the Future with FLYBOARD Personal Flying Hover-Board - April 16, 2016 Survival of the Human Race Man or Machines? The electrical energy harnessed from the sun can also be stored with solar batteries to provide electrical power at night or during times when sun doesn?t shine.
As you may already know, the electrical power that solar panels generate is completely free and clean yielding no harmful byproducts unlike conventional power systems that rely on burning fossil fuels which presents some of its most significant advantages. Such alternative power systems can also be used on remote areas beyond the reach of utility power grids with no recurring cost and very little maintenance requirements. The advantages and long-term benefits of a clean and free renewable electrical power source far outweighs such costs though and can well be worth it. The company is working on shaping the way people will be learning and interacting in the future. They are grossly over-designed for housing, being capable of stacking 9 high when full of tons of stuff; the floors and the paints are selected for international travel and are toxic.
Plans include all elevations and floor plans, roof plan, electrical plans, interior molding schedule, sections and details.

This technology will of course be used for good but imagine the other alternatives when placed in the wrong hands. This virtual technology becoming reality in this cyber age where things are not always as we perceive.
The housing industry is one of the few that has not been globalized; that's why it is such an important part of the North American economy, it is one of the last things still built here. It's a modular house, built in a factory in Foshan, China, built to the dimensions of a shipping container to take advantage of the transportation infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to produce a fully sustainable home that doesn’t need to be connected to any external services such as power, water or sewerage. The real issue here is that it costs a lot less to build in a factory in China than it does in a field in Arizona. There is a massive infrastructure of finishes, plumbing and electrical manufacturers right there, who are making all the things that go into a home.
To solve this, Nova Deko has experienced Australian trades supervising the work in the Chinese factory:Nova Deko maintains complete control over the entire process, from design through to production.

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