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When sending members of your party for help, a notebook and pencil work great to write instructions from impending help, or writing down information useful to a rescue agency, such as: your location, your needs, how many people are with you and equipment you have at your disposal.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you do not see the product(s) you require or if you have a question, please contact us for assistance. This was a project created for the Packing 2 Class taught by Christine George at the Academy of Art University. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The clear bag speeds the process of selecting what you need before dumping the whole contents out.

Our objective was to take an exisiting brand of our choice and imagine what a first aid kit would look like for that brand. The brand is famous for its black spiced rum and marketing campaign about a legendary sea monster. Spiralling off the brand’s marketing concept, I created my products around the needs of a pirate lost at sea, whose ship might be susceptible to a kraken attack. Learn how to update your browser.X Your browser does not support JavaScript, or you do not have it enabled. This kit isn’t going to keep you alive throughout a harsh Alaska winter, but it does have enough junk to keep you slightly more comfortable than having nothing at all. Multiple means of signalling for help, multiple means of starting fire, multiple means of staying warm and dry, multiple means of lighting your way in the dark and just a small amount of food, .

The chances of you and Brooke Shields making it to a marooned island are slim, so you may as well rely on your lifeboat, jacket and Reborn Survival Kit till a rescue team arrives. Packaged as a slim torch-like contraption, Reborn actually opens up to become a multi functional device.

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