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Occupational First Aid Level 3 PRO Renewal One week course developed by WorkSafeBC for first aid professionals who have completed the OFA Level 3 multiple times and hold a current Level 3 certificate. We have provided first aid courses and safety training as far away as Hearst, Ontario and Inuvik Northwest Territories! Eastern Kentucky University will launch a doctoral degree program in occupational therapy in Spring 2013. The University’s third doctoral degree program was formally approved on June 21 by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. EKU’s entire program will be offered online for the convenience of working professionals, so the program can reach not only practicing occupational therapists in rural Kentucky, but potentially worldwide. Taking two courses each semester, students will be able to complete the program in two years (three semesters each year). In addition, she noted, EKU is in the 12th year of a joint doctoral program in rehabilitation sciences with the University of Kentucky. Just as the employment market continues to grow for occupational therapists, demand is high for the doctoral program, Schneck indicated.

Schneck anticipates the first cohort in Spring 2013 will consist of 10-15 students, with the program expanding from that point. Graduates of the OTD program, Schneck added, will have an increased understanding of legislative, policy and administrative issues affecting the profession, and health care delivery, with a particular emphasis on the needs of unique and underserved populations in Kentucky.
ZEE Medical Services (#52) of Eastern Pennsylvania provides workplace first aid, safety and training products and services in the following 30 Pennsylvania counties.
Receive special email offers and useful information on creating a healthier, safer, cleaner and more productive work environment. Here you can access a range of online training videos that will introduce you to OHS in Service Stations.
If you require this course urgently for work or safety audit, we can arrange this course at any time and in any location. Join our email list for the best and fastest way to receive details of courses that we have coming up. You can order all your First Aid supplies direct from us and have it delivered direct to your door.

Our staff of safety experts will keep your company WorkSafeBC compliant by teaching up-to-date safety fundamentals with hands-on practical training.
Eastern already offers doctoral degrees in educational leadership and policy studies and in nursing practice.
News Media Group, now has one of 20 post-professional doctoral degree programs nationwide in occupational therapy and the only such program in Kentucky. As they research and apply recent advances in the field, they will be prepared to serve in leadership roles, affect educational and health care policy, and act as catalysts for excellence in intervention settings in order to better meet the needs of their clients.

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