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The 3 day Occupational First Aid at Work training course complies with the Health & Safety Authority guidelines of Occupational First Aid and the requirements of the Pre-School Regulations regarding general first aid provisions in a Childcare Setting. Recognise life threatening conditions such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke and choking and react in an appropriate manner in order to give the patient the best chance of survival. Understand all health and safety legislation in relation to first aid in the workplace including your duties once certified.
The level 5 NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety is a work-based qualification that is designed for persons who are appointed to provide Health and Safety assistance in organisations where there are significant hazards and complex risks. It is essentially for those individuals who are practicing Health and Safety advisors, with responsibility for influencing policy or those who maybe aspiring to become safety consultants and members of The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. This qualification will allow successful candidates to apply for membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) at Graduate level and therefore use Grad IOSH after their name. Upon successful completion of an open book examination and a minimum of 2 years initial professional development (IPD), candidates can then achieve Chartered level membership (CMIOSH).

NVQs are widely accepted as being assets to any company wishing to increase the competence of it's staff and the organisation.
They are viewed as building blocks upon which the success of your organisation can be built and are entirely consistent with other initiatives such as Investors in People and OHSAS 18001. In addition many insurance companies see NVQs as a key element to ensuring the competence of their clients’ staff when assessing Employers' Liability Insurance.
As a Health and Safety manager you will be expected to prove that you are operating a comprehensive Health and Safety management system, which encompasses all aspects of your company’s undertakings and involves relevant employees at all levels. You must also prove that you possess the relevant underpinning health and safety knowledge to satisfy the required standards.
Candidates with limited knowledge, experience or qualifications in the health and safety field may be considered to be suitable for this qualification, if they have the opportunity or potential to produce the required evidence and are also willing to undertake further training.
This qualification is work- based and regular meetings will be arranged for the assessor to visit and help you complete the qualification.

We provide manual handling training for organisations who wish to comply with health & safety legislation which requires them to provide training for all their employees who are involved in manual handling tasks. Candidates should be free from injury or back and joint problems which would interfere with their ability to participate in the practical aspect of this course. On completion of this half day Manual Handling Course, each candidate will receive a certificate of attendance issued by Safety First Training.

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