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Occupational first aid courses provide candidates the skills and knowledge to be prepared to react to any workplace emergency. We provide candidates with the occupational first aid courses in their area at the lowest prices. To find a occupational first aid course in your area you can select your location from the menu bar or from the side bar. Three types of occupational first aid courses have been created that the occupational health and safety regulation recognizes. Upon successful completion of any occupational first aid course candidates will receive a 3 year certificate that is valid from the date of the examination. Occupational First Aid Level 3 PRO Renewal One week course developed by WorkSafeBC for first aid professionals who have completed the OFA Level 3 multiple times and hold a current Level 3 certificate. Trauma Tech (formerly Select First Aid Ltd) has been providing professional first aid training to the Surrey area for decades. Trauma Tech now offers more courses, more locations, and a much larger team of experts to fulfill all of your safety and first aid training needs. Trauma Tech (formerly Select First Aid Ltd) will come to your location to provide first aid training. We have provided first aid courses and safety training as far away as Hearst, Ontario and Inuvik Northwest Territories!
Level 2 is a 36-hour first aid course primarily designed for the urban first aid attendant but is applicable whenever the WorkSafeBC Regulations require certification to the OFA 2 Level.
Level 2 covers the basics of airway, breathing and circulation which includes how to deal with obstructed airways, breathing distress, bleeding control, Shock and one person CPR.
Keep staff on site during training, no extra costs involved in transport, travel or meal allowances, etc. Have staff available to answer that important question, or call back a client during the breaks! We're fun and relaxed - have the kids in the next room or even join in the practical side of the class with no childcare hassles or costs.

Generally, once you reserve the course, you will receive a full colour participant manual which is a valuable first aid resource and is yours to keep after the course. As the name suggests, this aspect of the course consists of hands-on, practical first aid training and is presented in a fun, safe and professional environment.
Depending on your current skills and qualification, the practical class can be as short as 3 hours.
We provide consultancy services to help business to be fully compliant with little disruption to their daily operations. At Crystal Safety Services our aim is to provide a professional service for our clients whilst also giving them first class customer service.
Occupational First Aid certification is valid for 2 years at which point recertification is required. A First Aider will receive a Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) Level 5 certificate in Occupational First Aid following the course. Thereafter, the First Aider will receive a certificate from the registered training provider for 2 yearly refresher training, as FETAC does not issue refresher certificates.
Existing First Aider who do the 1 day refresher training and assessment based on the FETAC Level 5 Occupational First Aid Standard will be entitled to a FETAC certificate. Compliance with Safety Regulations, effective Safety Statement, reduced absenteeism, increased protection to employees, visitors, suppliers, contractors, etc., possible insurance benefits and increased morale to trained staff. Candidates will learn legal implications and documentation related to workplace safety and injuries. We have locations throughout Canada including throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.
Our team of experts strive to make courses fun and interesting while teaching important, life-saving skills. In addition,patient assessment, hard collar application, upper limb splinting and minor wound care are covered.
A minimum mark of 70% is required, on both the written and practical exams, to successfully complete the course.

We provide an on-site (or in-home) mobile service where we come to you, at a time that suits you!
You also receive a self-study work book which you progress through at your own pace during the times and location that are convenient for you prior to attending the practical class.
Regardless, our price is 100% inclusive - it includes GST (where applicable), the manual, workbook, assessments, practical class, certificates, postage. Chapter 2 of Part 7 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations (S.I.
Where certification for an occupational first aider lapses, a 1 day refresher training is required if the lapse is less than 3 months, otherwise the full 3 day training is required. Course curriculum includes knowledge in workplace hazardous material information sheets (WHMIS) and material safety data sheets (MSDS). We also offer private courses in which a trained first aid instructor can come to you and teach at your workplace. The transportation endorsement training is a one day course that candidates can take in addition to any OFA level course. Candidates will learn the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers with respect to health and safety. Our courses have the highest customer satisfaction ratings and are the most popular locations for first aid and CPR training. 299 of 2007) concerning first aid at workstate that Employers have a duty to provide first-aid equipment at all places of work where working conditions require it. Candidates will have the opportunity to select from a wide range of different courses offered through a variety of providers. If you have any questions regarding the material simply contact us for a free personal phone consultation.

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