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May 9, 2012 • A baby is snatched away by goblins in Maurice Sendak's unsettling children's book, Outside Over There. May 8, 2012 • Wicked author Gregory Maguire considered Maurice Sendak, who died Tuesday at age 83, a personal mentor.
Sendak talks with children about his book Where the Wild Things Are at the International Youth Library in Munich in June 1971. May 8, 2012 • "Children surviving childhood is my obsessive theme and my life's concern," Maurice Sendak told NPR in 1993. Cat detective John Blacksad investigates the disappearance of a famous pianist in Blacksad: A Silent Hell. This triptych of satisfying graphic novels is set in late Victorian Europe, in a world rich with steampunk gadgets and lingo.
If our parents are good stewards of our educations, we read Art Spiegelman's Maus, with its Nazi cats and Jewish mice a€” the sine qua non of anthropomorphic graphic storytelling.
Jody Arlington is a communications and policy strategist for the independent film and documentary community, and the owner of a truly astounding number of graphic novels. South Dakota is famously home to Mount Rushmore, but it's also been making room for a second colossal mountain carving that, when finished, will dwarf the four presidents. Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, who started the Crazy Horse memorial in 1948, smokes a cigarette near a crate of dynamite on a bluff of the Black Hills in 1950.
Her long white hair is tied back, and despite her age, she still oversees all aspects of work on the monument. On this episode, Piano Jazz presents a special session with legendary vocalist Linda Ronstadt and pianist-arranger Alan Broadbent, recorded live at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Mass.
The "elephant in the room" is something obvious that can't be overlooked, even if no one is talking about it. If you've ever shot the breeze, had a heart-to-heart or bent somebody's ear a€” in fact, if you've ever talked at all a€” odds are you've used an idiom. Birthday suit In 18th-century England, this term referred to the clothes one wore on the king's birthday. While some of the new entries might seem modern a€” "couch potato," "elephant in the room," "comfort food" a€” many are surprisingly old expressions. Donna Barton Brothers (left) interviews Kentucky Derby-winning jockey Joel Rosario at Churchill Downs on May 4, 2013, in Louisville.
Brothers rides down the front stretch before the 88th Black-Eyed Susan Stakes at Pimlico Race Course on May 18, 2012, in Baltimore.
When the thoroughbreds burst out of the starting gate at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, fans will have their eyes on California Chrome as a potential Triple Crown winner. Sendak's longtime friend Tony Kushner describes the book's origins and Sendak's literary heroes.
Hoffmann's original story, "Nutcracker and Mouse King," is darker and spookier than the ballet version most people know.
The beloved author and illustrator a€” who took a darker approach to children's storytelling a€” died Tuesday at the age of 83.
Commentator Amanda Katz says she loved this book as a child, and only later understood why it made adults so uncomfortable. He says Sendak's books were magical a€” "the more you look at them, the less you understand how they do what they do." Maguire talks about his memories of the Where the Wild Things Are author.
The author and illustrator a€” one of the most admired artists in children's literature a€” died Tuesday at the age of 83. Hard-boiled, with brooding investigators, sharp wits, danger, crazy fights, bullets, chases and loves lost, unrequited, or dripping with passion.
Written by Spaniards for French audiences, the award-winning series has been published in more than 20 languages. Iron, with its tale of prey animals resisting the oppression of a predator regime after a long conflict, evokes both Maus and Animal Farm.
All comments must follow the Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting. These sometimes bizarre phrases are a staple of conversation, and more than 10,000 of them are collected in the latest edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, which came out this week. Later the phrase was jocularly used to refer to the clothing a baby wore on the day of its own birth a€” that is, nakedness.

A particularly large number date back to the Elizabethan era: Shakespeare was a prolific inventor of phrases and gave birth to numerous idioms still used today. And there to interview the winner on horseback will be Donna Barton Brothers, an analyst for NBC Sports.
So even if you get to a point where you start to go, "OK, this can be dangerous," the faster they go, the more fun it is. NPR's Robert Siegel traces the history of everyone's favorite Christmas ballet all the way back to its much darker original version. Or perhaps tempered by darkness in a cold, post-revolutionary world filled with intrigue, conspiracy and a resistance hanging in the balance.
The stories closely resemble American pulp fiction, with the titular PI a big, black, burly kitty in a trench coat, more Philip Marlowe than Sylvester in his mien.
What lends this story its power is the simplicity of the plotting in contrast with the complexity of the characters as they come to grips with their pasts and the paths before them. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. Blacksad investigates all the underbelly society has to offer in 1950s New Orleans, the perfect setting for racial tensions, abductions, murder mysteries and beatdowns.
This holds true whether they are chasing the resistance, carrying out a well-laid plot, or claiming the mantle of a fallen comrade with disastrous results. But supporters are quick to cite positive aspects of the memorial outside the carving, including the first classes held at a new on-site university, an expansive museum and a Native American college scholarship program targeting Native high school kids. She recalls that her family was always singing and playing music together, though none were professional musicians. Servant class "Doughfaces." History is set on its head, with Britain having lost the Napoleonic wars to France. Wars a€” in this case the specter of WWII and the height of the Communist Red Scare a€” make cameos, and Blacksad bears it all with stoicism, when he doesn't get seriously pissed off. The Crazy Horse Memorial a€” taller than the Washington Monument and well over two football fields wide a€” has been 64 years in the making. Author Christine Ammer tells NPR's Renee Montagne that idioms are added to the book based on how commonly they're used. When she retired, Brothers tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies, she knew it was time to get out in part because it started to feel dangerous. When we would turn for home a€” at the quarter pole when they come out of that turn and now you're headed to the final stretch a€” as soon as I would set him down and ask him, he literally would lower his body about 4 or 5 inches as his stride lengthened. After a long occupation, Britain is independent, but Anglophobia, revolution and growing restlessness abound.
Beautifully painted panels and sharp pacing will keep you turning pages, as will the many mentions of key historical moments a€” and oh so many unsavory characters and hot dames a€” woven into the storylines.
And problems in the underlying rock are now forcing the sculptors to deviate from the original model. Eventually the term was extended so that "getting on the bandwagon" meant supporting a campaign or joining a cause.
So as his stride lengthened, his body dropped and I could feel his body drop and his speed quicken and it was one of the most incredible feelings that you will ever feel. Paris, now the capital of a French empire, is Grandville, and most of the action revolves around British and French imbroglios threatening the Pax Francia. An engineer uses a laser measuring device to plot in a 3-D point on the side of the granite face.
The team is from the Rosebud Reservation, and Coach Davis Reddest, a Lakota, brought his players here on a side trip from a nearby tournament.
Enter Detective LeBrock, the hard-bodied badger detective who travels with barbells, deploys Holmesian deductive reasoning and has a tragic past.
Reddest looks up at the giant carving, where construction excavators are removing recently blasted rock fragments. Though the band had several hits, Ronstadt remembers the early days with the Poneys playing open-mic nights in order to earn long-term engagements.
As teens, we're turned on to the political satires like Animal Farm, with its pigs and dogs playing out tableaus of politics and human cruelty far more expressively than actual humans. He and his posh rat partner track down assassins, revolutionaries turned murderers and a cabal of wealthy industrialists led by a heinous toad plotting another war.

It referred to stock that would rapidly increase in price, but then return to its low price after speculators resold it. Her brother and sister were both jockeys, and her mother, Patti Barton, was among the first generation of female jockeys.
And then if you don't see him for three weeks and suddenly you see them and they've lost a lot of weight or even a bit of weight a€” or gained weight a€” you see it, because you have in your mind an image of what you expect to see. And the Grandville books are full of grimly funny set pieces a€” like a disheveled Snowy the dog, found in an opium den muttering about his Tin Tin adventures in a heroin-induced hallucination. Nothing is impossible as long as you're willing to work hard enough and pay the price," says the sculptor's wife, Ruth, who is now 86 years old.
But Monique Ziolkowski, the sculptor's daughter, says the seams and cracks in the rock pose new challenges.
With hits including "Long Long Time," "You're No Good," "When Will I Be Loved," and "Poor Poor Pitiful Me," Ronstadt's easy rock, colored by folk and country, made her a constant presence on the charts throughout the 1970s. Because if you throw a dead cat at a wall, it will bounce, all right a€” but it will still be dead. Brothers has also written a layman's guide to the world of horse racing called Inside Track. And if what you see doesn't meet that image, then you go, "OK, what's different?" So I look to see how their weight is and I look to see how their attitude is, how their energy is. Plutarch wrote essays about it ("On the Use of Reason by 'Irrational' Animals" a€” definitely not beach reading, by the way).
It's a lot of rock." But others visiting this monument, including Bridget Martin from Wisconsin, are impressed with the progress. It was a rallying song, and it [went], 'Work and pray, live on hay, you'll get pie in the sky when you die.' And of course that was taken up as an idiom to mean an empty wish or promise.
So that's why we're working with the engineers, and we will be putting bolts in for support, but the bulk of the mountain needs to stand on its own," she says. Following her success on the pop charts, the adventurous singer took up a Broadway role in the Pirates of Penzance. It originated in the mid-1800s practice of passing around a piece of buckshot, or another object, to remind a player that he would be dealing next. But I don't want to see them pushing the pony over to the other side of the track, kicking and biting and all those kinds of things, because that's more a sign of irritation or aggravation. Her success on stage and her demonstrated ability to belt out show tunes led to three successful albums of jazz standards arranged by Nelson Riddle.
You want something here." On idioms that are older than they seem "An interesting one like that is 'no pain, no gain,' which you think of as a sports thing.
Vidaurri and duo Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guardido all deliver with their anthropomorphic creations, wowing us with their words and art, and this very important message: Don't make the kitty angry, trust toads or give bunnies explosives.
Teams of engineers and geologists carefully monitor each blast and help plot the way forward. No pain, no gain.' And that actually goes back all the way to 1500 and appeared in a dictionary of proverbs about a hundred years after that, so that's really unusual. Playwright John Dennis rattled a sheet of tin to create a "thunder machine" for his play Appius and Virginia. That album spawned four Top 10 country hits and won a Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. A few days later, he heard the device used during a performance of Macbeth, leading him to exclaim, "They steal my thunder!" Adapted from The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, Second Edition. I did start to recognize that it was a dangerous sport and my husband now, we had been dating for like five years, he was a trainer, and there's this real archaic rule in horse racing that if you marry a trainer, you have to ride their horse in every race or sit the race out.
And this latter usage [replaced] the much earlier equation of 'a close shave,' [which] used to be identified as miserliness, based on the idea that a close shave by a barber meant one would not have to spend much money on another shave quite so soon.
And it was given its new meaning around 1950." On idioms with political origins " 'To go the whole hog,' meaning to do the whole thing, first appeared in a letter from Daniel Webster.

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