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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Marshall Rosenberg's remarkable process of Nonviolent Communication (or NVC) has gained worldwide recognition as a tool for turning even the most volatile situations into a natural interchange of compassion and mutual enrichment.
This is so not what I expected it to be, and wished it was more complete once I realized what it was.
Have you ever felt abandoned, abused, attacked, betrayed, bullied, ignored, intimidated, invisible, let down, manipulated, neglected, put upon, rejected, rushed, or unappreciated? Take Action:   I encourage you to take a look at the list of “faux” feelings below and think about what emotions are attached to each of them.
Please note that some of the following faux feelings are based on a mental evaluation of self, such as stupid, rather than an interpretation of someone else’s behavior as discussed above.
Learn how to find your calling in our E-book, The 7 Misguiding Myths that Shroud Your Purpose in Mystery. Light up your life! Modeled after this visionary peacemaker's nine-day intensive retreats, The Nonviolent Communication Training Course presents the fi rst self-guided curriculum for putting Rosenberg's transformative ideas into everyday practice-whether you're in the offi ce, at the dinner table, with your spiritual community- any situation where you want to honor "what is alive" in yourself and others.

It has helped me develop a deeper understanding of nonviolent communication, of being present with people's emotions and needs.
That is not to say that you do not have an emotional response, but that these words are all mental interpretations masquerading as feelings. Half the time I was thinking what a wonderful way of seeing the world this is, and half the time I was getting depressed thinking how VERY far our society is from releasing ego, shame, blame, and violence, and embracing this type of communication, justice system, and view of the world.
In other words, each of these words is an interpretation of what someone else did or did not do causing you to feel a certain way.  They are a label about another’s behavior that we are falsely interpreting as an emotion. I know the "more complete" parts are available through other writings, and really embracing this would surely require not only seminars but most likely a group dedicated to practicing it regularly. I certainly don't expect to entirely release the "retributive" communication style just from listening to this once, but just having been introduced to it opens up the possibility of more awareness on my part. As an example, I was loving this guy from very near the beginning, when he brought up the use of words like "have to," "need to," and "should." This has been a thorn in my side for a while (again, not that I don't use them as well). I noticed EVERYONE who euthanizes a pet will say, "We HAD TO put Fluffy down." This after a long discussion of the pros and cons and the costs and the prognosis, and making it VERY clear that the decision was theirs to make.

But another unfortunate aspect that I learned about this type of language, is that the speaker is actually robbing themselves of their own power.
Pretty interesting concept, and he shows how he's used this communication style, which could also be considered a type of therapy I'd guess, to resolve conflicts on large and small scales. I would definitely like to get more training in this if I ever return to the clinic, where drama and conflict were a daily occurrence. Then take ownership of that choice and feel confident in your decision, rather than feeling victimized by the circumstances. And if you don't feel that's the best decision for you and your family, then choose something else and quit bitching.

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