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Poisonous snakes, cars careening off of roads into rivers, hurricanes and tornadoes, crashing planes stranding their surviving passengers on deserted uncharted islands, killer bees, gall stones, bad blind dates, eroding urban infrastructure—with these and many more everyday dangers it is amazing that anyone manages to live into adulthood.
Cleverly written by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht, The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook is easily the most irreverent of the three books in this review. If you’re worried about the 2012 doomsday predictions, or think society-as-we-know-it may be on the verge collapse, author Cody Lundin has a book full of survival tips for you. If we were lost in a forest, deserted on an island or standed behind enemy lines this is the book we’d want to have with us. Wilderness survival situations are today more commonplace as holiday destinations and leisure activities become increasingly adventurous. Here are the biggest lessons I’ve learned for fiction authors when it comes to earning a serious income.
Nothing is more depressing than meeting an author who’s written one book and only wants to sell it. Honestly, authors with single-title novellas tend to sell almost no copies, even with heavy marketing support. The key for novelists is to have several novels in one series or a similar genre so that readers who love one of your books will buy the rest.
If you only write long books and have never written a short story, try writing a short story. This book follows John, a retired Army Colonel and history professor, during the aftermath of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse).
A comet slams into Earth resulting in catastrophic natural disasters, the beginning of a new Ice Age, and the end of civilization. This is a real-world story of a man making the transition from another sheep of society, to a prepared individual with his eyes open to what’s going on in the world around him. Life in Chester’s Mill is pretty normal until all of a sudden an invisible force surrounds the town in a huge dome. The advice it gives is real and well researched—or at least it is for the real world scenarios. The Elite Forces Military Survival Handbook is a handy pocket-sized guide to survival in wilderness environments, from forests to mountains and from arctic conditions to equatorial temperatures. He has published over 20 books including How to Survive Anything, Anywhere, Special Forces Endurance Techniques, First Aid Survival Manual, and SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Wilderness Survival. Chances are you need to practice character development, plotting and create a richer story.

You’re probably a perfectionist and that habit of getting stuck in editing and not producing new content will kill your career!
Extremely well written, Forstchen touches on some very real problems one would face during such an event. The story follows several survivors as they journey across a landscape ravaged by a weaponized strain of influenza.
A family man named Morgan, breaks down over 200 miles from home, during which the country’s power grid completely crashes. What if it was a plan to wipe out the majority of the population, so that a new era could be born, resulting in The Renaissance? This is another first in a series, but this one in particular resonates very well with any people new to prepping.
Closing the citizens off from the outside world, the town’s people must work together to figure out what exactly is going on. An extremely bleak look into a post-collapse world, McCarthy does a great job of setting the pace and environment for a grueling tale of life on the road. He wakes up to find that most of the population has died, due to the same disease that had him down. The tips on how to get out of a sinking car can not only keep you from drowning but is written in such a short and snappy way that you could probably read it while actually sinking in a car. The book can’t seem to decide whether it should be serious or light hearted and so it ends up being both, painting a picture a depressing picture of a planet going wrong along with a dose of humor and cutesy cartoon drawings. The SAS Survival Handbook includes color pictures of edible plants, detailed how-to instructions on hunting and cooking animals, and first aid advice. Using the tips and training techniques honed over the years by the world’s elite special forces, this book provides vital information on a broad range of survival scenarios.
The market for fiction books is enormous – far larger than the market for non-fiction!
This book was so well received and thought provoking that it was actually referred to, during a meeting with congress, about the threat of an EMP attack on the United States. It gives a frightening look at life where 99% of the population is dead and the rest are left to fend for themselves. The world is thrown in complete disarray, leading to political issues that change mankind forever. Take the title literally, this book is all about a man’s journey into becoming prepared for a post-collapse scenario.

Without knowing how long they will be trapped inside the dome, eventually egos start to clash, supplies starts to dwindle, and people start acting strange. We rather liked the juxtaposition, but if you’re looking for more of a studious read check out the SAS Survival Handbook (reviewed below). Illustrated with clear and easy-to-follow line drawings, and using expert knowledge practised by elite soldiers for decades, combined with the latest survival techniques, The Elite Forces Military Survival Handbook is a vital aid to surviving in a dangerous wilderness.
In his home country of Wales, UK, he provides instruction on wilderness hunting techniques. Therefore, it should be even easier for fiction authors to earn a full-time income than for non-fiction authors. Anyone that is interested in survival and the apocalypse, would certainly want to check this one out. Written by a prepper, for preppers, this book(and the rest in the series) will certainly grab ahold of you and leave you wanting more.
JD Dutra has written an excellent story that makes your mind wander, and makes you look at survival from a whole different view.
Some very violent and unsettling topics are touched upon, which in the world that’s left over, not much more is to be expected.
It touches on some very real hurdles one faces with their family, friends, and jobs, when it comes to a prepping lifestyle.
This story does a great job in showing how people can go from friendly neighbor, to someone you need to keep your eye on, in an instant. An eye-opening look at the struggle society would face, in trying to come back from an event of that nature. With relatable characters, and a story some may see as not far from non-fiction, this is a great read for any prepper.
This is a great look at what happens when someone takes the initiative to rebuild, and the consequences that come along with that daunting task.

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