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I’m working on a paper for an Apocalypse conference in Romania the details are fuzzy, but I wanted to make some notes to come back to later.
Of course we could go back earlier, when theorists were actually still talking about real, political revolution.
Things seem to come together in Slavoj Zizek, who’s writings on revolution (even the justification of violent terrorism) are well thought out and linked to the thinkers who came before him. What they all have in common is a totalitarian government who controls humanity, often through lies about the past and ritualistic sacrifices (Agamben’s Homer Sacer).
Surprisingly, these 15-16 year old heroines (they are mostly girls in YA dystopias) will soon start killing people.
Of course, we can’t really imagine any setting that lionizes contemporary heroic rebels (like Anonymous, or Occupy Wall Street) because we are still in the system, we are still controlled by the power structure.
But what all these really reminds me of, as a would-be Milton Scholar, is Satan’s struggle in Paradise Lost. In exactly the same terms and conditions, with much of the same language, Satan seeks a space outside of God’s totalitarian order where he can think and speak freely, make his own choices, and be free.
The truth is that widespread belief in a westernized, infallibly benevolent God demands from us a place to put evil and sin. Allowing ourselves to see in Milton’s Satan the exact same revolutionary tendencies that are now accepted and glorified through the popularity of YA post-apocalyptic novels would be to remove that stone, and it is weighted in place by centuries upon centuries of tradition and hundreds of millions of believers.
If you're interested in Christian history and whether or not Jesus really existed, don't pass up my book, Jesus Potter Harry Christ.
About UsHoly Blasphemy is a community of heretics, blasphemers, free-thinkers and spiritual seekers committed to religious freedom, personal autonomy and positive social change. Besides supporting notable literary and publishing efforts, we also regularly produce in-depth, well researched articles on religious history, spirituality and sociology, as well as lighter (or darker) rants and tirades. About me"I now know thee, thou clear spirit, and I now know that thy right worship is defiance. Maren Morris is a new country singer with a top-ten hit. Her song “My Church” is the first single off her major label debut album. Unfit for Sunday church, Morris finds her religion listening to a Hank Williams sermon and listening to a Johnny Cash-led choir. For a religion geek like me, it’s also a song that highlights a divide among sociologists about what is and what isn’t a religion. I fall into the camp of those who see religion as something that–at a minimum–involves a belief in the supernatural. 14PhotosThe most NSFW photos from the 2016 Rio Olympics Part IIIt's been a full week since we last ran the most NSFW photos from the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, which means there's been seven more days for photo journalists to get their perv on.  Again, men's diving and women's gymnastics steal the show but we will fulfill our promise of bringing you the best pics from the beach volleyball scene, which has it's medal rounds on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Is Drake's Summer Sixteen tour this year's best ticket?To see Drake on his Summer Sixteen tour is to see a performer at the height of his powers. Celebrate National Relaxation Day at The LoganWho says you need to leave the city for a little R&R?

Unlike classic dystopian fiction like 1984 or even the more modern Never Let Me Go show a reality that can’t be escaped from.
Hunger Games (Suzzane Colins), Divergent (Veronica Roth), Legend (Marie Su), Matched (Ally Condie) and Pure (Julianna Baggot). In the beginning, they may only dream about finding a new space, a space beyond the walls, outside of the dome, away from the reaches of the power structure.
Sometimes their curiosity gets them into trouble with authorities whose unjust violence and power over their bodies can only be resisted. They may feel terrible about it, especially if they’ve had to shoot a friend or family member, or they may adapt to killing easily. He justifies his actions through appeal to God’s manipulations, lies, control and injuries. In seeking to go beyond the social order, Satan was acting precisely as God expected him to. It can’t come from God, so there must be something else, somewhere else, where we can hide away the blame and the guilt and the shame. He is the necessary sacrifice, the dissident unjustly incarcerated, upon which the lie of Christianity can rest – he is the founding stone of the temple.
I'm finishing my PhD in Comparative Literature, with a focus on how mythological and religious symbolism influences contemporary pop culture. You can go buy it on Amazon- or if you sign up on my email list I'll tell you where you can download a free copy.
Her church isn’t a building; it’s her car on a road trip, singing along with a country radio station. What makes religion different from other things is that it involves the belief in God, gods, demons, spirits, the force, or other things beyond our senses. Most functionalists see religion as something gives people shared meanings and helps bind people together.
Last month, Freedom from Religion Foundation sued the IRS over a housing cost exemption given to clergy. It’s an important legal question that rests on whether “religion” is something involving God or the supernatural or whether having a belief system is sufficient. Does a religious exemption need to be grounded in a religion per se or can any moral reasoning be used for an exemption? The man hosted not one, but two WrestleManias at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, appeared in a hair vs. Over the course of 10 days, celebrity motorcyclists raised awareness and funds for AIDS research.
Never say neverAly Raisman and Michael Phelps have slammed Father Time to the ground in these Rio games.
He commands a following whose youth he largely shaped by defining the eras and coining the catch-phrases that they use to punctuate and demarcate their lives.

For those days when a weekend trip is out of the question, spending some time at The Logan Hotel’s Spa may be just the escape you need.
Resistance is really futile, if not only because systems of bio-power have nullified any possibility of Real Freedom. Often family members will be held as hostages, and as often die at the hands of the totalitarian state, proving it corrupt. He feels, instinctively, that freedom is a natural right, that must be fought for if necessary. But for religion geeks like me, it also says a lot about what religion is and what it isn’t. The IRS stated that it would give the Foundation the same exemption as it does religious groups, but the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRF) did not ask for one because the FRF did not want to be treated like a religion. President of Kiehl’sChris Salgardo was present along with models, bloggers, sports figures and actors, including Gilles Marini of "Sex and the City" and English rugby player Ben Cohen. 1) – Even though the Cubs have lost two straight games, they still have won eight of their last 10 and have increased their NL Central lead to 12 games with around two months left in the season. It was USA Swimming's third medal in Rio and it capped a night that also included silvers in the men's (Chase Kalisz) and women's (Maya DiRado) 400-meter IM races. Riding the wave of his most commercially successful album, the rapper carries himself like someone confident that the only thing standing between he and the gold is the medal ceremony.
They will gain followers and eventually triumph: a complete destruction of the social order. Les Miserables the dramatization of a failed revolution that is still heroic and glorified. The current lawsuit is over the IRS denying a refund for previous years (it’s complicated: see here for the details). Clinton is obviously breaking the glass ceiling by becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major U.S.
Brooklyn native Lia Neal played a crucial role in the Americans' effort to earn silver in that relay.
Dozens and dozens of other examples to prove that our most cherished heroes are rebels who resist, refuse and bear arms against the police and the government.
Religion isn’t defined by gods or other supernatural beliefs; religion is as religion functions.
Both athletes are ancient, age-wise, in their respective sports and Phelps has already put the cap on an incredible run. I suppose there's still Wednesday and Thursday night for that.In the meantime, Hillary might want to think about making some, "When You Hear the Glass, it's Your Ass" T-shirts made up.

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