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A PROVEN METHOD FOR LEARNING THE MOSTDIFFICULT-TO-UNDERSTAND CONCEPTS IN PHYSIOLOGY * Organizes and condenses the key topics in physiology * Eliminates rote memorization of complicated facts * Presents difficult concepts in understandable steps * Reinforces key concepts and definitions * Allows you to assess your individual competency level and study needs * Expedites learning with summary boxes, flowcharts, and diagrams that speed review and highlight key points FINALLY! The New Edition Basic Survival is for professional adults who need English for work and travel. Architectural Design and Ethics offers both professional architects and architecture students a theoretical base and numerous suggestions as to how we might rethink our responsibilities to the natural world and design a more sustainable future for ourselves. This book presents the basic techniques of the organic chemistry laboratory with an emphasis on doing the work correctly the first time. This second edition continues to innovatively review the toughest concepts in biochemistry for maximum comprehension in a short period of time. The basic techniques in the organic chemistry laboratory are presented in this book with the emphasis on doing the work correctly the first time.
This survival guide serves as an effective resource for learning difficult concepts in pharmacology and offers a study system that sets priorities and minimizes memorization.

Basic Concepts in Pharmacology simplifies the learning process by presenting drugs by class and describes key concepts about each drug class. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Armed with the support, advice, and strategies in this manual, you'll do more than just survive college. Includes a comprehensive review of drugs necessary to passing the course and preparing for the USMLE. New to this edition are discussions on safety in the laboratory with new consideration of the addition of such technology as the iPad, Nook, Kindle, and even text messaging. To this end, examples of what can go wrong are presented with admonishments, often bordering on the outrageous, to forestall the most common of errors. The book also organizes and condenses must-know drug information and clearly explains each fundamental principal of drug actions.

The guide additionally presents coverage of new classes of drugs such as fusion inhibitors for HIV, antibiotic and antifungal drugs, and new drugs for cancer and immune suppression. If you like this study method, try these other titles in the McGraw-Hill BASIC CONCEPTS series. Complicated operations, such as distillation and extraction, are dealt with in a straightforward fashion, both in the explanations and in the sequential procedures.
Essential information is showcased in numerous summary boxes, illustrations, and tables throughout the book.

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