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Known for its naturally petite stature and “distinctively fresh” crunch, Rockit™ apples are convenient, non-GMO, natural, healthy snack foods that originated from a cross between a crabapple and a rose series cultivar. According to the company, these little red blush-colored apples will soon be produced in the Pacific Northwest apple-growing region of Chelan and Yakima, Washington, brought to you by the growers of Chelan Fresh and Borton Fruit. 125 years ago this November (November 11, 1889, to be exact), President Benjamin Harrison signed a proclamation admitting Washington as the 42nd state in the Union. Curator Rayna Green shares artifacts relating to an upcoming program on Mexican-American food. PCC carries various kosher products including chalav yisrael cheese, frozen meat, bread, and milk. Apples!OK brand apple crate label from Chelan Falls, WashingtonWashington State has always been known for its fertile apple-growing lands.

According to the Washington State Apple Commission, there are currently more than 175,000 acres of apple orchards in Washington State and apples are the state's largest agricultural product. Each year, the state harvests approximately 100 million boxes of apples, with each box weighing around 40 pounds. And I'm particularly interested in the labels that have been used to make apples even more desirable to consumers and wholesalers since the early 20th century.
Apple companies that wanted to stand out used colorful labels with vivid images to establish brands and develop a loyal base of buyers. Fruit crate labels were important marketing tools, and different images sent different messages to early 20th century apple enthusiasts. Below are just a few of the apple crate labels in the collections at the National Museum of American History.Washington Sales, Inc.
The hearty looking boy eating an apple on the beach reminds consumers of the health benefits of apples.

An apple a day will indeed keep the doctor away.Brewster Cooperative Growers of Brewster, Washington, sold Range Rider apples during the first half of the 20th century. This label reminds apple eaters "For goodness sake—Store at 31 degrees and always serve cold."These apples, from the "World Famous Northwest District," were sold under the Peter Pan brand by the Northwest District Fruit Sales Company Inc. Peter Pan can be seen sitting in an apple tree, perhaps promising eternal youth to those who eat Peter Pan apples.Outboard brand apples were sold by the Chelan-Manson Co-operative Association of Chelan, Washington, during the early 20th century.
Showing the best of Washington State scenery, this label depicts a man driving a boat named "Red Apple" and evokes the natural beauty of Washington and its apples.Long before Bobby McFerrin suggested that we "Don’t Worry, Be Happy," the George F. Joseph Company of Yakima, Washington, told consumers in the early 20th century "don't worry, eat apples" with their Don't Worry brand apples.

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