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Pears are one of those fruits that will continue to ripen off the vine like peaches, tomatoes, and bananas so I waited a week and cut one open, only to find it still hard and crunchy inside. I searched the web, and even went back to the store to ask the manager if he knew what they’d been sprayed with. The other day I was running late so I stopped at a big-name grocery store on the way home to pick up dinner and some fruit for the week.

After two weeks the conventional pear skins had begun to shrivel, but the insides remained hard, and bland.
I knew producers sprayed potatoes and bananas to keep them shelf stable, but I’d never had that happen with pears before. I didn’t even want them in my home compost, because who knew what they’d been sprayed with.

That day, I bought twelve conventional pears, all green, and put them in a fruit bowl on the counter to ripen.

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