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For those who aren’t familiar with Red Velvet Cake, it is a blend between vanilla and chocolate cake that is almost always paired with cream cheese icing. Until then, I thought I would post my adapted version of the Joy of Baking Red Velvet Cake Recipe. It rained heavily during the night, the creek burst its banks and low lying areas became lakes. Earlier in the week I was walking around a local wetlands and almost passed two kookaburras sitting together on a low branch just a few metres from the path.
They don’t look as though they should be able to fly, their head look too big and heavy. This logo is the fourth logo; it resembles the logo of the fictional company featured in the 1971 film. The brand gets a dramatic makeover, with new products (most notably the preimuim Wonka Exceptionals line), new packaging, new advertising, a new website, and a new logo.
High quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery and good services are always our main concern. Red Velvet recipes usually call for copious amounts of red food colouring; however, it is thought that the origins of the red colour came from pigments found in cocoa powder.
Grease two 9-inch cake tins and line the bottom with parchment paper OR line a cupcake tin with cupcake cases.

The rain continued during daylight hours and I ventured outside between showers with a plastic bag covering my camera and lens in case I was caught in a downpour.
It is amazing what you can do with that small Canon Camera that I saved up for ages to buy for you all those years ago.
The red doesn’t give the cake a nicer flavour, unless perhaps there is a psychological effect that makes pretty cake taste better. This afternoon I was with a family of four kookas who were making sure their neighbours knew where the virtual fences are. Kookaburras typically perch on fairly low branches or on fence posts while looking for food on the ground. They swoop down to catch insects, frogs, skinks and small snakes.
While taking these images I wondered about the colouring of their bills: dark above and light below. I had high hopes while I shaped the miniature leaves, but the end-result wasn’t quite what I envisioned. In acidic conditions, anthocyanins are a red colour so by ensuring that the pH of cake stays below 7, the cocoa should have a red-tinge to it.
The downside to having a beautifully red cake is that artificial food dyes- red in particular- have been linked to various health defects such as hyperactivity in children and cancer, among others. In the image below the kookaburra’s tummy feathers are wet from landing on the ground to tug at a worm.

It reminded me of the many sea creatures that have similar colouring to help camouflage them from predators above them and beneath them.
My little sister also did a few science fair projects on food dye, and even though she is 11, I trust her scientific method.
In the image above, taken during the same session, the kookaburra’s feathers have fluffed beautifully as they dried. Kookaburras don’t have many predators but they are often hassled, and even attacked, by smaller birds. One of my coworkers even started making questionable noises while eating them, so they must have been decent.
Her results suggested that red food colouring had more of a damaging effect on plants than the other colours did.
Because dutch-processed cocoa is no longer acidic, it won’t give you a red colour like natural cocoa powder can. Unfortunately, even when using natural cocoa, this red colour is not very pronounced so we must resort to other means to obtain the bright red colour of today’s Red Velvet Cake.

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