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Only one VIP T-shirt is also present, which gives the player a green balloon, though the T-shirt only cost 100 robux, which can take up to 1 week (7 days) of Robux allowance for a Regular Builders Club (BC) user, 3 days for a Turbo Builders Club (TBC) user, and 2 days for an Outrageous Builders Club (OBC) user, although free accounts, also known as Non-Builders Club (NBC), may have a very hard time trying to save up enough tickets to buy said VIP T-shirt, as it may take approximately 1,250 tickets, which is approximately 125 days, to be able to convert said tickets into exactly 100 Roblox. In a round of Natural Disaster Survival, the area for the players to survive in is randomly chosen and players teleport to said area. Flash Flood: After a dark cloud appears above the island, the bottom part of the island begins to be flooded with water that kills players who are fully submerged and can destroy bricks by un-anchoring them. Tornado: After a dark cloud appears above the island, a tornado will appear at the center of the island and begin to move in a random path, destroying any bricks that it moves into by un-anchoring them and throwing objects (as well as any player unfortunate enough to cross its path) around. Lightning: After a dark cloud appears above the island, a small, thin yellow bolt strikes the island at an interval of every two seconds, destroying bricks that are hit and killing players upon a direct hit.
Tsunami: A large wave approximately 4 Robloxians tall spawns far away and gradually moves towards the island, un-anchoring any bricks it touches and killing any players who are not above the height of the wave. Fire: A small fire suddenly appears at a designated spawn points and spreads to other bricks that are in close proximity to the fire.
Meteors: Multiple meteors that looks like orbs rain down from the sky, destroying any bricks it hits and killing any players who touch it.

Sandstorm: After a dark cloud appears above the island, a slight yellow texture begins to form on the players screen. Snowstorm: After a dark cloud appears above the island, a slight white texture appears to form on the players' screens. Earthquake: The island starts to shake, which un-anchors blocks and shake them into the ocean.
Volcano: A volcano appears next to the island in the ocean and starts to shoot out volcanic rocks, which kill the player on touch.
There is one way the player can forecast the disaster that is about to occur without looking for clouds. Once the statistics are opened, players are advised to look at the numbers below the word "Survived".
In Natural Disaster Survival, players need to survive a disaster (sometimes two) on a randomly-chosen map.
Players are given approximately 20 seconds to prepare for a randomly chosen disaster while in the area.

A sandstorm begins to rumble up, and it's winds un-anchor blocks and gives them a sandy texture, which can fall over on players and kill them. Very few players have worked this method of forecasting out and it is quite complicated to attempt to forecast. A large cloud can appear above the island to indicate a certain disaster in the set when a cloud is present being chosen, which can be either a flash flood, a tornado, a lightning, a sandstorm, a snowstorm, or acid rain.
If no cloud is present, then the random disaster set would be either a tsunami, a fire, a meteor, an earthquake, or a volcano.

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