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It is rainy season once again, and I learned my lesson: we need to have an emergency survival kit ready. Emergency kits are meant to be used when you are mobile and out of basic necessities so heavy, useless items are out of the question. Pack self-powered chargers and flashlights. Set aside power bank chargers and flashlights just for your emergency survival kits. Include warm bedding. Wool and fleece are your best options since both retain heat even when wet.
Prepare a hygiene and first aid kit. The only essentials you need in your hygiene kit include toilet paper, cotton bandana, baby wipes, soap, potty bags, and virus masks.
Supermoms have long trusted Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water for both emergencies and for daily use.

It’s best to invest in at least one gallon of water per person per day for at least 72 hours for both drinking and sanitation. With sizes ranging from single-serve to gallons, there’s an Absolute bottle that’s perfect for every emergency situation. Remember, it’s best to only fill it with essentials that can last you and your family at least a day or two. If you are in flood prone areas, pack small life vests and store a rubber boat in case of rising waters. With Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, moms are prepared for just about anything, anywhere. A mom to an awesome energetic boy named Ren and a wife to a geeky graphic artist husband named Noel.

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