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The MSR appears in the mission "Iron Lady", where it is useful for picking off enemies at range in the ground-based section of the mission. A major thing to note is that the MSR is statistically similar to the L118A in almost every way.
Due to the aforementioned strengths of the MSR, it is much more suited towards aggressive sniping, where it is more forgiving when the enemy is missed or shot in the limbs, and that less time is required to reload. The MSR is available in Survival Mode at level 7, it is the first sniper available, and costs $2000. The MSR is very briefly seen in the Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts, in the Profile Intel of David Archer from Nightfall. The MSR has the Remington logo on the left side of the weapon, similar to the ACR 6.8 and the RSASS. In the Dew XP promotion, Price's Combat Card claims his main weapons are the MSR and CM901 despite never using them in-game. The MSR has a diagonally mounted rail just above the character's left thumb in a similar fashion to the RSASS used in Eye of the Storm, however it can never be used.
The ACR is a rare weapon in the campaign, used by Derek "Frost" Westbrook only in the mission "Scorched Earth" equipped with a Hybrid Sight. The Silencer is a good attachment to use, as the ACR 6.8 sees little penalty from using the attachment. The Heartbeat Sensor is a risky attachment, as Assassin Pro users are invisible from its radar. Extended Mags increases the magazine size to 45 rounds, which allows the user to shoot for more prolonged periods of time, and lessens the need to reload. Due to the ACR 6.8's versatility, it isn't very dependent on certain perks or attachments to work well.
In conclusion, the ACR 6.8 is a dependable weapon that won't do much wrong, but doesn't give much reward for its use, due to the slower time-to-kill.
The ACR 6.8 is used by commando troops in later waves, which allows the player to scavenge their ammunition after killing them. The Five Seven appears in "Turbulence", used by FSO agents, including Andrei Harkov, before the plane crashes, and Makarov is also seen using one when executing Agent Harkov. The Five Seven is available in one of the FFA Gunplay gamemodes "3x6" at the sixth, twelfth, and eighteenth tier. The Five Seven is the player's starting weapon in the Mission Mode challenges Milehigh Jack and Fatal Extraction. The Five Seven is one of the starting weapons for Survival Mode, unlocked by default from the Weapon Armory for $250. Its popularity online is reflected upon by several players, as its simple-but-deadly statistics allow a good wielder to dominate the battleground with relative ease. The MSR is a good choice for the early rounds as its high damage and relatively low recoil make it easy to pick off enemies.
Other friendly and enemy NPCs never carry one, and there is no way of receiving extra ammo for the weapon, though it has a high amount of reserve ammunition to compensate for this.

At any range prior to 20 meters, the ACR 6.8 will deal 45 damage, resulting in a three shot kill, or a two shot kill if one bullet hits the head, against unarmored opponents.
This counterbalances the damage, and gives the ACR 6.8 a somewhat slower time-to-kill compared to other Assault Rifles. Very little accuracy problems largely negate the need for optical attachments or the Kick Proficiency, and allow the user to easily direct their fire onto enemy troops. The optical attachments aren't overly necessary due to good iron sights, but the long range optical attachments, such as the ACOG Scope and the Thermal Scope, are surprisingly useful on the weapon, due to its great accuracy. With the somewhat long time-to-kill, the Silencer can help the player from being targeted by those reliant on the mini-map, and as well, missing with a silenced ACR 6.8 is less detrimental, as in some cases, the enemy will not notice the player for an extremely long period of time under silenced gunfire.
Players overly reliant on said attachment may find themselves losing more gunfights to Assassin Pro users. It's also useful in the fact that it supplies extra ammunition, making less of a need for Scavenger.
Due to this, most attachments and perk selections work well on the weapon, and should be selected in accordance with the player's strategies. Due to the extreme accuracy, the ACR 6.8 can be very deadly on the battlefield, and its popularity is reflected by the community as such. Barrett", the first infected player is given an ACR 6.8 with Silencer and Red Dot Sight, in order to help them kill the first enemy. The ACR 6.8 is a solid overall weapon in Survival because of its low recoil and rather high damage, which makes it effective at all ranges. In "Back on the Grid", it is used by Yuri to kill the hyena he encounters when breaching the church courtyard. It has the lowest damage of any handgun in the game, but nonetheless retains enough power to kill in three shots at close range (similar to the P99 and USP .45) and has lower recoil than these two pistols.
The Five Seven also appears in Infected as the secondary for "Knife vs Striker" and "Knife vs Barrett". It can be selected by the player in Charges Set, while in Firewall and Hostage Taker enemies use it. It is the default weapon for Tier 1 (Easy) Survival Mode missions and appears in Tier 4 (Insane) Survival Mode missions, along with the M16A4. The only differences are the unlock times, as the L118A is unlocked with Create-a-Class, whereas the MSR must be unlocked at level 66.
However, it is advised to replace this weapon when heavy troops appear as it can no longer kill with a single shot. Later, the ACR 6.8 was also seen with a mounted Holographic Sight held by Sandman, in an Amazon pre-order wallpaper.
Damage drops linearly in damage until 30 meters, where the ACR 6.8 will deal 30 damage, resulting in a four shot kill, or a three shot kill where one bullet hits the head. However, such a rate of fire can be beneficial in conserving ammunition, as the ACR 6.8 is not gluttonous for ammunition by nature. Accuracy problems are scarce with the ACR 6.8, and will allow less accurate players to be at ease with the weapon.

If the ACR 6.8 is the heaviest weapon that the soldier has when they spawn, the soldier will move at 90% of the base movement speed. As well, more accurate players have little need for this weapon, as they will only hamper their own performance with this weapon, as the time-to-kill profile is lower for those players. Using said attachments can bolster the user's performance over longer sightlines, giving higher zoom levels in order to facilitate target acquisition and tracking of the target.
However, their effectiveness is questionable, as both have consistency issues on the damage front.
The heartbeat sensor can be useful to detect unsuspecting enemies, and comes with no real downside in terms of functionality. This attachment also has no penalty to its usage, and as such, is never a bad option on the ACR 6.8. As with all weapons, it is advised to go for headshots in later waves to speed up killing time and to save ammo. It also features the largest magazine size of any handgun (16 by default and 24 with Extended Mags) and the magazine enters the weapon almost instantaneously when equipped with Akimbo, making reloads nearly instantaneous when reload canceling or when using Sleight of Hand.
The Five Seven's low damage is made up for by the fast fire rate and largest default magazine in any pistol. As well, the MSR cycles the bolt and reloads faster, and thus, has a higher rate of fire and reload time over the L118A. It should be noted that the ACR 6.8 is a one shot kill at any range in Hardcore game types.
Optical attachments aren't immediately necessary, and the Kick Proficiency isn't immediately necessary either, due to very low recoil to begin with. Accurate players can use faster time-to-kill weapons to greater effect compared to this weapon. However, the ACR 6.8 is naturally not gluttonous on the ammunition front, so its effect may not be necessary for some players.
However, if all of the Infected players leave the match, another player will be selected as the Infected, and will receive the ACR 6.8 again to help kill the first enemy. In "Scorched Earth", when breaching the closet at the end of the mission, Frost draws Sandman's Five Seven from his hip holster to kill two Inner Circle troops. Also, the Five Seven has a fire-cap of 1016 RPM, second only to the P99 in the handguns category. Damage is one of the ACR 6.8's strongest suits, as it will usually cause a large amount of flinch per shot, and will cause significant damage at any range with a headshot.

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