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In 1962, Richard, then 15 years old, was inspired to take up guitar in order to play the songs of Elvis and Ricky Nelson.
A debt of gratitude is expressed to Harry Becker,master luthier,who arranged and recorded these songs. By 1991, these articles had been expanded and organized into a book, published by MMB Music and ICSOM and edited by Debbie Torch. The book went out of print in the late 1990a€™s when MMB discontinued their book publishing business.
In 2010-2011 the book was digitized, re-edited and updated for a second edition to be published as an e-book with the advantages of immediate receipt, low environmental impact,the addition of hyperlinks and low cost. The music industry has undergone radical changes in recent years, but abundant career opportunities still exist for beginners with talent, imagination, and a love of music.
Highly talented singers, song writers, and instrumentalists are always in demand, but many lesser known and rewarding career opportunities exist, with new avenues opening virtually every day. The author tells beginners how to match their own qualifications with potential job openings, seek and find job interviews, and get into the music business. The book’s several appendices include lists of names, addresses, and web sites of music unions, organizations, directories, magazines, and schools offering degrees in music business management. Since the advent of file-sharing technology in the late 1990s, the music industry has been challenged to reinvent itself.  What has it done?  How have the record labels repositioned themselves to cope with these massive changes?  How does all this affect creative artists?
Donald Passman is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Texas and a Cum Laude graduate of Harvard Law School. This book is available from Amazon, and more information in general can be found from the website listed below.
Carol Eikleberry is a licensed psychologist who has worked as a career counselor for more than 20 years, both in private practice and in counseling centers at major universities. Turn your musical passion into a profitable career with this essential guide to the business and technical skills you need to succeed in the multi-billion dollar games industry. Already a classic in the genre, this book has helped hundreds of thousands of people find truly satisfying work.
Paul pioneered the application of Personality Type as a tool to assist trial attorneys in selecting and communicating with jurors, and has worked on dozens of high-profile civil and criminal cases, including the first physician-assisted suicide trial of Dr.
Paul has appeared on scores of radio and television programs, including Geraldo Live and CNN’s Business Unusual, and has been profiled in The New York Times. This book serves as an introduction to the people, problems and psychology of the film music business.  In it, you will find answers to question like: Why do filmmakers like the music they like?  What makes them comfortable or uncomfortable when it comes time to put music in their films?  How can you make them want to like your cues? Richard Bellis is an Emmy Award winning composer who, for the past 20 years, has found time to teach and mentor as well as compose. A comprehensive guide to finding the best paying gigs for musicians and singers, from their local area to the international stage. In this easy to read step-by-step manual, you will be shown how you can use simple tools such as the telephone, fax machine and computer to drum up more business and get better paying jobs, without spending a fortune. Written for both the amateur part-time to full time professional musician, this guide will show you how to get gigs, no matter where you live. You’ll learn techniques on handling the people who can make or break your career, how to approach them, how to follow up. You will also be shown how to package your demo, press kit and presentation package to get maximum results, and how to follow up in a manner that will maximize your income. Whether you want to play guitar on stage or sell guitars in a retail store, discover the hottest new singer or teach people how to sing, a music degree offers a diverse range of career options. With all the flexibility the field offers, the challenge is to find a focus that fits your personality and preferences.  This book helps steer you in the right direction.
With the information and inspiration packed into this book, you’ll discover how to explore your professional options, target your ideal career, and use your college major as an asset in landing your dream job. Jan Goldberg has penned numerous career books and written more than 250 articles for career publications and general-interest magazines. This award-winning book is one of the top selling music and performing arts business books. This book is the answer to the need for a practical guide for launching careers in classical music – business survival skills for the young professional musician. Ellen Highstein’s no-nonsense style makes it easy for the young musician to learn necessary skills to be an entrepreneur in the classical music world. The book is used widely in courses at conservatories and universities across the United States.
Ellen Highstein was the longtime director of Concert Artists’ Guild and now heads the summer study programs at Tanglewood Music Center.

First printed in 1983, this study reveals the buyer-seller dynamics involved in the allocation of work among Hollywood film composers and traces the network of connections that binds composers to their employers in the film industry.
This book, a guide for rethinking music performance for the 21st century musician includes chapters about the realities of professional freelancing, the rise and fall of the full-time orchestra, regional orchestras, private teaching and burnout.  This book is available from Amazon. If you are an independent musician, producer, studio owner, or label, you should want this book.  This guide will teach you everything you need to know to become a success in the music business.
The most comprehensive musician’s resource list on the planet, updated continually online! This book has been the bestselling job-hunting book in the world for more than three decades, in good times and bad, and it continues to be a fixture on best-seller lists, from New York Times to BusinessWeek. How do I survive financially while I’m out of work, and how do I find health insurance when I have no employer? Lisa Canning is the founder of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, IAEOU, the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE) and Entrepreneur the Arts. This collection of 16 songs, in four different languages, is the distillation of his musical art over the past nine years.
His first teacher, Bob Umlas, turned him over to Barry Kornfeld, a guitarist, banjoist and producer who lived at 190 Waverly Place in NYCa€™s Greenwich Village.
The record industry and its dealers have suffered recent setbacks, but most other aspects of the music business continue to flourish-and this book tells beginners how and where to find rewarding jobs.
Among job opportunities described in this book are artists’ agents and managers, talent agents, sound technicians, film and TV technicians, film and TV production managers, advertising illustrators and copywriters, publicists, and many others. For each job designation, she lists the special skills needed, describes a typical workday, and presents actual case studies of men and women who have found music career openings, and have gone on to make the most of them. There is also a glossary of music business and technical terms.  This book is available from Amazon. He is a prominent entertainment lawyer with the firm Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, and his clients include such major entertainers as Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, Don Henley, Tom Waits, and Randy Newman. Step-by-step instructions lead you through the entire music and sound effects process – from developing the essential skills and purchasing the right equipment to keeping your clients happy. Identify your niche, implement a business and marketing plan that includes a great demo reel, and plug into the established network to find clients. Make the bidding and contract process work for you by knowing the standard industry terminology, understanding how to set fees, and employing non- confrontational negotiating tactics to reach sound agreements that establish acceptable boundaries for change orders, reworks, payment options, and other essentials. Master the exacting specifications for composing music and creating sound effects on the various gaming platforms and systems.
But it wasn’t until 1995, when his overgrown hobby became On Your Mark Music Productions, that he began selling it to the world. As a result of his jury consulting experiences, Paul wrote The Art of SpeedReading People – a system for helping all people quickly size others up and speak their language. How do you “court the muse” on a deadline?  How much are you worth, and can you live on that?  How can you increase your efficiency in the studio or at your writing desk?  How can you get your next job while working on the current one?
He has served on the faculty of the USC Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program and taught film scoring for UCLA Extension. A music business veteran gives the inside track to creating a profitable career in the performing arts, from local clubs international cruise ships. Curran is Los Angeles-based professional musician and singer as well as a well-known expert in the field of music marketing.
It is regularly selected by professors teaching music business and the performing arts and is continually recommended by musicians and performing artists worldwide. Goldstein has booked national and international tours for artists performing in country, folk, gospel, bluegrass, contemporary, classical and children’s music. She has also served as President and member of the Board of Directors of the Folk Alliance. The publication is a no fuss, straight-talk description of the arena, now in its 4th edition. Step-by-step, she takes readers through the processes of getting headshots, assembling flyers, communicating with the press, obtaining management and managing oneself, program planning, and a myriad of other useful considerations. Faulkner uses statistical analysis and interviews with top composers to show that the film industry is dominated by a highly visible elite who exert major influence on the control of available resources, career choices, and opportunities. His writing, blogging and podcasting have been featured in the New Yorker, International Musician, Double Bassist Magazine, The Scroll, The Engaging Brand, and the Adjunct Advocate.
It has sold more than 10 million copies and has been translated into 20 languages around the world. After studying intensively for two years, Barry suggested that Richard study with his upstairs neighbor, Dave Van Ronk.

She has worked on tours for major artists, placed music in movies and TV shows, and written extensively about the music industry.
In addition, he represents many music publishers, producers, record companies, songwriters, industry executives, and film companies.
He started with the local radio and television scene, composing jingles and scoring public service announcements.
Over the past 20 years, Paul has consulted with dozens of insurance companies, financial institutions, law firms, colleges, utility companies, governmental offices, hospitals, and a variety of other types of businesses.
He is a past president of the Society of Composers & Lyricists and has served on the board of governors for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Includes interviews with successful musicians and entertainment directors who share their secrets in landing the best paying gigs.
It includes success stories by those who have achieved their goals using these same principles and techniques. Goldstein’s unique step-by-step guide and resource book is artfully organized into 488 pages of savvy advice, realistic methods and action plans for the performing artist and is now available in its Revised 3rd Edition. Goldstein coordinates the Folk Alliance’s Booking Agent Training School for the annual conference. Survival in “the biz” requires knowledge and creativity and this book will help shape your approach and stimulate your imagination.  It is available from Amazon. He is on the board of directors for the International Society of Bassists, a member of the blogging network Inside the Arts, and is a staff writer for Bass Musician Magazine. Parachute is streamlined this year to help those struggling in these hard economic times acquire the job-search tools they need faster and more efficiently. Richard became captivated with Davea€™s fantastic music and powerful guitar and vocal style. New in this edition is information on how today’s new technologies have influenced careers and created opportunities in the music business.
He is frequently listed as one of the fifty most influential people in the entertainment industry, and is commonly credited with having won Janet Jackson her $40 million megadeal with Virgin Records. Then, using workbook exercises and real-life examples to highlight the strengths and pitfalls of each personality type, it shows you step-by-step how to use your unique strengths to customise your job search, ensuring the best results in the shortest period of time. He has developed innovative programs in such areas as team-building, management and sales training, career development, succession planning, conflict resolution, and communication enhancement. It provides current immigration regulations for touring artists, a completely rewritten Internet Marketing chapter along with exciting new insights from experienced professionals in the entertainment industry. After 20 years of working as an agent and manager, Goldstein authored the award-winning book, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent, A Performing Artist’s Guide To A Successful Touring Career. Now available in paperback, this pioneering study will be of compelling interest to researchers in culture studies as well as readers interested in learning more about this little-known world.  This book is available from Amazon.
He has served on the faculties of DePaul University, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Trinity International University, and he is a frequent guest speaker for a variety of organizations.
Its life-saving information is, as always, updated and relevant to today’s job market.
Uscher has an extensive performing career as well, including violist with the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, the Houston Grand Opera Orchestra, the Opera Southwest Orchestera in Albuquerque, and many others.  To learn more about her, visit the website listed above.
He has taught and lectured extensively, and has been teaching a course on the music industry at the University of Southern California Law School’s Advanced Professional Program since 1978. Ever since that fated redirect, he has been cranking out music and sound effects for games.
And if you plan to stay in your job, Do What You Are provides savvy advice for getting the most out of your current career.
In 2001, Goldstein partnered with The Southern Arts Federation and Carnegie Mellon Arts Management Program, to produce an E-SeminArts, three-hour workshop CD-ROM, Marketing Your Act.
He is the recipient of the American Sociological Association’s Max Weber Award for Distinguished Scholarship. His credits include a PlayStation 2 game, five CD-ROM game projects, 56 on-line casino games, a dozen touch-screen arcade games, and numerous multimedia projects.
Goldstein created two innovative programs as a resource for performing artists–Manager-In-A-Box, a consultation program, is designed to help performing artists, agents and managers enhance their career development.
The Performing Biz is Goldstein’s seminar that is presented at universities, festivals, conferences, and for art councils or to individual groups of performing artists.

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