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If you go to WalMart or any retailer out there, you can buy a first aid kit, but before you do just realize that a “100 Piece First Aid Kit” will be 89 varieties of Band-Aid products! I know it’s awful and you’re going to take some hard jabs from your buddies, but I have found that one of my wife’s small, travel makeup kits are perfect.
Think about it: if you broke your ankle and can no longer walk, you’re going to lose your voice soon from yelling and screaming.
You’re probably never going to be able to start a fire because of rain and snow in elk country, but there’s a chance so have something if you happen to find tinder dry enough. Not a ton of it, but a handful goes a long way for securing a tourniquet, or building your tent and tying limbs together for high wind, etc. Intro: How to Disassemble a Mossberg 500 Series ShotgunThis Instructable will walk you through the steps of disassembling a Mossberg Pump-action shotgun (models 500,505, 535).

Step 4: Remove the Cartridge Stop and the Cartridge InterrupterThe cartridge stop and cartridge interrupter are held in place only by the trigger group. Step 7: Remove the BoltUse your finger to push the bolt forward and out of the circular hole where the barrel used to be. A Fox 40 pea-less whistle can be heard for a long, long way and takes next to no air to blow effectively.
Having a survival kit in my pack was a constant reassurance, and on a week-long elk hunt when you’re exhausted by the second day, confidence matters my friend!
It only takes a couple of minutes to disassemble, even if it is your first time attempting this task. I have learned so much from him over the years, yet one truth I learned from him in the early stages of life was to be prepared for the “what if” moments in life.

Again, they reinforce a tent, and friend, that’s a big deal if it starts snowing like it normally does in the high country. The only tool required is a punch or something similar (small screwdriver, Allen wrench, or even a pen). So thanks Clinique, I put that promo item to use in a way you never dreamed it would be used! Check the chamber area to ensure it is clear of any shells The shotgun is now clear and it is safe to begin disassembly.

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