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As a husband and father or two girls, my entire being is devoted to raising them well and giving them everything they need to be happy and thrive, and more. Designed in 1957 by Eugene Stoner (developer of the Stoner 63 weapons system) and Jim Sullivan (contributor to the M-16), the AR-15 is a derivative of the M-16, one of the most popular firearms in United States military history and is the most-produced weapon of its caliber. Also known as the Peacemaker, the Colt Single Action Army is the single greatest handgun ever made. Home security and protecting your loved ones — these are the two quintessential goals of being a prepper. The post A Prepper’s Best SHTF Home Defense Weapons appeared first on The Truth About Guns. Sorry Matt, but a magazine is a big room inside a ship where they keep all the shells and bags of powder.
A clip is what you get a penalty for in football, or you can use one to hold your potato chip bag closed.
If Advanced Technologies brought out a Dragunov stock for the MN I would be first on the list. Ima hop up in da '93 camry, standin on da krome 22's ,that cost more den my section 8 houzing, an' do a drive by. I bought it because it is on the ATFa€™s Curio and Relic list, so I can buy them direct from the wholesaler. Sometimes the rifle comes with a bayonet, but then nearly always come with a small tool kit and magazine pouch. Some may think themselves poorly armed if you hand them a WWII bolt action designed back in 1892, but during WWII a Finnish soldier named Simo HA¤yhA¤ earned more confirmed sniper kills than any other combatant in any major war (he killed 505 enemies with his Mosin and 200 more with his 9mm submachine gun = all in under 100 days). You can also buy a spam can of 880 rounds of military surplus ball ammunition for less than the cost of a couple bricks of .22long at a gun show (around 80 dollars).

This is my first experience shooting this rifle, I had heard horror stories about how much it kicked, and how loud it was, and it WAS louder than other 30 caliber guns I have shot, but it did not recoil that much a€“ especially since it is a heavy rifle.
I did get the impression that it is capable of much more accurate fire than my offhanded quick test demonstrated. The only thing I have to say as a warning to others thinking about this gun as part of a disaster armory, or just looking to get a cheap plinking gun a€“ ALL surplus ammunition for this is corrosive.
It breaks my heart to think our great country and world could come to a point in which their future is not as bright as mine once was when I was a young man growing up.
The Mosin-Nagant is deadly-accurate, reliable, easy to find ammunition for, the cheapest rifle you can buy in terms of the performance you get for your buck, and a great piece of history. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that’s lightweight, fires quickly, has low recoil, and is very versatile.
These weapons, while unnecessary in the world today, will determine life or death when your family is in danger. The MN is a single feed affair, and the milling machine work will have to be considerable to accommodate the greater width of the feed device.
You can normally purchase it in either 440 round cases on stripper clips, or 880 round cases without stripper clips. The tools are essential, as the triangular screwdriver is used to measure the protrusion of the bolt (that is the subject of a whole separate post). But with the world teetering upon impending economic collapse and societal meltdown, it’s my duty to prepare for any such set of events. Easily modified with additional sights, grips, and barrel modifiers (muzzle break, flash hider, silencer), the AR-15 can be customized to fit any shooter’s preference. Iconic for its rolkd in the American westward expansion, the SAA features a 6-shot cylinder and fires a .45 caliber bullet.

You may be going deep enough that you are compromising action strength, at least in some of these actions. If you take it home and forget about it after shooting corrosive ammo, you can (and probably will) ruin the gun. My girls and wife are my life and I will do anything in my power to protect them and ensure their survival.
As a mid- to long-range option, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more solid overall weapon. Here is a comparison of a double barrel shotgun versus an AR-15, two popular choices for home defense. If you want a box feed in the 7.62x54R, why don't you pursue the JPFO conversion on an Enfield Number 4?
For those experienced shooters, one shot is all you need to dispatch an invading raider and secure your home. The stopping power behind the SAA is second to none and nothing is getting up from a well-placed shot out of this weapon’s barrel.
An instrumental tool in affirming my family’s survival and home security is, of course, a firearm.
When push comes to shove, a firearm is not only a defense mechanism, but a deterrent as well. Here are my choices of the best weapons in terms of reliability, performance, and pure stopping power .

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