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I can feed my family of 12, breakfast every day for a month on one 50-pound bag of oatmeal (costs about $20).
A Note About Honey: When you are buying honey, make sure you can trust your source to give you pure honey. A lot of people are interested in either obtaining or creating a kit to “grab and go” in case they must be evacuate.
A key point that I make is that “all kits are not created equal.” With headlines blaring about the natural disasters taking place world wide more and more newspapers and TV ads are touting their solutions for the best evacuation kits on the earth. For example, not too long ago I heard a very opinionated person in a store declare: “Never use a bucket as a kit container if you have small children because you can’t carry a bucket and carry your child – you’ll have to leave one or the other behind.” Talk about absurd!
First, if your kits are ready and waiting to be grabbed in an emergency, you’ll have plenty of time to put both your kit and your kid in the car, stroller or wagon, or whatever mode of transportation you’ve already decided on. Second, it is one of my recommendations that buckets make much better kit containers than many other options. In “personal preparedness,” the operative word is personal (unless of course you are making a different point, and then the operative word is preparedness). Before you jump on any faddish bandwagon, think it through first and then sensibly make up your own mind. During a mock disaster and evacuation drill in the summer of 1985 the following “garbage can incident” was reported by a Red Cross director in Provo, Utah. Free ScripturesThe Mormon Church distributes free copies of the King James Version of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Based on the comments and messages I get, it seems like most of my viewers are of pretty strong faith, and in lots of cases faith has actually affected their preps. Get 1 Idea A Day.THE DAILY PREP sends 1 brief idea to help you be more self sufficient, 5 days a week. But the vast majority of purported “survivalists” building “doomsday bunkers” to ride out an attack on humanity that could end the world as we know it are peaceful individuals who are nothing like Dykes. Take Peter Larson who recently gave CNN a tour of his $65,000 bunker nestled in Utah’s mountains. In addition to the expected staples — canned food, blankets, firearms, etc., — Larson’s bunker is outfitted with an air-filtration system that pumps air in from the outside. Larson, a Mormon, explains that according to his faith, he believes in the last days there will be some hard times. Tuchman also asks a question many have of survivalist preppers: if the whole world is destroyed, would you really want to live that kind of life?
Larson responded saying, “sure” and noting that he doesn’t think all of man-kind would be destroyed.
As for the cost of Larson’s bunker, compared to some others a $65,000 price tag isn’t too expensive.
Ironically enough, I have been working on my preparedness post for a few weeks and last night we had an earthquake. I live in Utah, so all you ever hear about is 72-hour emergency kits and 6-month food supply. I got the inexpensive part down—the meals averaged out to about $3.33 per meal (for one person) with the dinners being slightly more expensive than breakfasts or lunches. For example, I purchased Monet crackers at the dollar store for less than half the price of our grocery store—same brand, same size, half price. The other important breakfast idea was to include Emergen-C Super Orange electrolyte replacement packets.
These meals will be supplemented with boxes of water and we have Berkey Sport water filters.
Below are the meal bags I have put together: breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days for the two of us. Since getting my hands on a food saver, I have come to an appreciation of a whole new level of prepping.
First Place winner will receive – A $500 dollar gift certificate courtesy of LPC Survival that is good for $500 off anything on their site. Third Place winner will receive –  a one year subscription to Personal VPN service courtesy of unspyable. Also be sure to check out the Preppers Cookbook – the Preppers Cookbook was a joint effort by Wolf Pack members that sent in their best recipes and food prep information and then that information was edited and put together by Bam Bam into a 160+ page cookbook. Bam Bam, I believe that Cabella’s carries a heavier weight bag material that might make a big difference in this.
I have only used it a couple of times and I have not used another brand, so I really couldn’t give a good recommendation. I have had a china mart one without any way to regulate temp, it’s a waste of good plastic, and I now have a snackmaster, It has a temp control, so it is a step up.

Coals on a small open fire if you can keep the smoke down cooks hot fast and controllable, propane stove’s are great but if you are hoofing it why add one more thing to carry.
Some frontier reenacters I knew would do this with rice, dehydrated frozen mixed vegetables and chicken or beef bouillon.
On an unrelated note, You can vacuum pack your firearms too, but you will need to wrap them in a tool to smooth out the rough edges so that they don’t poke holes in the bag. I do not know what I am doing wrong, but I have never gotten the jars to keep a seal using my Food Saver. Bam Bam, one of my favorite grits meals is grits, eggs, bacon, butter, salt and some cheese.
I went nuts with my vacuum sealer when I first got it, even sealed clothing and non-food items for compact packing in my BOB. What are your thoughts on using sealed packages of noodles in your food kits along with foil-packaged flavoring powders? Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. The picture below shows you how much food youa€™ll get to eat everyday if you follow this guideline. It easily adjusts from fine to coarse and grinds virtually all dry grains and legumes, including wheat, corn, beans, peas and amaranth.
For that reason I thought today’s blog should contain some words of caution to help you make your decisions – or even re-make – your evacuation kit decisions. You choose which container – of all the good choices – will best fit your needs and find the ways to make it work.
All Rights Reserved.This website is not owned by or affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the Mormon or LDS Church). In part, Tuchman reported, because he thinks economic collapse could bring civil disorder but it’s more than that.
He tells Tuchman essentially that he believes God will give him a sense of when it’s time to go. I share my love for saving money, do-it-yourself projects, organizing, crafts, and WAHM Life on my blog One Cheap Utah Chick. 72-hour kits are meant to go with you in case of an evacuation or situation where you must leave your home.
Food doesn’t last forever, so make a point to check and swap out items in your kit every six months. For young children who cannot carry their own kit, one parent should be responsible for that child and have their items in their kit.
Make sure every family member knows what to do in an emergency,where to meet, who is responsible for what, etc.
You can also subscribe to One Cheap Utah Chick so that you receive new posts and my monthly newsletter in your inbox. To improve upon the nutritious part I plan on replacing the processed food with food from my garden that I dehydrate myself. The best breakfast idea I came up with is to put our regular cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats) into a food saver bag, and add dehydrated banana chips (another dollar store find) and two tablespoons of powdered milk. The Korr sides are somewhat nutritious (they at least have green specks that resemble broccoli) but they take 15 minutes to cook.
Each meal contains eating utensils, extra napkins, salt and pepper, a drink mix packet and an individually wrapped wet wipe. If we do have to bug out (hopefully in the vehicles so we don’t have to carry all this food on our backs), we will likely be under considerable stress. Before I got the food saver, our BOBs contained mostly snack foods—peanuts, jerky, granola bars, etc. I wonder if it would be good to put the contents of each bag in an unsealed ziplock bag (for extra protection), and then seal the food saver bag. If you have a vehicle, weight will not matter and if not a good Cast Iron Dutchy is worth more than gold. If I have to choose between a cook stove or an extra rifle or 200 rounds of ammo the stove will lose because if I have the dutchy and can asseble wood smoking racks out of available materials I have essentially rendered the stove a luxery item. You can’t pack ammo this way is it may push the bullets into the cartridge, causing dangerous pressures when fired. I keep most of my dry goods in half gallon canning jars–removing the oxygen will increase the shelf life of my dry goods. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. For a long time “they” (and you know who they are) have continued to recommend that garbage cans should be used as a container to hold the contents for an evacuation kit. As the drill progressed, it was brought to the attention of the authorities that an elderly, disabled lady who lived across the street from the command center, required help to evacuate.

But a few hour drive away into the mountains is where Tuchman has created a 50-foot long, 10-foot in diameter bunker that resides 20 feet under ground. For example, most pre-made kits don’t have items for infants or children with food allergies.
The inexpensive part was achieved largely by shopping at the dollar store and buying things from Publix BOGO. This is going to be my next big step in meal planning—to take the meals in a jar idea to an all-new level.
I am thinking that I can improve upon the Korr Sides by dehydrating my own veggies and adding minute rice and a bullion cube. I have added to the calorie count of meals by adding granola bars, power bars and Cliff bars.
And we have a forest behind our house for long term cooking needs.) If we bug out, cooking will be an issue. That way you would end up with a perfectly good ziplock bag that you can reuse once you’ve opened the seal on the food saver bag. An eight inch oven can prepare a meal for four or five easily and you cook with any fuel you find, wood, charcoal, propane. It took a couple of tries to get it seasoned right in the oven (setting off all the smoke alarms in the house several times). You’ll be able to see it working from the fine froth of bubbles coming from the meat.
Now that I am thinking in terms of making my own meals from scratch, I think I will include some butter powder, dehydrated scrambled egg and some ham chunks. We should come up with a bunch of recipes to share just like the cookbook, don’t you think?? The views expressed by individual users are the responsibility of those users and do not necessarily represent the position of the Church. The second project, the subject of this article, was to put together some shelf stable meals for our BOBs. It is very likely that we will encounter good Christian folk who need help; so having a little extra will be a good thing. Check list: canned cat food, dry cat food, dog food, dog cookies, and catnip to keep my cats totally stoned out of their minds. Obviously if on the run must be careful with fire, but if you are gonna stop to cook you will be drawing attention to yourself any ways.
I need to do some research here, but I imagine that removing the oxygen will extend the shelf life of the products significantly. Local Honey is actually the best option to buy if you have the opportunity because the bees are using the same plants and flowers that you encounter everyday.
Then work on adding things you have around the house (canned goods, first aid, toiletries, etc.), then start buying the other items. The requirements were that the meals had to be nutritiously balanced and significantly cheaper than MREs.
I have not included gum in any of the meal bags, as we have gum packed in our BOBs already.
Pat any oil on jerky dry…cool…freeze for 72 hrs & then store in airtight, insect proof containers in a cool, dry place or freeze or refrigerate. And that’s great news, because I would prefer not to have to open my #10 cans unless absolutely necessary. Their response was, “It weighed a ton!” “It” was a thirty-gallon garbage can, filled to the brim.” (Excerpt from Preparedness Principles, Salsbury, Horizon Publishers, 2006, p. I remember as a kid we had no power for a few days following the huge Chatsworth Earthquake. And I wanted the foods to be as close to our ordinary diet as possible so we don’t suffer digestive shock.
We were prepared because we wanted to survive if a nasty earthquake hit — and they did. Fresh red meat, rabbits being the exception, contain all nessacery componants for survival if kept medium rare. However, I think the Hamburger Helper with other types of noodles, such as elbow mac, might work just fine.
We did that about a month ago, and the marshmellows have not shrunk back down, so it is holding it’s seal well.
I always add veggies to my Hamburger Helper to increase the nutritional content and change up the taste some.
You could add dehydrated veggies to the noodles in your vacuum bag with the seasoning packet and have a complete nutritional tasty meal that will feed a family of 4 to 6, for under $2.00.

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