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But the sight of an enormous tail, instantly spread everywhere by the media and the internet, scotches that assumption. As in many other Toho kaijū (monster) movies over the years, there are meetings after tense meetings, followed by futile counter-attacks against Godzilla, which mutates from a big-eyed serpent-like creature into a towering, heavy-hipped, seemingly indestructible terror.
The original Godzilla was conceived as a metaphor for nuclear devastation, most notably the then-recent Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.
A sharp contrast is Kayoko Ann Patterson (Satomi Ishihara), a Japanese-American special envoy to the U.S. The film is also packed with Anno’s beloved mecha (mechanical objects), from whirling helicopters to lumbering cranes, filmed in stirring, real-life action.

When the beast first makes its presence known in Tokyo Bay in the form of strange rumblings, water sprays and a catastrophic tunnel flooding, the authorities scramble to come up with answers — and decide the cause is a volcanic eruption. Rando Yaguchi (Hiroki Hasegawa), a fiery young deputy chief cabinet secretary, realizes they are dealing with a living creature and urges government action, though what that might be, no one knows. Anno’s beast, however, is also clearly inspired by the March 11, 2011, triple disaster, with Godzilla serving as an ambulatory tsunami, earthquake and nuclear reactor, leaving radioactive contamination in his wake. Not that the film’s soft nationalism, with its big shout-out to the Self-Defense Forces (who gave its makers their full cooperation) and celebration of core values, self-sacrifice high among them, will hurt it at the local box office.
Despite some initial bumbling, most of these folks, especially Rando and the anti-Godzilla task force he heads, are hardworking, dedicated and formidably bright, rattling off jargon-packed dialogue with nary a pause for breath.

And, of course, they are doing it all for the greater good and glory of the Japanese nation.

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