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Many times i've tried Nightmare survivals before getting equipment better than 1500 tower damage and many times i've failed. I won't ever tell you in this guide what stats you should have for simple reason: i don't know, can't remember. Unfortunately Squire can't handle spiders like App can - by placing lots of towers in central defense.
You won't see Healing Aura in my survival layouts, one exception is Uber (Lifestram Hollow) Monster Fest, but it's not really survival, is it? Pet rewards do not change with Hardcore Mode or Mixed Mode enabled, not normal pet rewards nor Giraffes. In Mixed Mode handling wyverns can be easier as they are also spawning from regular mobs spawn points (less wyverns per spot, but more spots overall), so they can be killed by regular defenses. In maps swarming with wyverns i found Darkness Trap + Ensnare Aura to be great combo preventing late-wave fails (even with 6 DU usage). Apart of Wyverns you have to guard your defenses from spiders, when you don't have good spider def you will fail for sure.
I'll show you layouts with Tower Buff Beams, but remember that if you don't have good Series EV you can use guardians to "simulate" TBB (like buffing aura radius with stationary Monk Guard). Most layouts used by me require some additional classes (i have leveled some alts and equipped them with my old sets and pets). Trap Huntress - High Tower Damage (~2500), decent Tower Health (~1500), lower Tower rate (~1000) and some (~400-500) Tower range. This layout is very slow due to jamming mobs on gas traps, but it's almost fully wipe-proof because you will be slowing everything thanks to Darkness + Ensnare combo, jamming stairs with gas traps so only part of ogres and ninjas will get through at once, and cannonballs will crush everything in the middle of the hallways without letting anything to walk up to Spikes.
One requirement for this layout is at least Hunt guardian, but i strongly recommend having two players, one with App, one with Hunt guardian, both buffing all Cannons. Hunt guard is required because more cannonballs will be rolling around and that is needed to kill spiders hitting two Magic Barriers (when spider will fall on MB it will hit it, not other towers).
Also check very carefully if you can slip through Spikes, if you will, ogres will also, so make sure you can't.
Two back cannonballs are placed there to kill spiders spawning near them, also they are turned little to south-west so they will shoot only in outer hallways. If you feel comfortable about your towers you can risk by removing darkness and gas traps and adding harpoons for each side (but don't point haproons at Magic Blockades so they will focus on mobs at Spikes, random cannonballs will take care of spiders at MBs).
This map can be done in few ways: focusing on spawn points, focusing on stairs, focusing on 3 lanes at crystal. Foundries and Forges NM survival Whit this layout you will have 4 DU left, so you can use healing aura for example.
Personally i prefer Inferno version, there is much higher damage output, but for Inferno to also nicely damage mobs at spawn point, not only on top i'm moving Ensnares away from crystal, so they also slow mobs at bottom. And again - Hunt guardian buffing Cannons will help a lot here, not only for dps increase, but also for killing lesser mobs (spiders included) faster. So Magus Quarter, while still with crappy drop like on most of maps, it call for most players. First i'll show you build i did when i had about 1500 Tower stats, pro of it is it can get you to reasonable wave without "Uber" gear, but there is a con - 3 or 4 guardians are needed.
Buffed Lightning tower by both, Monk and App guardian - this is wyvern killer, this is what will be taking out LOTS of mobs. Spike blockade on the middle of the stair because when its on top or bottom of stair ogres will shoot ogre balls in defenses, and with Blockade on the middle, most ogre balls will fly to the sky or somewhere not-near defenses. 3 harpoons on each side, one on middle, one facing bottom, one facing more side, but all having wyverns as priority. There are also 2 Fireballs in front, well, i had decent app, worse than my countess, but decent, putting 2 fireballs there even if i was active with my Countess builder was great idea because buffed by monk guardian, and later by app guardian also were killers reaching to every corner of the map. With this lay i'm starting by building 3 Bouncers on each stairs lane, and then slowly cannons (during wave) and north anti-spider bouncer, harpoons, then i'm changing bouncers on stairs to spikes.
Magic Blockades on sides instead of Spikes, there is much less pressure on those sides, but you have to watch out for ninjas and kobolds, if MB isn't enough, then switch to Spikes and instead of bottom bouncer+2 harpoons put cannon and for example Fireball. This layout won't let wyverns through, but sides will be weakened, and in later waves proximity mines may need buffing by App guards if your Trap Huntress is weak. Magus Quarter NM MM wyver-safe layout This one is created for Mix Mode to be sure that no wyvern will fly untargetted, it have very low offensive power, so good gear is required. Or if you have one or two DPS friends with good map awareness you can get rid of Darnkness Traps on the stairs, so they will be responsible for Poison-immune wyverns. One of Layouts i've tried for MM when playing with 4 players was this, with Monk guardian on Ensnare aura at all times. While still i find App to be better for this map (even with Spike Blockades) i've tried to make good Squire layout and i think i've managed it well. Alchemical Laboratory NM MM survival On the image above you can see more transparent versions of traps and auras, this indicates how they should look in game, how much radius you should have on them. Harpoons at Proximity Traps are facing the stairs so they won't start turning when spider shows somewhere around.

Inferno trap is there for damaging lesser mobs, alternatively you can use Gas Trap when you feel too much pressure on right Spikes, or Proximity if Kobolds are able to get to Spikes (Proximity will almost always one-hit Kobold, but in this case Darkness Trap can also do the job, so all Kobolds will be slowed by Ensnare). I've tried lots of Spider handling layouts there, cannons, bouncers, but this one is for now the best, while middle Spiders are taken care of by Proxi, top and bottom Spider spawns are covered by cannons. This build doesn't require more guardians (surely duo of app and hunt guard buffing harpoons will be helpful), but it requires lots of repairing, proximity mines and Str Drain auras are loosing HP quick.
I was planning on showing you 2 or 3 layouts, but one involved Proximity Mine for almost every spider spawn point required just way to many repairs, second was without spider-specific defensebut it just couldn't handle so many spiders. Servants Quarters NM MM survival layout Again - more transparent versions of auras and traps show you how they should look in game (for middle proximity this indicated Trigger Circle, not effective range). Due to so weak monsters, after lots of tries (also with Magic Blockades) i decided not to use Spikes where it's notnecessary, ant this layout is my final outcome.
Harpoon bottom-most of right crystal have to be built at bottom of stairs and moved a little to western wall, i don't know why, but when i built it more on center, spiders slowed it much more often. You will have to reduce size of bottom Inferno and Darkness Traps so they can be built between spawn points.
Northwestern Ensnare should have it's size reduced, so it won't slow anything before the turn - it would be waste of its health if it did. Southwestern Proximity should be built as close to spawn point as possible, because some archers and goblins can go straight north. This layout has proven to handle this map to at least wave 15 without much problems (i got further, but got bored before wave 20).
I don't recommend using Hunt guardian here, App is much better because corridors here are small and you don't need more shots, only more damage. This map is tricky, because archers can damage left core from left, or (what is worse and happens more often) from top and bottom, near spawn points. Another cause of wipes were wyverns with immunity to poison, that's why there are Darkness Traps, those have proven to work perfectly. And one more important thing is Spikes placement - those should be placed not totally in front, but a little back, so every ogre will have to walk close to them to attack. Starting from wave 8 here is really hard here, if you can't manage it, go for wave 6 or lower. Some things you should know are Bouncers on the right taking great deal of damage from ogres in later waves, those are there both as blockades and as anti-spider defenses.
Also on right you can switch 3 Magic Blockades to Proximity, this will improve wyverns killing, but some spiders might throw web on harpoons then, and this wll mean fail in later waves.
Best loot before 7.20 patch, lowest number of mobs per wave, different pattern than other maps have of mobs spawning (without so many Wyverns, and wyvs flying in bigger numbers only at start of the wave), but high HP and high DMG monsters, Spiders hard to handle (can't be one-hitted in later waves), Ninjas destroing Spikes in no-time, Ogres with 20mln+ HP on later waves. I have tried so many layouts, first ones was with 3-4 spikes for each choke point, just for backup, later there was more Trap Hunt usage, less Monk usage, and finally i came to some reasonable waves.
After some time experimenting i saw on Trendy Forums great build Kandar, similar to mine from that time, and after some changes and modifications i came with final outcome for this map that i use to farm to wave 30. Mistymire Forest Survival NM HC MM layout for duo+ I know it looks chaotic, but this map is like it is, and it's hard to show layout when there are chests or cores everywhere and paths are so thin and there is so many of them. You will also see big ogre on the right, it's there because top and then right choke points will always have most ogres to handle - remember that. As you can see there is App+Hunt guard with arrow pointing at ogre, yes, that means you have to boost harpoons where ogres are at the walls, prioritizing center crystal, then bottom, then left one.
Bouncer for Spiders placed on Proximity mine should be placed at the edge, so no spider will drop off higher level and loose aggro to bouncer. Magic Blockade for spiders (on Inferno) should be placed under spiders dropping point, so they will drop on MB and attack it, sometimes it's not enough when MB is around, it have to be under spiders spawn point fro them to attack it.
In general spider defenses are different than in Kandar's original build because i had problems only with spiders from one point (where Bouncer+Proxi is), i have tried using some alternative anti-spiders def, traps, bouncers, non worked that well as the one on the image (but care for top bouncer, it can get some serious dame at the end of later waves. Placing two spikes at top choke point can be tricky, as placed wrong (so they block path between the trees compleately) will cause ogres to treat them as terrain and they will try to jump over it, rotated in wrong direction will cause the same. Also i've added on image upgrading priorities for this map, first being harpoons (non-wyvern ones), then offensive traps, almost along with Spikes and spider defenses, then wyvern def (i'm upgrading left harpoon for wyvs to first or second level just before wave 10), and then rest of non-damaging defenses (Str Drain being most important.
I have no idea what more to tell about this layout, upgrades, really good map awareness and repairing spikes, and of course buffing harps to shoot down ogres as fast as possible. You will just have to try it yourself, modify when needed and fail, fail, fail, fail like most players did when doing this.
Gas trap on left should reach furthest to center of Inferno radius with its effective range, it would be waste when stunned mobs aren't damaged by Inferno.
First of all you should build squire defenses, then after first wave - traps, and after second wave - auras (and lightning towers for group layout). Other names include: Flux Stabilizer, Ground State, Photon Chamber, Crystal Ray Tube, Linear Accelerator, Strong Force, Particle Ripper and Crystal Energizer.
Hey guys this is an easy 1-74 powerleveling guide that can be done by the squire at low levels any level from 40+ really. But sometimes even lower stats will let you farm pets (wave 14) or even further, you just have to try, modify layout and strengthen weak points.

On the other hand it can be harder, when for example harpoons are focusing mobs closer than wyvs, and dragon or two will be able to slip through defenses.Anyway - MM layouts should have more spread anti-air.
That's because most of the times poison resistant wyverns at the end of the wave are the biggest problem.
It's either that, or common supposition that better equipment you have - better drops you will have. Sometimes Blockades are safe, not damaged often, then you could say it's not required, but it's still is - switch your Thp equip to App and build Magic Blockades instead of Spikes, you will save some DU then.
This game depends heavily on every class available, so i'd strongly recommend having such alts or having group of friends with them. Because my regular usage of Traps and Beams you could even say it should be Huntress or Series EV guide, not Squire, but i'll respond to that wiith this: Can you do Nightmare map with only Traps? While Focusing on spawn points was good for lower diffuculties it's not best idea for Nightmare. If your trap hunt have low Thp (fully upped proxi with less than ~250 charges), you can switch Proximity Mines to Inferno Traps and move them a little away from crystal, so they will also dmg mobs on bottom (with Darkness Trap they will damage everything).
You'll need about 11 aura radius on Nightmare and decent ~30-40 Monk guardian for aura to be effective enough.
Remember that Player with App guardian can be mobile, as only late wave (when spiders and wyverns come) needs Lightning dmg buff.
I always try to rotate side Cannons a little to the north, so they won't shoot so many cannonballs into lava (there's no rescue for middle cannon, but well, it is there for Ogres).
This layout is pretty simple, i think you can even farm pet solo, with only monk guardian, but i don't think you'll get anywhere further by yourself. Thankfully when wyverns start to fly also spiders will spawn triggering both Proximity and Darkness Traps. You now know the basics, why one tower there and not elswhere, so i won't be getting in details about this layout. It's very important, so auras can reach 2 stairs at once and left traps can reach spider spawn point both, at harpoons, and at Magic Blockade.
In this way Spiders drop almost perfectly in front of them, so harpoons won't wase so much time to return from spider to stairs. You can try Bouncers instead of cannons and add harpoon on the middle, but i found that this number of buffed harpoons are enough, and cannons will shoot some mobs at spawn points.
Most of the times waves ended without much damage done to towers placed instead of Spike Blockades. I was just farming genies here starting from wave 8, so if someone have ideas if layout below will be good later, or have ideas how to change it - leave a comment. Spikes placed too much in front will cause ogres attack them from under the core, damaging core, and spikes placed too far back will cause ogres to walk too close from sides and also attack core. Harpoons first, then defensive spikes and bouncers, then, when most choke points is guarded, you can add rest, whatever you like. You can change it to spikes (higher on the stairs) and one MB on each side for spiders to attack.
Good thing in Misty is that when you will block spawn points you can easily farm mana with genie and starting from wave 8 you can have most of your defenses fully upgraded in wave 10. I marked it, because you can place harpoon in this spot (on higher level for better effect) rotated to right choke point, so it will shoot monster from bottom, and if there are none there, it will fire to the right choke point (without targeting any wyverns, it's not necessary as one harpoon for one wyvern spawn is enough in this map).
Remember that when playing in at least duo, chances for pet reward will increase (or at least most of players say so). It is randomly dropped in the Mistymire Forest on Survival Mode and The Tinkerer's Lab as a Huntress.
One thing i can tell you is that i wouldn't recommend you going on NM survivals with Tower damage lower than 1500 if you plan to do more than farm pets. When flying from all directions, or even specific one but as huge group, sometimes poison immune wyvern can slip between harpoons arrows. Also when you will choose to build up your defenses at crystal you can use ony 3 Spikes, it's strange that ogres won't go by them, but they won't.
But what i've learned - there are no simple maps, and that one in particular can have more wyverns than any other. At start and middle of each wave it will be better to buff Cannons and 2+ harpoons with App for ogres faster killing. Spider handling for Squire here is much harder than in Apprentice's case because this map is perfect for App, centered def, choke points close to each other. Only problematic mobs were Ninjas at right crystal when i was around therem they were jumping over harpoons on me, but thanks to bouncers there i had many options to kill them just by positioning myself near Bouncers.
Yes, traps work like auras (also above them in radius same as trap radius), so wyverns above them are also affected.

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