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Receive the latest news on workplace first aid requirements as well as new products, promotions and special offers. Just like humans, pets can easily injure themselves or become ill, they depend entirely on their owners to act quickly to potentially save their life before you get to a vet for treatment.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As of June 17, 2016 there are new requirements for first aid kits.  The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) in an effort to increase its effectiveness, revised the standard and established a minimum quantity of certain products for the first aid kits and supplies as well as established two classes of kits.
Industrial first aid kit with 26 types of items and metal box, exceeds CSST minimum content requirements.

The described kit may be suitable for some businesses, however, the adequacy of the contents for hazards of each work environment should always be evaluated by competent personnel. European Driving Kits First Aid Bag designed to keep you legal and compliant with European Law.
If your pet cut their paw on some broken glass and was bleeding heavily, what would you do? For a variety of operations, employers may find that additional first aid supplies and kits are needed.
This kit has all the essential items necessary for first aiders to treat injuries relating to motorsport.

This first aid kit exceeds the minimum content requirements of the CSST (province of Quebec).

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