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Another Masterpiece from #1 Amazon Best Selling Authors Creative Community This Minecraft ULTIMATE Survival Book will help you to unlock your creative abilities and explore all hidden possibilities of Minecraft Game. Ultimate Book Of Secrets Minecraft: Unbelievable Minecraft Secrets You Coudn't Imagine Before! This will “teach you everything you need to know to defend yourself from hostile monsters and enemy players.
As well as offering a reading incentive, these books are also a nice Minecraft themed present. Ultimate Book of Traps for Minecraft: Unbelievable Secrets and Ideas on how to Create and Avoid Traps You Couldn't Imagine Before!
Survival guide by : SteveBased on the real story when I first played Minecraft PE Survival Imagine you created a survival world, you don't even know anything about Minecraft, what you need to do is SURVIVE, you are stuck. Everything always starts with wood so begin by finding atleast one tree and cut it down with your hands by holding LMB. Afterwards open your invetory with theA E key and in the upper right corner there is a 4x4 crafting grid as seen belown. The Crafting Table is your best friend, it allows you to craft most things in the game, when you press RMB on it you will get a interfaceA with a 3x3 crafting grid. Next you put 2A sticks in the mittle of the 2 bottom rows then fill the top row with wooden planks just like the image below. As you can see, there are other types of pickaxes such as golden pickaxe or stone pickaxe, we will talk more about these in anotherA chapter. In this chapter we will talk about mining, first thing to do is find a cave, just walk around and you should find one. Before you go further into the cave you shouldA acquire some torches either by looking for some coal ores or smelting logs in a furnace, choose what way you which toA acquire coal below. You should now have a few coals that you then together with a stick can craft into 4 torches like below.
As you can see, there are 3 slots the upper one is the thing you're going to smelt and the lower is the fuel that will be used to smelt, now just smelt the logs and you will get charcoal, like this. After you've collected your charcoal its time to craft the torch, you A will need charcoal and sticks then just put it all together like below. Now that we have torches we may continue the mining, here is the oresA you can mine using stone pickaxe. Try to find the first one iron ore and the second one coal ore together you may smelt them into iron ingots that we will be using later but now we should be starting building a shelter. In this chapter we will be talking about sheltering, mostly from the night and the mobs, but also for storage.
With the wool you just need 3 planks and you can make a bed, this bed will be used to skip the night for now because we're not ready to fight just yet. To sleep you just have to place out the bed with RMB then pressA RMB again on it, make sure its night and there are no mobs around. Now you're ready for some realA tree cutting try to get a lot of logs and aftewards its time to find the perfect spot to build. The perfect spot should be somewhere close to a forest and some type of water source (optionally) try not to build to in a desert for example, here's the spot I've choosen. Starting off you might want to make a smaller shelter like a box of wooden planks I would say something like this. Seems good for a start, now we probably need a door and some wayA to store our items, first of we can make a door by putting 6 wooden planks in aA crafting table just like below. Now we just need storage and this can be acquired using chests crafted with 8 wooden planks in crafting table just like below. As you have notice you might be pretty hungry by now and we're going to talk about all the types of foodA available starting with meat. The chicken drops raw chicken which gives 2 hunger points when eaten raw (warning it has a 30% chance of give poison effect). These fishA are all acquired through fishing, to start off we need a fishing rod which is crafted using 3 sticks and 2 strings. Let's talk about the fishing process, start of by finding a water source and I would personally suggest a bigger water source like a lake, here is the one I have choosen. The second way is by seeing a trail of bubblesA appearing going up against your floater and at the point it goes down in the water like before its catchable like the image below.
When the floater goes under the surface press RMB again and a fish will fly up out of the water straight into your inventory.
The hoe can be crafted alike the other tools we've made so far, its crafting recipe looks like this.

We've got the hoe now we just need some farm land, a great tip is to find a flat place like the plains biome which has a lot of grass to farm on I have choosen this spot close to my house. Thanks for the feedback, I am still working on the blog and I'll keep your feedback in mind!
You can email the book link to your family and friends so that they can click the link in the email to read or buy the book even if the book is a private one. This book has everything you need to know about the freindly and not so pretty mobs of Minecraft.
You can learn how to build a fort, craft armor and weapons, set mob traps, defeat your enemies in one-to-one combat, and battle your way out of the Nether and the End. While my family have so far stuck largely to the creative mode of the game, reading about how to properly play within the Survival mode has whet their appetite for more.
Details on the different enemies in the game, how to deal with them (and how not to deal with them in terms of common mistakes). They offer considerably better value than the thousands of different Minecraft paraphernalia that demands a high price because of the license rather than the product itself. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This Blog is in the Create A Survival Guide Blog Contest contest, now Complete!See the Final Leaderboard! Coal oreAlright to make torches you will need coal and you can carefully look through the top of the mine (trying not to go into the dark due to mobs) then you just find a block looking like the block below and mine it. Lets begin building, first we might need some more logs and an easier way to get some is by making an axe I hope you have some cobblestone left from earlier, else go get some and also some sticks, then make a axe like below. Well that will come in handy now as we need a bucket to carry water for the farming, the water will keep the farmlands hydrated which gives it more possibility in growing the corps, to craft the bucket just follow the recipe below. Overall it feels a bit inconsistent to me.Nevertheless good luck with the contest although you're competition! A bit more story would have been nice, but it's an essentials kind of guide.Anyway, I got here by your advertising so hence, I shall advertiseA mine.
If that does happen here are the things i want to cover: Food, Crafting and creating, database, and Extras. It also suggests building and approaches that offer the best defense against these beasties that come out at night. The books would stand in good stead regardless of the popularity of the product, and at around $10 are excellent value. But youa€™re confused, wondering: how do I play this game, this is complicateda€¦ The first thing after you spawn is to look around the environment and tell what kind of biome youa€™re in(desert, jungle, forest, Mesa) you can tell by the surrounding such as overall look, trees, water and blocks. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. My solution is to uncheck the box 'publish live' and see if there any changes need to make, with for example large pictures.
Copy the : 'direct link' link, and paste the link in the add picture box when your making the blog. After you know where you are, you have to get WOOD, which is the most essential material you should get when you spawn, but you have to do it quick, there's only ten minutes of daylight, the it's nighttime.
If you're happy with it, update it by checking the 'publish live' box and voila, problem solved. It also improves cross-franchise compatibility and offers additional play-sets for Inside Out and Marvel. Materials: You randomly punched some wood, looked around the biome, but you have no idea what to do after getting wood, you pressed the inventory tab, saw some wood and dirt block, then you clicked the crafting tab, all the options came up, you thought: wow, there's so many things you can press, what do I press? After getting wood, you go to your crafting, there's an option called wood plank, you can aquire 4 by getting 1 wood, wood plank is also a really important material for building and crafting. After you acquired wood plank, you have to making a crafting table, that's where all the crafting come from.Shelter: Wow, so many options, which one do I choose? We’ll see new versions of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie along with first appearances of Comic Book Guy, Groundskeeper Willie, sisters Paddy and Selma, Smithers and Dr. In addition some […] Ask About GamesDisney’s Playmation Takes Active Gaming to the Next LevelPlaymation is an action video-game played in the real world with wearable technology.
You looked up at the sun, it's slowly moving, the first thing that came to your mind is, the time is ticking and the night is coming.
Even if you don't know about mobs and darkness, you have to take sheltera€¦ How do you survive your first night in Minecraft PE, shelter, is the most important part of Minecraft survival.
It uses this information to take them through different adventures, narrated complete with sound effects.

First night shelter is about life and death, the next few step you are about to do have to be done fast, each daylight is ten minutes, then it's nighttime. At the end of a round you go back and hook up to your Smartphone or Tablet […]Mixels App Adds Game-Play to Collectable Toy LineThe Mixels series from Cartoon Network and Lego combine two popular brands for families. If you don't know wondering around in Minecraft Survival night, it's dangerous because of the deadly mobs,darkness and you might get lost. Lego provide the collectable and build-able toys while the cartoon show brings a Saturday morning TV feel to proceedings. To survive your night quickly, you need bed, which you need wools, to get wools, you have to get sheeps.
Finding sheeps is not hard in your world, all you need is three sheep in order to make a bed, once you find a sheep, tap on it quickly and strike fast because passive mobs will run away from you if you hit them. If you have a bed, the next thing you have to do is build a shelter, you can build a shelter out of anything such as dirt or Woodrow find a cave. Once you found a place to build, build fast, do not worry about how it looks, just build a cube house with a door, so you can be safe.
Now you got wools and plenty of wood planks, you can craft a bed and place it everywhere within your house, you can also craft a chest if you want to store your stuff. At the dawn of the second day, you wondered in your house, admiring what you have built, when you stepped outside, you saw some leftover mobs burning in the sunlight. You started looking at your crafting table, you saw a blue sword called diamond sword, that must be powerful, you need to craft it with diamond, but how do you get them. You can either go to a cave or dig randomly from where you are, if you are finding a cave, make sure you return home before night. After you found a place to mine, dig down until you see stone, then grab your pickaxe and mine about twenty stone. The first thing you'll need is a furnace, the furnace can help you smelt ores which you'll need for later, it can also cook food so you can eat them.
Other things that you have to craft is the stone tools, they are much better than the wooden one, youa€™ll need a pickaxe and a shovel for mining, axe for chopping wood, a sword for killing, you dona€™t need a hoe for now. After you done all these things, you can chop down some trees and get ready for tomorrow.Mining: Now you have stone tools, but what should I do after that? Mining is where it gets boring, but if you are patient and did well on it, you Minecraft survival world will be success. You have 2 options to mine, you can either dig under the ground or find a nearby cave, I suggest you mine in a cave because you are likely to get more ores if you mine in a cave.
What you need to bring to is a sword, pickaxe, shovel, foods, torches and a lot of empty slots. There are many different ores, coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone, emerald and lapis lazuli. When you go to a cave, place torches wherever you go so you can see what you're mining, mining can take time, you can get many different kind of ores when you mine, when you think you have enough minerals, you can find your way back home.
In older version of PE, food doesn't matter, but if you want to find food, there's various ways to do it.
You can get apples from punching leafs, you can kill passive mob and and meat, the best way you can get food is from village chests, you can get food such as bread and apple in a chest. First, craft a hoe of any kind, secondly, hit the ground with your hoe, you could get seeds by doing that, and seed is how you farm, then, find a place you want to farm,hit the ground with your hoe.
Once you hoed the ground, tap the seed to the hoed place, you have to make sure there's water around it so the seed will grow. You got plenty of resources, just as you thought you MC Life is over now, or you want to start a new world, but you think therea€™s a lot more things you can do other than basic survival. Yes, there are a lot of things you can do, after getting abundance of materials, you can rebuild your old house to a new, big house with a nice little farm attached to it. Exploring and continuous mining is also a good idea, you might even find diamonds or a new biome.
Now your survival is more interesting and you know everything you learned, now share it with your friends about it so your friend may also know the right way to survive.

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