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As we move into 2015 we have created a rundown of the top 5 minecraft servers currently out. Due to the sheer amount of minecraft servers we have done extensive research into the shortlisted servers as voted by the public and have come to a sound conclusion for some of the best servers out there. Shotbow is a fantastic server, it features a well-built hub spawn and great pixel art to show off the  total of 10 game-modes not including its mini games (inside the arcade). The arcade itself is a very interesting build – each machine features custom texture packs to show the user what game-modes you can play giving an overall quality to the game. Playing on the game-mode, Death by Void, a challenging and fun mini-game – players are presented with a board of the fastest completed times of the day. Players who end the day with the fastest completion time overall receive a free reward of a pet in the public hub to show off their achievements.
Not only does the server give users multiple opportunities and goals to keep on playing it also offers a challenge that keeps you wanting to come back for more. If you are looking for a unique server which features hours of fun and exclusive game-modes to play then why not give this one a shot(-bow)? It was a hard decision where to rank this server, however after long debate Hive’s Position at #4 was settled upon mainly due to its lesser amount of game-modes. The Hive hub spawn features a nicely decorated, seasonally themed spawn with more effort put into the making the spawn than any other servers reviewed in this years line up. The community is built upon respect and friendly treatment  of other users thus making this one of the most friendly and welcoming servers out there. If you live somewhere in either Europe or the US and connect on to one of the two EU or US servers you will benefit by having a lower latency ping and therefore a better playing experience in the long run. Lastly If you feel like sprucing up your in-game play you can always purchase items from Ed’s swag shop using the handy tokens earned in-game from playing one of the many mini games on the server. Hypixel is a hub based genre server with an excellent and professional built spawn – the spawn itself is based around the medieval times and fits in very well with other buildings on the server.
Their spawn, small in size, overcomes this problem with its fairly detailed structures and puts many other medieval spawns to shame. If you love to build in minecraft this server’s spawn and game-modes are great for inspiration as all their maps feel unmatched to any other out there and are by no means one sided at all.

Whilst playing on this server players will experience a well-managed, non-pay to win and fast developing server. However it is considered network based since it links multiple dedicated servers to one server using spigot and bungee cord – this allows for less lag whilst playing on the many game-modes offered. The hub is truly amazing and can give grand inspiration to anyone looking to blend modern buildings, 3d pixel art and great design. With amazing map creation and fun-filled action this server features many exciting mini-games from the hub and lots of things to do round and about such as use their very own vanilla grappling hook!
They could do with a few more staff but other than that this is a fantastic server filled with activities that could easily give you countless hours of fun over many months. This  hub genre based server is talked about quite often due to its huge amount of custom content, mature and understanding staff members and regular updates. As a player the main experience of Mineplex is far different from any other hub server out there.
Mineplex features some rather unusual and custom game modes such as “Mine-Strike” which is similar to the popular game mode “Demolition” featured in Call of duty: Modern warfare 2. The base idea of this game-mode has one team defending two bomb sites while the other team must blow up both of them!
The other 11 game-modes can be found under the “Arcade” section and all have many custom-made maps. If this isn’t enough it even has a Stats item which keeps tracks of your wins, losses and achievements of each accessible game mode . The server will totally amaze you when you take a look at what mineplex has to offer and if you were to analyse the server in detail you could write over 5000 words and still have more to say. Simply put this is one, if not, the best server on Minecraft to play, so why not give it a try?
If you want to play on these servers with nice looking textures, then check our article on the Top 10 best Minecraft texturepacks. Using your Minecraft account credentials, log in when prompted and click "Play" at the bottom.
Some guns also allow players to choose whether they want to use automatic or semi-automatic firing modes.

In addition to conventional types of firearms, the Gun Mod adds unique and destructive weapons like the flamethrower into the game. Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information! Great economy, player-owned shops, lottery, auction, casino, and a huge dynamic global shop to buy items. Level up your island, build with friends, and complete trickly challenges to get to the top! As clever players have already guessed from the name, the Gun Mod adds a range of firearms into Minecraft, including everything from rifles to fully automatic machine guns and flamethrowers. The scope works just like a sniper rifle in a normal FPS, allowing players to easily hit targets from long distances. There are a number of different weapons available in the game, and it won’t take long to find a gun that you like.
Each weapon is accompanied by unique audio effects.  You can hear ammunition enter the chamber during a reload, for example, and the firing sounds are authentic and unique to each gun. The mod includes a special tool called GunCreator which allows players to adjust the projectile, range, spread, speed, and firing rate of any type of weapon. If you’ve been waiting for the ability to pick off your enemies from miles away using a scoped sniper rifle, then The Gun Mod can help you accomplish that goal.
Or, if you’d rather create holes in the ground, the grenade launcher will do the job just fine.
They can name the gun whatever they like and instantly start using it in the Minecraft world.

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