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The house is Based on a real house, I have included the picture that i used to create this project.
The only other reason why you’d install the Queen Mary 2 Texture Pack is to build a cruise ship of your own. Better yet, this texture pack is 512×512, which makes it very high resolution and very good-looking. If you are a fan of the guns mod that are with Flans mod, then you will fall in love with this mod, just like I did. It was christened in January 2004 and was the first major ocean liner built since the Queen Elizabeth 2 way back in 1969. This texture pack is designed to complement the Queen Mary 2 build project, which can be found here.
It’s specifically designed to complement the appearance of a single cruise ship build project.

This texture pack transforms ordinary Minecraft blocks into cruise ship-styled textures, making it a perfect way to achieve your cruise ship creation dreams. The texture pack’s creator has also made a 16×16 version of the texture pack available for those with less-than-awesome computers.
The QM2 is an ocean liner, which means it has a particularly strong hull designed to help it safely cross rough ocean swells.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Thank you.The small building to the right of the house contains a fully automatic melon slice dropper.
However, if you install this texture pack and look at that build project, you’ll realize what a magnificent feat that builder has achieved.
The Minecraft QM2 build project creates an accurate interior and exterior model of the ocean liner and includes 1 million blocks in total.

It makes Minecraft feel like an actual First person shooter, with the models of the guns, and the cool sounds when you shoot. All rooms are accessible and every major detail – including lifeboats – has been meticulously reconstructed.
I highly recommend giving this mod a try, for everyone, as this is just pure amazing, and something I have never seen in Minecraft before.

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