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Aesthetic Houses: What are they?If you've played Minecraft for some time now, you most surely know how hard it is to build a great looking house to live in, that meets both your vision of your dream house and expectations for functionality.
Jerry's Tree was CaptainSparklez' home in his long-running Survival Minecraft Series, which began in February 2012. In episode 6 (February 2012), he found a baby slime while mining and decided to keep it as a pet. In episode 17 (April 2012), he returned to his mine only to discover that Jerry had despawned.
For his 500th-YouTube video special (June 2012) he asked Pimp My Minecraft to help rebuild his home.
After CaptainSparklez defeated the Ender Dragon in episode 39 (September 2012), he started Season 2 of the series in November 2012, adding the mods Tale of Kingdoms, DivineRPG, Not Enough Items, and TF2 Teleporters.
Once CaptainSparklez had finished Tale of Kingdoms and had pretty much completed DivineRPG (having unlocked all dimensions and defeating all bosses outside Vethea), he started anew a few days later with Season 3 of his Survival Minecraft series, starting a new world with the Aether mod.

After the Aether debacle, he started over yet again the next day, MC-Editing Jerry's Tree into a new world, and he began Season 4, in which he installed the Hexxit modpack. They add beautiful touches to the overall experience of living in that house.A beautiful example (apart from the editing) of realistic structure and aesthetic appeal. It was just an ordinary jungle tree when he found it in episode 2 (February 2012), but he soon made it his home. He decided to name his home "Jerry's Tree" and built a memorial to Jerry at the very top of the tree. They went onto his world, and completely rebuilt Jerry's Tree, building a humongous tree far larger than the tree was before. He continued living in Jerry's Tree for the duration of Season 2, which went on for 76 episodes until June 2013.
He explored the Aether, and went into a dungeon, where he eventually realized that many features of this mod were unfinished, so it was very difficult for him to progress through the dungeon.

He built platforms on it that he lived on, and built a mob spawner, as well as many other farms and devices. In this series, he created a copy of Jerry's Tree and put it into a new world, in which he had BlockWorks build an enormous laboratory under the tree, for CaptainSparklez to test out various different mods. Building something that does the job (someplace to live in) and look pleasing.Now take a look at this one:Pretty, no? He ended the season, which was the final (and longest) season of the series, with episode 137 in October 2015.

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