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The Army is now issuing the Individual First Aid Kit II, a more complete kit that includes more trauma gear, a new eye shield and a more streamlined pouch.
The IFAK II contains all the supplies of the old kit, with the addition of a second tourniquet, a tactical combat casualty card to annotate what kind of first aid was applied to a wounded soldier, a marker, an eye shield, a rubber seal with a valve for sucking chest wounds, and a strap cutter. The Army has also added the Tactical Combat Casualty Care card and a small Sharpie marker to the kit. The IFAK II now comes inside a custom pouch that can be mounted out-of-the-way on the back of a Soldier’s Improved Outer Tactical Vest. While the new first aid kit can be mounted on a soldier’s back, it is designed to be easily accessible when needed for both right-handed and left-handed soldiers. The IFAK II can be removed from its container pouch from either side by pulling on one of two tabs and slipping it out of its case.
The kit also comes with two removable tourniquet pouches that can be mounted to anywhere on a soldier’s kit.
The kit is now in Afghanistan in small numbers, as part of a previously initiated limited user evaluation involving 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, out of Fort Polk, La. As long as we are fighting mounted, and weight doesn’t matter, these kinds of encumbrances are acceptable. One of the things that has help save so many lives in the last series of wars has been the combat life saver training that is not given to every soldier and the kit that has been fielded.
Having served as a medic and a Physician Asst in multiple units, medical,equipment weighs a ton and if you can spread the load that means every soldier has his kit on him an not Ina vehicle in the convoy! Tags: first aid belt pouch, first aid kit, first aid kit america, first aid kit pouch, first aid pouch singapore, medical pouch, molle first aid pouch. Sign up and stay informed on everything TacMed as well as tactical medicine issues, news and events. The contents of the ARK™ are designed to reduce the size of the required rescue force and significantly reduce the evacuation time of seriously injured casualties. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Freeze Dried LRRP Long Range Patrol Rations — Mountain House military production overrun.
This is the final remaining supply of the extremely popular Chicken & Rice LRP Rations.

We have a limited supply of current production LRP Long Range Patrol Ration military overrun pouches in stock. Originally developed in 1964 for Vietnam Special Operations Troops, the LRP is the longest running U.S. Long Range Patrol Ration entrees aren't just like freeze-dried foods — they are freeze-dried foods. LRP Rations have higher ratios of key protein ingredients such as beef, chicken and turkey, as mandated by the U.S. They are quite compact, condensly packaged in "brick pack" pouches, and take up less space and weight than standard Mountain House pouches or #10 cans of freeze dried foods. Ingredients: Potatoes (Potatoes, Sodium Acid Phosphate [Color Retention]) * Cooked Beef (Beef, Salt) * Carrots * Green Peas (Peas, Salt) * Corn Oil with Spice Extract.
The small, curved aluminum disk with padding on the edges is designed to be placed over a soldier’s wounded eye. The individual tourniquet pouches also contain customizable, removable tabs that allow soldiers to hand write their blood type or unit on the kit. Pouches inside the IFAK II are left empty so that soldiers may also be issued QuickClot Combat Gauze when they receive their kit. He traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq numerous times from 2002 to 2008, covering infantry units in combat. It replaces the old and bulky IFAK which was in a SAW pouch and puts the contents in a new streamlined pouch. I trained as a CLS before and after we had access to IV kits so I know the usefulness of individual soldiers carrying some of their own medic supplies, eases the load on the Medic and CLS some. I know you need to be able to hear, I “get” that, but scalloping-out a huge hole where the ear is? Enough room for the everyday man to pack bandages , scissors and the things an everyday man knows how to use.
The design of the bag and its contents allow responders to maximize the resources available on scene and does not hinder or slow down the assault or clearing process of the structure or incident area.
By utilizing uninjured individuals on scene to provide stopgap treatment and mark casualty locations, rescue time can be greatly reduced and survivability rates can be increased.
Medics moving with the clearing element can distribute the throw kits as needed while maintaining more advanced equipment in the side pockets for treatment of teammates if necessary.

All LURPs in our inventory are late 2015 production (Date Lot Numbers Range from 5269 to 5326), released from the manufacturer in 2016. They offer a long shelf life, typically lasting for at least 10 years and probably much longer, making them reliable, ready, and waiting for you whenever you need them. Because they are lightweight, compact, and easy to store and prepare, Lurps appeal not only to survivalists and the emergency-preparedness minded, but also have captured the interest of backpackers, campers, RV & motorcycle travelers, and others as well.
Store your food in dry, sanitary conditions, avoiding any environment that could cause damage to the packaging. Less Than 2% Of: Modified Corn Starch * Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Corn, Yeast, Wheat Gluten, Soy Protein, Soybean Oil) * Dried Beef Stock * Dehydrated Onion * Sugar * Spices * Garlic Powder.
Less Than 2% Of: Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Corn, Yeast, Wheat Gluten, Soy Protein, Soybean Oil) * Lemon Juice Concentrate & Lemon Oil * Beef Flavor (Beef Stock, Maltodextrin, Salt) * Salt * Molasses * Spices * Garlic Powder. The shield is meant to keep pressure off a wounded eyeball when a soldier’s injured head is subsequently wrapped with bandages. The ARK™ Casualty Throw Kits contain basic treatment material and simple bi-lingual instructions for providing initial treatment. The manufacturer has received approval to package and offer these military production overrun items for resale. On the flip side, data also supported the IOTV and the MTV, both despised by fighters who actually shoot and move on foot in battle. I know that you need a high collar, to keep out the cold and the precip, but isn’t there ANY sound-deadening method, to keep the nape protection panel from noisily rubbing on your collar, when you’re turning your HEAD?
By controlling life threatening hemorrhage and positioning the casualty in a manner that maintains the airway significant time can be gained in the rescue effort. Armed Forces as well as an ever increasing interest from backpackers, campers, and preparedness-minded individuals.

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