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Mental Health First Aid is a simple idea – mental health problems are very common but most people do not know much about them.
Mental health first aid lets people know how to spot early signs of poor mental health, and provides the skills and confidence to offer support, including for family members, friends and work colleagues. The idea has been imported from Australia and is being tried out in many places across the UK.
The two-day Mental Health First Aid course that I saw is designed to help people spot the early signs of a mental health problem, feel confident helping someone experiencing a problem, help stop a mental illness from getting worse and help people recover faster.
The council is using part of its public health funding to roll out training  to 1,000 of its frontline staff, including to librarians, police, ambulance service and council staff, believing that it will help build community resilience and integrate services as professionals from various public services receive the two-day training together. In Liverpool, the training has recorded a national first – being the first to address Armed Forces staff. Everyone deserves to feel loved and supported, and everyone deserves to feel empowered to help the people they care about.
Academically, this information is based on what I have learnt from studying Mental Health as part of my degree, completing a Mental Health First Aid course and undertaking a mental health placement in an acute psychiatric setting. Personally, this information is based on my experience with my own mental health issues of depression and anxiety and also from my experience of supporting the people I care about through times of hardship. With 1 in 4 people suffering from a mental illness at some point in their lives, I am almost certain that each of you reading this article will, in some way shape or form, have had an experience with mental illness, whether it be a friend, family member or even yourself, who has been touched by the debilitating grip of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychotic episodes, substance abuse or even suicide. Unfortunately due to stigma, shame, lack of understanding and social pressures, a lot of individuals, both young and old, face the terrifying face of mental illness alone.
For this reason it is incredibly important that we, as support people, as friends, siblings, parents, teachers, partners, children and members of the greater community, are able to identify, approach and assist those who are struggling, to ensure that no-one suffers in silence. You are not expected to be able to fix all of their problems, the purpose of being a support person is to connect, to try and understand and to let the person know that they are not alone.
What if rendering help to others in a mental health crisis was as widely accepted as giving CPR to someone in cardiac arrest or doing the Heimlich maneuver when someone is choking? The evidence-based professional, peer, social, and self-help resources available to help someone with a mental health problem. The purpose of the training is not for the learner to serve a substitute for seeing a trained mental health professional; like rendering CPR on a cardiac arrest victim until the paramedics arrive, people trained in mental first aid can assist someone in a crisis until a trained professional can take over.
As the partner of someone with mental illness, this training can prepare you to deal with various types of challenges and crises your partner may face.
Kate Thieda, MS, LPCA, NCC, is a patient advocate for Women's and Children's Services at Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina.
Last updated: 10 Oct 2011Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed.

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The Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR course is recognized by the Adult and Child Care Licensing Boards.
Take a Standard First Aid course in our Coquitlam venue, conveniently located near the Coquitlam Centre mall or book a date for a private course at your location.
MEJOR CONJUNTO DE FRASES is a simple search engine and does not upload or host any files on it's server. The Certificate II in Retail Make-Up and Skin Care provides you with the skills and knowledge to work in the make-up and cosmetic retail industry. Additional Costs above the enrolment fee will be incurred for mandatory uniforms, books and beauty kit (up to approximately $300). I had the chance to visit Labour-controlled Barking and Dagenham council in Essex with the Institute for Public Policy Research to see how they are working with the programme. For the purpose of this article, and because the scope of Mental Health is so large I am going to focus on providing support for those dealing with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. It’s a good idea to have a think about what you are going to say to your friend, family member or colleague before you approach them. There is no point planning on having the conversation with someone if you only have 5mins between appointments or if someone else is meeting up with you shortly. Set your distractions aside (phone away) and let them know that you have set aside time to listen to whatever is going on and then do so non-judgmentally. Before you start offering advice and resources it is important that the individual is able to express themselves.
At this point that research you did into mental illness, online resources, help hotlines and local support groups will come in handy. It is important that you make it clear to the individual that you will not give up on or abandon them even if their situation is complex. After you have listened to them non-judgmentally and shown that you genuinely want to help they are more likely to accept offers of assistance. Sometimes the individual will not want any help, other than the discussion you have had, but in the case that they do, here are some helpful resources and ideas to keep in mind. This first step can sometimes be the hardest, so if seeing a psychologist is something the individual is interested in, offer to go to the GP with them, help book an appointment, research psychologists in their area or locate online resources that detail different professional options. The course will teach you strategies to assess the severity of what’s going on with your partner, and determine the best course of action. She is a licensed professional counselor associate and a National Certified Counselor who specializes in cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavior therapies.

Standard First Aid covers a variety of topics from basic (such as cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, CPR, AED, prevention of disease transmission) to in-depth ones, such as sudden medical conditions and injuries to the head and spine. We run courses throughout Metro Vancouver (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley or Abbotsford). RecertificationIf you have a current (unexpired) Red Cross or St John Ambulance Standard First Aid (SFA) & CPR certificate, you can take a full SFA course with us for the lower recertification price. You will acquire basic skills in workplace communication, client's interaction, demonstrating and selling make-up and retail skin care products, and performing routine salon or store functions.
It has been concluded that mental illnesses rank as the 3rd largest burden on disease in Australia, after cancer and heart disease. During this time refrain from cutting them off, jumping to conclusions or making judgments about their situation.
You want them to feel as though they can vent and talk through the situation before you try and put a band aid on it.
If you are not the greatest online resource finder, consider calling lifeline yourself, explain the situation to one of the operators and ask them to share with you the most appropriate resources in your area.
Her book, Loving Someone With Anxiety, will be published by New Harbinger in the spring of 2013. We just linked the file or embed from Youtube then display them here to make visitor easy to find it. It gives you the skills to work as a freelance make up artist or in conjunction with a Photographer or cosmetic surgeon in the area of Remedial Camouflage Make-up, at a cosmetic counter, within a Salon or a Day Spa. Your job is to offer support, a non-judgemental ear and resources to ensure that the individual isn’t experiencing this inner, and sometimes outer turmoil alone. If your SFA certificate has expired you will need to register for the full course at the regular price. Refrain from playing the blame game, even if the person has done something that has upset you, don’t try and make them feel guilty about it, your aim as the support person is to get to the source of the issue and assist them in gaining the necessary help. These are questions you need to ask yourself before you go to the individual, to prepare you to be the support person.
Once you know the answer to these question you will be better able to provide honest support and communicate your concerns effectively.

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