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The meeting should occur weekly in a distraction-free setting, and last no more than about 30 minutes.
Family meetings also offer a great opportunity to give and receive compliments and positive feedback among family members. Problem Solving – There’s no better time than a meeting to work out problems between family members or outside sources. Planning – A great way to get everyone in the family on the same page is a monthly calendar. Parents Only – As parents, it’s essential to not only lead your family but also to establish boundaries for your own relationship. Have family devotions each morning or evening.  Spend time reading God’s Word and praying together as a family.
Make the most of vacation time.  Those moments spent together will be cherished for a lifetime.
Hobbs and Oddo, who have been married since 2004, already have a young daughter named Wylie. Individuals can live outside of families but cannot thrive outside of families and, in fact, owe their entire existence to the natural family structure. The family also provides natural commercial priorities and moral boundaries for other institutions of freedom such as the free market. Now that summer has arrived and most kids are out of school, it’s important to get together regularly as a family and discuss plans, activities and issues. If you’re “too busy,” that means it’s time for you to plan and talk in order to de-stress your hectic life.
Whether kids are in or out of school, parents are working or at home, holding these meetings will help work out the details in everyone’s schedule.
These meetings are a great way to introduce children to structured meetings and planning they might practice in school or someday in business.

The parents are clearly the family leaders who necessarily retain authority to make important decisions after hearing input from everyone at the table. This person will be responsible for taking notes and at the meeting’s conclusion, reviewing and summarizing the topics, ideas and action items with the other group members. Ask each person to share with the group something he or she did during the past week that they feel good about.
Parents could set the example by complimenting each family member, including each other, regarding something positive they observed about that person during the past week. By incorporating the “solution” aspect, children learn to shift from merely griping or complaining about problems to brainstorming possible constructive solutions and outcomes.
Whether it’s the school season or summer, it’s important to know everyone’s schedule to help ease stress—especially on parents. Talk about vacations, fun family outings or activities like going to the lake, or holidays that are coming up in the next month or two.  Take suggestions from the entire family about what to do during those events and fun activities to try. But sending the kids back to school doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on the days of family fun and having balance in your daily life. It’s hard to be balanced when you’re shuffling your kid from school to soccer practice on Monday, trumpet lesson on Tuesday, the tutor on Wednesday, etc.
Let them focus just on their math homework, not on doing their math homework while watching TV and texting. Instead of viewing cooking as a chore, involve your kids and prepare a bunch of healthy foods every few days.
Family is the fundamental unit of any society because it is the first and most natural human association.
There is no freedom without the natural family structure because it alone stands independent among human institutions – it can be its own government, its own marketplace, its own moral authority, its own philanthropy and its own community.
Pamela Walker, PhD, a clinical psychologist with a private practice at Cooper Aerobics Center, explains how to build the perfect family meeting and why it’s important.

Perhaps the kids got a good grade, did their chores without a hassle, helped each other with a task, got a part in a play or played well in a sport.
Feeling stressed is inevitable, but you can combat it by modeling a balanced life for your kids.
If you get upset when things don’t go according to plan, your kids will probably get upset and stressed when they have two tests, a quiz, and a presentation tomorrow at school.
It’s really important to be conscious on your behaviors when in front of kids because they really can pickup easily on what adults do and sometimes they get that against you.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager, which hit the airwaves in 2008 and is now one of the network’s most popular programs, tells the story of 15-year-old Amy, a good student who becomes pregnant the first time she has sex.
The kids will love knowing that their concerns and ideas will be heard and taken seriously during the upcoming discussion.
This is also a great opportunity for the children to learn that they can affirm and thank their parents for something they did for the child or family during the week. It’s a good idea to make sure your kids know that it’s important for mom and dad to have time alone and that nurturing their relationship is a high priority.
Encourage your kids to have their own lives outside of school and homework; reading books completely unrelated to school.
Health and wellness at home should be thought early to children, it’s a good way to start how they can live their lives healthy.

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