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In 2013 Geoscience Australia commissioned me to illustrate some booklets they were preparing about natural hazards. One key aspect of the project was the need for the illustrations to be relevant for the local Papua New Guinea communities.
Armed with a stack of reference photos of the Rabaul township, its people, and the Tavurvur volcano, I began drawing scenes. This is the deluded work of public servants who have forgotten that real people don’t always behave as they ought to.
My belief is that dramatic, eye-catching scenes like these are more likely to attract readers’ attention. I supplied uncoloured line art drawings to Geoscience Australia, whose in-house graphics team completed the colouring.
Geoscience Australia did a great job with the design of the booklets, which are extremely attractive and easy to read.
There are many guys that are always doing what they can in order to look great and fashionable at all times. The Drake buzz cut is going to be cut very short so that it is smooth and always kept clean. We apply our diverse professional expertise to the opportunities and challenges that face our nation. A range of documents govern our operations and provide information about our projects and initiatives. Projects and activities currently undertaken by Geoscience Australia as part of the work program. Geoscience Australia participates in cooperative projects at all levels of government and industry.
Our products include almanacs, software and web services providing precise astronomical data.
Information regarding various disciplines and techniques including: geochemistry, geochronology, geophysics and marine surveying.
Geoscience Australia provides Earth observation services, expert advice, and information for decision makers.
Petroleum resources, coal resources, uranium and thorium resources, geothermal energy, renewable energy resources, basin geology, Acreage Release. Historically, bushfires, floods, earthquakes, landslides and cyclones have caused loss of life and significant damage to property and infrastructure.
Geoscience Australia is the national focal point for coordination of geodetic information and data, and maintains a national network of geomagnetic observatories which forms part of a global observatory network. Geoscience Australia provides information and advice towards the management of Australia's groundwater and surface water resources. The Education Centre provides curriculum-linked, hands-on activities that keep students captivated, focused and looking for more.
Geoscience Australia supports other science education and awareness programs including the National Youth Science Forum and the Science Experience. Teaching resources for primary and secondary levels including background information, student activities, full-colour cut-out 3D models and posters. Search Geoscience Australia's extensive catalogue of data, publications, online tools, maps and videos.
Geoscience Australia maintains a number of online tools to promote the discovery and delivery of data. Geoscience Australia provides web services for public use that allow access to our data without having to store datasets locally. General and thematic maps of Australia including outline maps, bathymetric maps, geophysical maps and geological maps. Interactive Maps is a discovery and exploration view of Geoscience Australia's geospatial services. A wide range of spatial information products is available from the Geoscience Australia, from our retailer network or free from our website.
The library provides services to geoscience organisations, universities, research centres, the mining and petroleum industries and the public. Geoscience Australia is the government's technical adviser on all aspects of geoscience, and custodian of the geographical and geological data and knowledge of the nation.
Geoscience Australia participates in conferences to share and engage with our stakeholders. How a cyclone occurs Reproduced with permission from BoM The main source of energy for tropical cyclones is the warm oceans in the tropical regions. Regardless of whether or not you have been affected by the disaster, you can still make a difference to the life of others. It isn’t just you who needs to have these facilities but everyone involved in the campaign must have these facilities.
Immediate shelter and food will be provided by Red Cross and other organizations and unless the disaster continues for an extended run, the basic needs of the people will be met. It is pivotal to remind all the donors that it can take a long time to overcome natural disasters.
Despite the fact that you would want to help everyone affected in the disaster, it might not be possible.
Whether it is your 1st time or your 50th time, you have got to maintain a list of your donors. It is important to note that building trust and credibility will play a key role in bringing you donations.
Sohaib is a highly self-driven and passionate individual who wants to work with a progressive organization where he can learn and develop his skill set.
This entry was posted in Article and tagged 2014, disaster, donors, fundraising, funds, online, strategy, trust, viral by Sohaib Rubnawaz. Dubbed the "Pearl of the Adriatic," beautiful Dubrovnik offers a wealth of attractions for visitors.
The spectacular Stradun is a place where locals and visitors alike gather day and night to watch the world drift by.
Standing on the site of an older cathedral dating from the 6th century and destroyed by earthquakes, beautiful Dubrovnik Cathedral-also referred to as the Assumption Cathedral (its full name is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary)-was designed in Baroque style by Andrea Buffalini of Rome.
For centuries, Dubrovnik's famous Pile Gate has served as the main entrance and is still the most interesting access point to this fabulous old city. The Square of the Loggia in Dubrovnik has long been a central gathering point for citizens and visitors alike.
Dubbed "Dubrovnik's Gibraltar" for its location on a rocky promontory just outside the city's western wall, Fort Lovrijenac has long been one of Croatia's most important fortresses.

Built between 1438 and 1444, Dubrovnik's famous Big Fountain of Onofrio is probably the best known of the city's many historic monuments. Built in the early 1300s, Dubrovnik's Dominican Monastery was so large that construction required moving parts of the city walls just to accommodate it.
Designed by Onofrio de la Cava in 1435, the Rector's Palace, now home to the city's Cultural Historical Museum, has been much altered through the centuries. To see Dubrovnik's top sites and absorb the city's rich history, the best place to stay is near the pedestrian-only old town. Luxury Hotels: With breathtaking views of the coast and Old Town, the clifftop boutique Villa Dubrovnik whisks guests to the heart of the historic action within minutes in a private speedboat. Mid-Range Hotels: In Gruz harbor, a short bus ride from the Old Town, the boutique Berkeley Hotel, with a pool and free breakfast, offers modern rooms and apartments.
Budget Hotels: A stone's throw from the sea and a ten-minute bus ride from the Old Town, Hotel Perla features clean, simple rooms and includes breakfast.
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Geoscience Australia had previously tried to engage local artists from PNG to illustrate the booklets, but nothing could be confirmed.
Readers will read the information to learn how to avoid being the people at risk of being harmed.
Hopefully the locals can use them to formulate plans to survive earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. While working on our project, he completed all the tasks before deadline and I never had to worry about the job getting done. One of the most famous cuts these days is the Drake buzz cut, and guys all over and taking advantage of the look. This helps to add a little bit of personality to the man, and women tend to be drawn to these types of styles. There are usually no hair that is out of place, which means that the guy is going to get the cut every couple of weeks or even week.
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Geoscience Australia offers a variety of scientific, technical, IT and administrative roles.
These focus on the skills and knowledge needed to teach the earth science subjects within the Australian National Curriculum.
A natural disaster can occur at anytime and you never know what’s going to happen after that. If you are considering an online fundraiser then technology and communication will be the key. Another important thing is that your fundraising should be aimed towards helping people get back on their feet.
Since it is difficult to convert the funds generated online into emergency supplies, you can continue with that once everyone is safe and able to communicate. The donors should be made aware of the importance of their financial support and how it could really help shape someone’s life.
However, it’s pivotal for you to make most of the social media and make your presence felt. Some people avoid donating simply because they are not sure if their money will be used for the right cause.
He is currently pursuing his Bachelor in Business Administration from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology in Karachi, Pakistan. Famous for its spectacular seafront location on the Dalmatian coast coupled with its evocative and historic old city center, Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century and has been ruled through the centuries by the Venetians and the Hungarians, each of which have left their mark.
Built in the 10th century and modified in the 13th and 14th centuries, these formidable walls - as high as six meters and up to six meters thick-provided a solid defense against invaders.
Undoubtedly one of Europe's most picturesque pedestrian thoroughfares, the Stradun boasts many cafés and restaurants and is a good spot to rest weary feet after a day touring Dubrovnik.
Notable for its three aisles, three apses, and splendid interior décor, the cathedral includes highlights such as paintings by Italian and Dalmatian artists from the 16th to 18th centuries, including Virgin of the Chair by Raphael from the early 1600s. Formerly surrounded by a moat complete with a drawbridge built in 1537, the pedestrian-only Pile Gate - one of two entrances to the Lapad area - also boasts a pleasant garden in the old moat.
Featuring some of Dubrovnik's most famous buildings and public monuments, the square of the Loggia is in the north east section of the old city center. Rising an impressive 37 meters above the Adriatic, this stunning fortress proved impregnable during the many sieges undertaken by the Venetians from its completion in the 11th century onwards (legend has it the Venetians themselves planned to build a fort here but were beaten to it by industrious city folk). An easy stroll from the Pile Gate, this landmark structure is somewhat smaller today than the original due to damage caused by the earthquake of 1667. Heavily damaged in the 1667 earthquake, the monastery was completely rebuilt in its present form with special attention given to preserving features such as its splendid late Gothic cloister (the original was designed by Michelozzo di Bartolomeo of Florence in the 15th century). A beautiful mix of late Gothic and early Renaissance styles, this splendid old palace was heavily damaged by a gunpowder explosion not long after its completion, later by a fire, and then again in 1667 when an earthquake struck. If you prefer a quieter location, the Lapad peninsula, about three kilometers northwest of the Old Town, is an excellent choice, and many of the high-end hotels here feature stunning sea views.
You can walk to the Old Town in about 20 minutes from pet-friendly Hotel Lero, but a bus is also nearby. Also a short bus ride from the Old Town, Hotel Petka offers basic rooms, some with sea views, while the quaint Stella Apartments, with kitchenettes, are in a great location about five minutes' walk from the Old Town.
Glide up the rocky slopes of Mt Srđ in a cable car for a bird's-eye view over the city then explore the atmospheric streets of the Old Town on a walking tour.
The three-hour guided walking tour includes a knowledgeable guide and entrance fees to the Dubrovnik city walls and Lovrijenac Fortress. This was a joint project with geological agencies in Papua New Guinea, with the booklets to be distributed to local PNG communities – especially volcanically-active towns like Rabaul, East New Britain. I think the cartoons really accentuate the message of the text, and should make the concepts easy to understand. It will be important to add them in the right spots and make sure that they are even and will match the overall cut all the way around. There might be thousands of homeless people and you don’t know if you are going to have the basic necessities to survive after the disaster. You will need electricity, internet access, cell phone and a computer to carry out an effective online fundraiser.
There will be a lot more people willing to donate once the communication networks have been restored and people will be willing to support the cause. Moreover, the donors need to understand the fundraising process could continue for a long period of time depending on the nature of the disaster.

He has worked with various organizations as an intern and as a campus ambassador while he has also worked with the United Nations as an online volunteer. The city enjoyed its greatest growth in the 15th and 16th centuries, a fact reflected in the impressive architecture and its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Totaling nearly two kilometers in length, Dubrovnik's city walls make a great spot for a casual stroll and offer numerous excellent views over the Adriatic and inwards over the old city center.
Measuring 300 meters in length and famous for its white limestone paving, the street dates back to 1468, although many of the surrounding buildings were built in the 17th century after the devastating earthquake of 1667, when most of Dubrovnik was heavily damaged. A must see is the cathedral treasury with its many important relics, the most famous being a portion of the cross that Jesus is thought to have been crucified upon.
Highlights include Orlando's Column, built and designed by sculptor Antonio Ragusino, as well as the famous Loggia of the Bells dating from 1480 and used as an early warning system by residents in times of unrest. Also notable for its unusual triangular layout with its three terraces, Fort Lovrijenac - also known as Fort Lawrence - is accessed via two drawbridges and a gateway through its impressive walls, as thick as 12 meters in places.
An important part of the city's original water supply system (also designed by Onofrio de la Cava) that carried water from the Dubrovacka river, the fountain stands immediately in front of the equally attractive St.
A particular highlight is visiting the monastery's museum with its many 15th- and 16th-century religious paintings in the style of the Dubrovnik (also known as the Venetian) School, along with interesting items of gold and silver and other relics. These days, this well-preserved building is a delight to explore, particularly its pleasant central courtyard (try to time your visit to coincide with one of its regular summer classical music performances). This great-value 4.5-hour excursion blends two popular sightseeing trips and includes an expert guide, round-trip cable car ride, and entrance fee to the city walls. You can upgrade the tour to include a 1.5-hour visit to to Trsteno Arboretum, site of the King's Landing's palace gardens. Hence, it is always better to be aware of the fundraising strategy during times like these. Encourage people to make regular donations if they can’t afford to make a large donation at once.
For an instance, If the infrastructure of a school has been destroyed, you could raise funds for that. You can do that by keeping them updated regularly, maintaining strong relationships and providing them with evidence of exactly where their money has been spent. Home to Croatia's artistic and intellectual elite, Dubrovnik offers numerous cultural activities and festivals. Other highlights include its two towers, the Minceta Tower and the Bokar Tower, along with two forts, the Lovrjenac Fort and the Revelin Fort. The Stradun's unique homes are designed to enable residential living upstairs and business activities on the main level, and are notable for having their main doors and windows under the same arch. In addition to serving as a tourist attraction, the fort is also used as a venue and backdrop for Dubrovnik's famous Summer Festival and its many theatrical and musical performances. Saviour Church (Crkva sv Spasa), built in the early 16th century in thanks for what city elders believed was divine intervention in sparing the city during an earthquake a few years earlier.
Be sure to also visit the city's Franciscan Monastery, home to one of the most valuable libraries in Croatia and a fascinating medieval pharmacy with its old decorated jars, measuring devices, and mortars (the pharmacy has been in use since 1317).
Once an important part of Dubrovnik's defenses, this imposing structure now houses several modern attractions to keep visitors entertained. Also with a pool and easy beach access and within walking distance of the Old Town, the waterfront Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik has a contemporary feel and beautiful sea views from its floor-to-ceiling windows. In a lovely park-like setting, Hotel Zagreb occupies a historic residence a walk from the beach and a short bus ride away from the Old Town.
This upgraded tour also includes round-trip transport from the Old Town to Trsteno Arboretum and the entrance fee. By the way, why not listing your blog in our E-Commerce directory and get a in turn link from us?
You should let people know beforehand that the fundraiser will be extended depending on the needs. You should clearly identify on your page that the school has been destroyed and clearly identify the amount required to restore the infrastructure.
Highlights of a visit include walking around its picturesque old streets and alleys while visiting such excellent attractions as its splendid cathedral and treasury, the broad Stradun pedestrian walkway, and its many fine old palaces and fortifications. Access to the walls is through the main entrance on the left of Pile Gate (admission is charged).
Blaise, dating from the 13th century, as well as a splendid display of 138 gold and silver reliquaries from around the world. Another gate worth seeing is the 14th-century Ploce Gate, just behind the Asimov Tower and designed as a "double defense" system that proved effective in times of trouble.
Blaise, of interest for its Baroque façade and its collection of priceless works of art.
One of only a few buildings to survive the devastating earthquake of 1667 intact, this small place of worship is well worth visiting for its fine Gothic and Renaissance features. There's also an on-site museum containing items of historical interest and a fine art collection. Highlights of the museum's collection of 15,000 pieces include many interesting exhibits detailing life in the Republic of Ragusa during medieval times, as well as numerous fine paintings by Venetian and Dalmatian artists. In the upper area is the Maritime Museum of Dubrovnik featuring displays of Dubrovnik's maritime past illustrated through model boats and naval artifacts, while the lower area contains the Aquarium of Dubrovnik with its many interesting displays of local and exotic fish, as well as a superb collection of seahorses.
Steps from the Old Town, the pet-friendly Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik offers great value in a convenient location.
They lose their source of energy when they move over land or colder oceans causing them to dissipate. Also imposing and located just across the moat from the Ploce Gate is the Revelin Fort, designed by Tvrđava Revelin in 1580. Also of interest on the square are a clock tower from the 15th century, the main guardhouse, and the small fountain of Onofrio. Also worth a visit is nearby Bokar Fort, designed and built by Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Michelozzi and a great spot to visit for its excellent views over the city and the Adriatic. Weakening may also occur if the cyclone moves into an unfavourable wind regime which disrupts the structure of the system. Sometimes a decaying tropical cyclone may interact with a weather system in higher latitudes to cause impacts far from the tropics.
Once you are done, it will help build credibility and you will attain a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

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