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Biotreatment Soil Mix is very effective at filtering storm water runoff before it enters our storm drains and waterways. An engineered soil mix designed not to compact, excellent drainage properties and resists erosion. This soil is an excellent all-purpose mix for starting seeds, transplanting and container gardening. Natural and Organic Potting Mix that contains an optimum blend of natural components to provide maximum air space and moisture holding capacity. The Five Springs Highly Polished Pebbles are a mixture of colors, such as red, tan, black, white, and yellow. The Gold Manao Highly Polished Pebbles are an assortment of black stones with varying degrees of gold stripes running through each. The cobbles are commonly used for dry creek beds, borders, under oak trees and water features. The process of running the storm or runoff water through the Biotreatment Soil Mix allows the water to be cleaned up by the biology and filtered so pollutants and sediments are much reduced. The Biotreament Soil Mix will support many vernal and riparian plant communities, the roots of the plants will also help clean up the storm water runoff.

You can spread it out over an existing soil and turn it under wherever you need to raise the grade and improve your soil. Potting Mix can also be used as a soil amendment to aerate and retain water within the soil.
In areas where you are going to be planting fill in with top soil up to 3" from the top of the grade, use Nursery Mix to top off the grade and mix the Nursery Mix in with the Top Soil. This biologically active Potting Soil nourishes plants while retaining adequate moisture to help reduce watering needs. Includes amicrobial inoculant to help convert the natural fertilizers into plant-ready nutrients.
The quality of water going into our streams, creeks, bay and ocean will be much improved creating a much healthier habitat for our native amphibians and fish. We can load your pickup truck or for a fee you can rent our dump truck or have us deliver the Lin Creek Cobbles to your home or job site. If you are growing vegetables we recommend using either the Essentail Soil Landscape Mix or the Lyngso Vegetable Blend. Use a third of Potting Mix, a third of native soil and a third of soil the container comes in.

If high Nitrogen levels are desired in the mix, use a slow release organic fertilizer such as our Down to Earth Feather Meal 12-0-0. We can load your truck or for a fee you can rent our dump truck or have us deliver to your home or job site. We can load your truck or for a fee you can rent our dump truck or have us deliver the Top Soil to your home or job site.
Alternatively, organic Diestel compost or the biodynamic Bu’s Blend compost may be added to the mix. We can load your truck or for a fee you can rent our dump truck or have us deliver the Nursery Mix to your home or job-site.

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