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London wakes up today to heavily armed police stationed outside tube stations, on streets and at tourist landmarks just hours after the capital faced what is believed to be its first terrorist killing since the murder of Lee Rigby. Fears that the knifeman operated with an accomplice were raised in the early hours as the Met refused to rule out further suspects.
The attack comes just one day after Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe unveiled the plan to put more highly visible patrols, armed to the teeth, at major landmarks as a deterrent to potential attackers.
As well as guns, the new generation of armed officers also have BMW F800GS motorbikes to allow them to scramble to an incident anywhere in the capital and speed boats so they can deploy from the Thames.
The masks provide an extra layer of safety for counter-terrorism officers as they carry out their various specialist tasks. But the announcement - dubbed Operation Hercules by the Met - came against a backdrop of warnings from the Police Federation that it will take two years to deliver a promised increase of 1,500 in the trained-strength of armed officers across the country.
The Education and Credentials section was placed near the top of this resume because the job seeker's new credential is highly relevant to her job objective and will help advance her career as an English as Second Language teacher. A gap in employment is filled with "full-time parent, part-time student" in her Work History section. Unpaid relevant experience is highlighted in the body of her resume, which shows that it's as valuable a qualification as her paid work. No date is listed next to a very early job (under Previous Experience) so as not to show her age. This and other resume samples on this site were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. The Nazi’s are known to have been developing nuclear technology along with other advanced weapon systems. If Hitler had his own way, he would have used his nuclear arsenal against the city of New York. For example, through the declassification of military documents, it has been revealed that in the period leading up to World War II America considered Britain to be the greatest threat to its continued existence. Another consideration for this alternate history scenario is that killing Baby Adolf might alter the spread of Communism.
The War of 1812, fought between the British Empire and the USA, never really had the chance to become as interesting as it might have done. The decision to end this war in America was made through sheer exhaustion after fighting one of the largest wars Europe has ever seen.
For the sake of story-telling interest, I’d like to see a North America in which the French had retained a portion of their territory (perhaps establishing the Principality of Acadia or the Louisiana Republic), in which the Spanish held on to Florida (before a series of inevitable revolts), in which New England remained a British colony (eventually becoming an autonomous dominion or principality). Of course, all this might be different if Mars really were home to a civilization at least as advanced as our own.
There are a lot of conspiracy theories about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis making contact with an advanced alien species and being given information on how to build a UFO.
In 1901, Tesla claimed to have received radio signals from outer space (he believed them to be from Mars, specifically).
To put alternate history aside for a moment, I think the story would be all the more compelling if nobody were to believe Tesla, at least initially, turning this into a story about madness and obsession. If the Romans were to discover the Americas, it’s very difficult to imagine any attempt at colonization being a particular success, with voyages to and from the Americas being extremely difficult to achieve with primitive maritime technology, and with there being no obvious incentive for them to try. Would they build a colony, conquer local indigenous people, even build a new American Roman Empire? The Viking settlement of Vinland (Newfoundland) is successful, and they go on to colonize a large area of Canada, subjugating the native population. They build a great city on an island they call Thule, which trades furs and other goods with Scandinavia and Europe.
Following the War of 1812, it was First Lady Dolly Madison who spearheaded the reconstruction of Washington.
Interesting list, though a noticeable majority consists of World War 2 scenarios and about only 4 dealing with deep history for lack of a better term. As for Scenario 4, historically North America was fractured, but a successive series of wars (with arguably the biggest turning point would be the Seven Years War or the French and Indian War as it is more popularly known over here in the States) made it less fractured and arguably allowed the American Revolution to occur.

Well there were a great many people and civilizations that have reached the shores of the Americas before Columbus and I don’t mean the Vikings. I’ve been thinking about an failed American Revolution following a failed French and Indian war, where the Cherokee and Iroquois made a treaty and kept the Western Appalachian lands with only a few European settlers and some French trappers around.
If I added in a few successful slave revolts in Charleston and let the Spanish keep Florida, it would make for a very different sort of New World. Of course, somoene would have to take Napoleon out or find a way to defuse the French Revolution, which might not have been so successful without the American one.
What if in 1965 if Rhodesia was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II and Ian Smith had Robert Mugabe executed.
Ideas and inspiration for science fiction writersWe write things that will inspire and encourage other scifi writers.
Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness? A total of 26 people were killed when Germaine Lindsay, 19, detonated a suicide bomb on a Piccadilly line Tube as it moved between King's Cross station and Russell Square. Notice how this resume example highlights the job seeker's strengths and also resolves a few resume problems. If this job seeker were writing her resume today and had the same work history issues, I would explain why employers don't like functional resumes and recommend she use a chronological resume instead. These are all fairly simple and open-ended ideas, and they are missing the specific details that make alternate history settings so fascinating and so clever, but you can’t expect me to do all the work for you now can you? Fortunately for the world, America got there first, Hitler’s nuclear program being delayed by German military losses and the growing focus of German scientists on aircraft development and the development of the V-2 rocket. Developing a long-range offensive capability to hit New York was something of an obsession of his, but the Nazis were never able to build a bomber capable of effectively striking at such a distant target. Striking Paris might have seemed tactically sound following the D-day landings, for example, but he is far more likely to have focused this firepower against the invading Russian army, perhaps denying them certain cities by wiping them from the face of the Earth.
American leaders feared that Britain might attempt to retake its former American colonies, and they were making preparations just in case.
Without the threat of the Nazis to contend with, Soviet Russia might not have developed into such a formidable military force.
From the British perspective, it was little more than a B-story to the larger Napoleonic Wars being fought in Europe.
The British government had planned to send their most celebrated and effective generals, the Duke of Wellington, to take charge of the American front as soon as the French had been dealt with, but Wellington was tired of war and it turned out that the rest of the country was too. It orbits slightly closer to the sun and thus is warmer, it’s atmosphere is breathable, and there is simple plant and animal life on its surface. It’s all a it silly really, but what if Hitler really had been in contact with aliens and signed an interplanetary alliance?
There have been many other equally fascinating, equally influential, and equally bonkers people in history. While he turned out to be a little overenthusiastic in announcing his beliefs, and possibly a little nuts, wouldn’t it have been great if he were right?
Whether he really is speaking to aliens could be left open to interpretation, or perhaps the question could be brought to a point at the end of the story. But with the Phoenicians  exploring the West African coast as far as the Gulf of Guinea as early as 500 BC, colonizing the Atlantic coast of Morocco  visiting the Azores, and (according to Herodotus) even circumnavigating Africa, it’s not such a stretch to imagine them stumbling upon the unknown continent before the Romans were still in diapers, and later passing on the knowledge of a secret land to the West to their new Roman rulers. But before I put you off this idea entirely, consider this; wouldn’t it be interesting to place a bunch of Romans on a Caribbean island, or on the American mainland, armed with Roman ingenuity, technology, and discipline, and see what happens?
Many in Congress considered just abandoning the city all together and moving the capitol back to Philadelphia.
AN independent country of Deseret was actually proposed and it went from Idaho into Utah and Nevada down into Arizona and California. If you've got some good ideas to share, or would like to write an article about the aliens or planets you've used in your own stories, let us know!

Instead, it is perhaps more likely that Hitler would have turned his nuclear arsenal against London or Moscow. Hitler’s eventual suicide might have even become a huge nuclear funeral pyre, taking Berlin with him.
It seems unlikely that Britain would have made such a bold and aggressive move, but the US army began constructing secret bases along the Canadian border just in case. Alternatively, Communism might have become an unstoppable force without the ferocious opposition of National Socialism to counter it.
I’d like to see the important trading hubs of Manhattan and Roanoke, coveted by the various regional powers, establish itself as independent city-states and switch allegiance depending on who can best protect their trading fleets. OK, so it would probably still be cold compared with the Earth, but its equatorial regions are temperate, fertile, and actually rather nice. The soviets were the first to put a satellite into orbit and the first to put a man into space. I think the story of Nikola Tesla being the first person to speak to extraterrestrials would be incredibly compelling, and how this might have effected history would be fascinating. How far across the continent does its influence spread? More importantly, what effect does this have on world politics and culture? The consequences and possibility of such an idea are effectively boundless if one puts their mind to it. Here's the same resume, updated and converted to a chronological resume example for an ESL Teacher. Feel free to discuss any of the potential historical details and implications in the comments section below. Of course, that is assuming that a few nukes (combined with V-2 rockets!) wouldn’t actually allow him to win the war. It has even been suggested that the US might have considered a preemptive strike, swiftly securing Canada (and preparing for a protracted naval war) before Britain could make its move. Remember that the decision to invade Russia was Hitler’s alone, and many of his contemporaries strongly advised against. However, had different decisions been made, Britain might have continued and expanded its North American campaign following the defeat of Napoleon, and perhaps retaken its former American colonies as a result.
I’d like to see some Native American groups adapt and flourish in this new timeline, eventually competing on an equal footing with the new powers. They might focus on the development of space-flight and colonization rather than choosing to invade Russia.
Perhaps more interestingly, what if Hitler’s alien allies decided to turn against him (or more likely he turned against them), would the Nazis be Earth’s best defense against an invading alien armada? In such an eventuality, it is likely that the Allies would have sought some form of peaceful compromise with Hitler, redrawing the map of Europe. Without the threat of Hitler and Nazi Germany, is it possible that a clash between these two super-powers might have plunged the world into an entirely different Second World War?
It would certainly be interesting to find out, and if you’re looking for a single decision that would have altered the course of American history, this could be it. This might lead them to win the war in Western Europe, win the space race, and become the first interplanetary colonial super-power. Of course, some people thought there might have been life on Mars back then anyway, but there was no way of proving it, so perhaps the changes might not occur until later – during the Cold War era, for example.

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