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The portraits in Scrublands show farmers, homesteaders, herders, who seem at once weary and peaceful set against beautiful landscapes and environments largely of their own making. The farmers and homesteaders in the series were found mostly in remote mountain ranges, like the Carpathians and the Swiss Alps.
While the photos include images of wisened farmers and community builders, many of their subjects had no experience in living a self-supporting lifestyle prior to setting out on their own. Part of the reason Bruy wants to extend the trip to the US---particularly places in New Mexico---is the influence that he says stories from the US have had on the European homesteaders he met.
When he saw a 'mini-fortress' made of milk crates just yards from a major thoroughfare, Marcin began searching for other transients 'living off the grid'.Most were based near railroad tracks, Walmarts, gas stations, and liquor stores. I’ve seen a few people on Twitter & Facebook mention how they’re living off the grid, while regularly posting status updates. As far as I know, unlike electricity or drinking water, you cannot obtain an internet connection without being dependent on a government sanctioned utility, whether it be a local cell tower or a satellite. It’s true, there could exist nothing more absurd in this wild place than the over sanitized intrusion of a portaloo. In the early 90’s Emma and her then husband bought a remote farm house a few fields away from the patch of land she now lives on. Vegetarian Emma keeps chickens and goats and grows an array of vegetables on a half-acre plot just outside her woodland. She is keen to stress to me that she is definitely not obsessed with only living and eating on her land.

A first year law school student wrote a complaint about her professor having worn a Black Lives Matter T-shirt during class.
Nationalism in schools - yeah it's gonna sound kind of creepy no matter what country you do it in. In defending the natural world, we should be honest about our motivations – it’s love that drives us, not money. In China, a sheltered internet has given rise to a new breed of app, and American companies are taking notice. Tai Amri Spann-Wilson and Caleb Stephens speak at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence, Kansas - August 7th 2016. Furthermore, you make yourself much more vulnerable to government tracking, when you’re connected to an internet source.
Can you be considered living off the grid, if you’re mostly off the grid while dependent on one public utility? Next to me an open fire radiates its welcoming orange cast, tinging all but the brilliant whites of the scene outside, trees freshly dusted with an icy coat of late January powder. As her children got older she recalls having a strong calling to live in closer proximity to the nature spirits she perceived around her and consequently built her first mud hut in the woods before leaving the farm to live without electricity or running water. Fortunately for Emma and her neighbours, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s progressive policy on sustainability finally resulted in the granting of planning permission after almost a decade of negotiations.
Mai Khalil contains devastating truths about war, migration and the underlying systemic issues that surround them.

A thin mattress on a flimsy crate lying in a dark tunnel.On the edge of Baltimore's woodlands, dozens of the city's transients live in makeshift homes which they consider safer than homeless shelters. So they’re either making regular visits to a nearby library, or they’re connected to private or public WiFi, which in either case, is traceable.
Today, unusually, the topic of my conversation has nothing to do with any prophetic Orwellian nightmares of oppression but rather the popular reality TV programme.
Her matter-of-fact reply reminds me not to get too carried away with my overly romantic fantasies about her isolated lifestyle.
Photographer Ben Marcin has captured some of the shanties in his thought-provoking photo essay, 'The Camps', documenting the struggle, loneliness and ingenuity of Maryland's people of the woods. It strikes me that this ubiquitous chore which I so commonly encounter throughout the world was one that I had never actually witnessed first hand in my own country before. She tells me that shortly after my images were published in the media she received a call from the producers of the gameshow asking if she would like to become a contestant on the next series.

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