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The Land Ark is a semi-permanent structure which allows occupants to enjoy areas of natural beauty without compromising their environments. Designed by Richard Carbonnier, this tubular arctic cabin on Baffin Island in Nunavut shifts with the permafrost. This Lake Muskoka cottage tree house was constructed with minimum impact to the environment.
The solar pod makes living off grid a cinch – you just transport this mobile rad pad to your desired location and soak in the sun. This green roof home combines the insulating properties of a living roof with green energy generated by a solar panel system for a completely net-zero home.
Nikki is an author and writer specializing in green living ideas and tips, adventure travel, upcycling, and all things eco-friendly. Nikki is a Toronto based author and green living blogger specializing in environmentally-friendly building technologies, renewable energy and all things green.
Cabin living off the grid in frigid alaska a labor of love, Imagine you're sitting in a log cabin in the middle of alaska.
Cheap tiny house- off grid cabin - shtf - bug - youtube, Part 2 of the insulated metal houses i have been showing on youtube.

Family living in an off-grid camper cabin and treehouse, This is one family’s fascinating off-grid camper cabin and treehouse studio homestead.
This lovely home in Bellingham, WA features a massive photovoltaic system in the front yard that allows it to operate completely off-grid.
The wood-clad home reflects the spirit of the upper Northwest, and it’s built to efficiently integrate into its surroundings and local climate.
The Washington area sees a lot of rain, and this home makes good use of the resource by collecting rainwater using via multiple butterfly-esque roofs. Canada bans off-grid living (and it’s happening in the u.s, Off the grid news better ideas for off the grid living. As solar panel technology boosts efficiency and the cost of panels goes down, more homeowners are opting to create their own, green eco-friendly energy which saves them money and ensures power even in inclement weather. The 4Tree house, designed by Lukasz Kos, is actually built around the base of a tree and it’s three-storey slatted design allows visitors to be at one with nature. The solar pod is pretty self-sufficient and energy is generated from its super-efficient solar panels. This Norwegian home isn’t an unusual sight in Scandinavia where living roofs are used to help insulate homes against the cold winters.

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Seattle-based firm Prentiss Architects, designed and built the house for a large family looking for a home with a low environmental impact that reflected their East Asian heritage.
While Washington may not be known for its solar resource, it still receives sun and this family wanted to take advantage of what they could with a large photovoltaic system located in the front yard, which allows the home to operate off-grid. Green design features mingle with oriental decor in this beautiful project, dubbed the Chuckanut Ridge home.
We have to admit, our favorite feature (after the solar panels of course) is the gorgeous red staircase with built-in storage. Our project is a full solar house, a new generation of building that visitors have come to appreciate.” says the co-director of the project, Neil Gershenfeld.

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