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Total Share: 774541162Breckinridge County Sheriff Deputy Todd Pate and Kentucky State Trooper Adam Hutchinson, acting upon an anonymous tip alleging poor living conditions visited a home in rural Kentucky belonging to Joe and Nicole Naugler. When the officers arrived on scene, Joe was away from his property with eight of his children.
There are others though, that have cautioned that there is more to this story, than first meets the eye. Growing up in the rural suburbs of Detroit, it was during his frequent trips to Northern Michigan where he learned of his love for hunting and fishing. Boise State Quarterback Finley Arrested, Faces Two MisdemeanorsIt appears the likely starting quarterback for the Bronco's in the Sept. Searching For 40 Year Old Live Bombs in VietnamThe Vietnam War raged from the mid 50s through the mid 70s.
It’s people who are ignorant (seemingly like yourself) who follow blindly and never question. As Always, there are 3 sides to every story, cps, the Nauglers’ and the truth of the unknown. I just finished a book about Papa Pilgrim in Alaska (book was called Pilgrims Wilderness) whose family lived a lot like this so that he could beat and rape them without detection.
Move to alaska, literally the last frontier and last place where living conditions such have as these are still, yes, still normal.
Hmmm Good thing they didn’t have these laws when America was first discover or the pioneers were moving west, and lets not forget how the Indians survived for years living off the land in teepees. Or is this another land (child) grab by the government because there are still parents who refuse all government indoctrination-through tv, the internet, or government schools?
Oh, and about water…Here in the New Mexico Sangre de Christo mountains, many do not have a safe or decent well and haul water in. I was raised in an Amish community, so are they gonna take all the children away from the Amish, who don’t have indoor plumbing, and don’t allow their children to attend public school? Jesse at least the children and families have a decent home protecting them from storms and bad weather and mosquitoes and snakes and bugs…In the early frontier days they were home schooled. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you just sold all of your belongings and did something radical like live off the grid? When my children were younger, my husband and I used to dream about living like this up in the mountains. We’ve toyed with the idea of actually living off the grid, and it looks vastly different than the cheerful image you have posted. The big reason keeping us from going that way is our current jobs and the fact that we want to be reasonably close to good healthcare while our children are young. Also we are ten minutes from a health clinic and a normal (for Canada) distance from a hospital, it doesn’t have to be waaaay remote. Living off the grid is really challenging…I fear to live in this way…how do you guys manage yourself to live such a fearful place?
Claudia Boyd-Barrett Claudia Boyd-Barrett is a long-time journalist based in southern California.

Nicole was home with the two eldest children, attempted to drive away from the scene, but was pulled over and had her children taken from her. Spending several of his adult years in upstate South Carolina, his love of extreme sports took root in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains as he learned to rock climb and kayak.
I hope and pray this agency will work professionally and no one add’s their own personal beliefs to this situation. The government has it’s nose up someone’s ass everyday,every minute enough is enough!!!
Unschooled is keying in on their special skills or not setting certain hours, curriculum or books.
Their Facebook page — which has nearly 2,000 likes — is called “My Blessed Little Homestead.” This sort of life gets much criticism. I’m currently on the second bathroom renovation this summer so that might explain why my mind is at this place. I’m not sure if I want to go out and hunt all my food, build fires everyday or dig holes in the ground to poop in. I work in town about 30 miles away and my husband stays home with the kids and they run around all day and do farm stuff. I’m in Oregon in a small trailer with solar power, a composting toilet, an outdoor kitchen that rocks. I love it life seems to slow down when I am their, just wish my wife loved as much as I do maybe one day. Now that the fascist liberals have shined their intrusive light on you, you will have to knuckle under to their will to ever have a chance of getting your kids back. Secondly, just because someone lives off the grid doesn’t mean that they will live on welfare. Atleast they weren’t on PUBLIC ASSISTANCE ASKING FOR A FREE HANDOUT LIKE A LOT OF THE LOWLIFE LIVING OFF THE GRID DO TODAY!!
I myself would love to buy some land in the country and build a pretty cob house with a rocket mass heater and we’ll water and a septic system.
They used lanterns at night for light, hauled their own water to a water tank attached to their home.
Those children will probably be smarter and have more common sense than most graduating elementary, high school, and college students. I was very concerned of the childrens education, whether, public, private or at home schooling…as long as they have one. Two weeks after we renovated the first of our two bathrooms, the plumbing backed up for almost a week and my refrigerator died. We made do using the small spare fridge out in the garage until I could afford to buy a new one (the old one wasn’t worth the money required to fix it). I would suggest you start by building a modern bathroom, or two so your children can have a sanitary place to keep clean and dispose of waste. When they become adults they may decide they want to live differently and they should be prepared to do just that.

But how about eschewing all of my material possessions–my vintage pottery stash, shabby chic furniture, my flat screen, my collection of wrought iron crosses…and all of my energy and money-sucking appliances that always seem to break down? We use very little electricity but we still occasionally use electric appliances, the vacuum cleaner, or the tv for movies if we turn on the generator. We will be 22 miles north of a small town, and there is a family 10 miles from our property who have lived off grid for 30 + years. Most off-grid people are self sufficient and their children are raised with the knowledge of how to survive and are typically very smart individuals and problem solvers.
Also if this father is going somewhere to obtain drinking water, there is apparently not suitable drinking water or a well on the land.
And it should be a crime if a mother gets bucky when you are taking her children without investigating the accusations.
I would’ve done this when my kids were still home gladly and home schooled them as well as taught them how to live self sufficiently.
My mother likes to remind me of this: no one is sick, no one is dying, your children are all safe and under your roof. It’s wonderful with lots of hard work, but I have learned to embrace life, whatever it may throw at me.
Soooo there does seem to be quite a few obstacles to homesteading safely with 10 children who depend solely on these adults for their livelihood.
The Bush People,their living conditions could be said to be just as bad, and than we have the Kardashians now that’s a real good family to look up to. But if you are seeking freedom, self sufficiently and you enjoy peace and quite, then maybe this life is for you. All these people donating to their cause might should make sure it is in the best interest of the children first. I agree these children should be in some type of homeschooling program, there are programs that teach through experience rather than lecture. We are both 59 years young, and you are never to old to start a life style you dreamed about for years.
I am definitely for freedom and homeschooling our children but only when they are safe snd cared for.
Wake up Americans , just because your neighbors like their life in the fast lane doesn’t mean your neighbor does. You may like your veggies from a can but I like mine fresh or frozen, we are all unique individuals , and our values and thoughts and needs are individual and unique.
And by hazardous I totally mean you might take someone out because you are living in such close quarters. There is no way that the shelter shown could provide warmth enough through a winter season for any child.

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