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After bathing, laundry is one of the more challenging aspects of living on our off-grid homestead. Because we do not have pressurized running water, we are not able to run a regular washing machine.
As beautiful and efficient as this sounds, the reality is, we simply don’t have time to wash our clothes by hand. This summer, we received a Homesteader Drying Rack from Homestead Store, and it has been an incredible addition to our laundry routine. Homestead Store also has an amazing assortment of homesteading essentials, such as books, DVDs, stainless steel kitchen tools, cast iron cookware, tools, beekeeping supplies, and so much more. I use a very small drying rack inside near my wood stove in the winter when it’s snowing.
I always thought I could use the laundry rack for both laundry and pasta….making it a multi use tool!

Jaimie lives with her husband on their off-grid homestead known online as An American Homestead. In our early days of living on this land, we had a beautiful dream of washing clothes by hand in an Amish-style washtub. The washtubs are quite dreamy, really. A friend offered us this small handwasher, but it only fits a few items of clothing at a time.
You simply fill one side with your washing water and soap, and let the dirty clothes soak for a bit.
I also love that I CAN do laundry at home, completely self-sufficiently, even if this season of our life doesn’t allow us to do so.
During rain or snow storms, we get quite creative, stringing rope from one end of the house to the other to form makeshift clotheslines. I hang some clothes on hangers and hang them on a cutout near the wood stove…on the frame.

Once a week we schedule our town errands such as laundry, library, and food shopping, and get everything done in one fell swoop. After washing, you run each piece of clothing through rollers to squeeze out the liquid, rinse on the other side with clear water, and then run the clothes back through the rollers to dry them before hanging on the line.
Instead of using the laundromat’s dryers, we head home with our wet clothes and line dry.
People just don’t understand how nice it is to have fresh outdoorsy smelling sheets, and all other laundry! I would make my own laundry soap, but since it’s just me, not sure it would really be worth it.

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