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Third: Always use your generator to run specific items that can't be used without a generator. When purchasing either type of generator, you'll first need to figure out how much electricity you're going to be drawing from the generator. There are quite a few third world countries that would benefit from a stand-alone PV system, but the people living in these often inaccessible places are too poor to have such a system installed. Powerguard offer complete off grid generator systems and telecommunication power supply solutions to ensure that your home or business assets are protected and provided with the off grid electricity that they require every hour of every day when living off the grid.
Whether you need an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect critical IT equipment, or require the installation of a fully integrated off grid generator and renewable energy sources, we can deliver the perfect solution.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. To select a solar electric system for off the grid electricity in your home or RV, you need to know what the major parts are called, what they do, and how they work together.
Sun shining on solar modules produces DIRECT CURRENT electricity, or DC, the only kind of power stored in batteries. This DC power is stored in DEEP CYCLE LEAD-ACID BATTERIES, which give back the electricity as needed, even when no power is being produced. If there are a number of consecutive days without sunshine, the owner, being aware of the weather, checks the batteries.
SOLAR MODULES are installed in groups of 1 to 18+ modules on a solar mount, which in turn attaches to a building, to the roof of an RV, or atop a metal post in the yard. FUSES or CIRCUIT BREAKERS are necessary in all DC wiring between the batteries and other power system components described, but not shown in the drawing.
If you're interested in learning more about how renewable energy systems work, call us 208-263-4290 or contact us online for more information. I have started looking for various generators for the future uhaul toter I'm going to build. IMO the RV generators are pretty much junk for there cost, you can buy a few of the portable generators for the same price. I have an Onan Marquise Gold 7,000 and it has been great other than replacing a carb do to ethanol gas. While many people love the Yamaha and Honda generators, they do carry a higher price tag with them that I'm concerned about. I made sure to find a diesel gennie for my diesel truck because I didn't want to deal with multiple tanks or at least multiple fuels. The Yamaha EF3000iSE is the best by far quiet, and will run my 5th wheel trailer with air conditioning close to 20 hours on 3.5 gal. I have had many generators over the years including several Onans and many other brands also.
I currently use a pair of Honda EU2000i in parallel on my RV and with the AC on the Onan is at the very least as quiet and probably even quieter than the Hondas.
Around here a good 1800 RPM Onan twin generator pulled form a early to mid 1980's RV come up fairly often on Craigslist in the $300-$500 range.

You’re making us aware we have other choices, we will no longer in bondage the big energy companies. Initial costs of a PV system are quite high, but substantially less than the cost of a grid connection.
However, various world charities are making inroads to this, although unfortunately in today’s economic climate, rather slowly. Like a bank account, power put into batteries over a period of time can be taken out more quickly if a lot is needed.
If the charge level is low, an engine driven generator may be started to recharge the batteries in order to keep the whole system working.
I can run both my 13 k ac,s all my lights and Microwave at the same time and the gen set does not even seem to notice. Unless you have the $$$ for a higher end Onan and a decent enclosure I would spend my money on a Yamaha or Honda Inverter that is portable as well. A generator using 5,000 watts is a lot cheaper than buying an inverter of the same wattage. When you figure out how much electricity you're using, you can figure out how big your generator needs to be. On the home front, PV arrays have becoming the most popular means of electricity supply for off-grid applications; especially so when supplying power to a homestead or cabin in remote areas. Like a bank account the total amount of power you withdraw cannot be more than you put in, or the account will be depleted. A battery charger plugs into 120 volt AC from the generator producing low voltage DC to charge the battery. Each solar module is wired to the other modules in that array by sunlight tolerant solar interconnect wiring.
Breakers may be separate components in their own box, or might be built into a power center.
If you decide to go portable I would look into the Honda EU6500 or the EU3000, I have the EU6500 for a backup and that thing is the quitest smoothest running generator I have ever used and it runs everything in my camper with the auto throttle on and does not even idle up.
It also tends to be better for running more than one thing, for a short time, than using an inverter.
The initial cost for installation of a PV system is high, but this is well offset by the costs of having a grid connection made, not to mention the unsightly pylons and cables. This just means combining the same 12v solar modules in pairs for 24 volts, or groups of four to get 48 volts. Moreover, lead-acid batteries need to be frequently 100% fully charged to remain in good condition. There is a nice newer generac 6500 up the road from me for cheap if you would like me to send you the info. This is an article on renewable energy in which we will examine a PV array fitted to a homestead in a remote location, where there is no grid supply.
Windmills and a micro hydro generator in this website also produce DC for charging batteries.

To prevent battery damage from overcharging, the charge control automatically cuts back, stops, or diverts the charge when batteries become full. Solar charge indicating meters are often built into the charge controller to confirm the charging process instantly. The Onans do use much more fuel than the pair of Hondas, maybe even twice as much, when running the AC. Usually non-essential items.If you want to purchase on off grid generator, you need to look at the warranty as well as the price.
We begin with a quick overview of the operation of a modern PV panel and go on to examine the different components required to install a stand-alone PV system. Other meters show how much power is being consumed, and confirm how much power is available. Many generators will claim to be useful for off-grid purposes, but in reality, the warranty does not cover situations where you're using the generator in that capacity.
This large power capability can be a fire hazard just like utility company power, so fuses and circuit breakers on every circuit connected to a battery are essential.
Paying 3 to 4 thousand dollars for a diesel generator and then having it fail only to be told that the uses exceed the warranty is not something you want to hear or deal with. Battery size is chosen for both surge power requirements and for the amount of reserve power needed. Power centers are easier to install and to pass building code than would be selecting, buying, and installing all those parts separately. It's an investment and when your investment falls through, you tend to end up in a bad situation. Sometimes a small solar electric RV, boat, or cabin may have no inverter, and use only DC wiring and appliances. The power room is simplified, with just a few main components: powercenter with charge control attached, a standby inverter-charger, and a battery box on the floor. Short, heavy cables with a large fuse or circuit breaker carry battery power to the inverter. After conversion to AC, power from the inverter usually connects into the circuit breaker box of the house in place of utility lines.
This is a second source of AC power and a backup for charging the battery when there is a shortfall in solar or wind power, a temporary need for additional power for construction or visitors, or in case of breakdown of other equipment.
The best generators start automatically or by push-button from the house.A generator is located outside, usually in its own shed at least 30 feet away to avoid noise.
Since both battery charger and AC transfer relay are usually part of a standby inverter, the generator power usually connects only to the AC INPUT terminals of the inverter, NOT to the house breaker box!

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