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THREE PHASE SOLAR POWER SYSTEMOur complete package ranges from 2kw to 30kw and it comes with different prices.Life without access to electricity means that schools and clinics are limited in the quality of services they can offer communities.
If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. Modern living meets subterranean splendor in this gorgeous home nestled inside of a 15,000-square foot sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. The Sleepers built their underground home after trading their tiny Missouri ranch house for a 3-acre parcel of property in Festus complete with an empty sandstone cave.
The naturally insulating properties of the site’s sandstone walls keeps the climate inside comfortable throughout the year. Unfortunately, the Sleeper family home faced foreclosure during the housing crisis and Curt posted the home on eBay with a minimum bid of $300,000. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Is awkward to regard this as an ‘example’ of energy-efficient architecture when it is obvious this is a particular condition. It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water.
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It also means that people living in rural areas are invariably living in near darkness once the sun goes down, burning kerosene, candles and wood fires in return for poor quality lighting each night.Ironically, people often have to pay more for access to poor quality energy solutions, such as kerosene, candles and disposable batteries than if they were living in areas connected to grid electricity. Built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper, the underground abode features modern interior spaces that blend with the beautiful unfinished sandstone walls to create an incredible example of energy-efficient architecture.

In the past the cave had been used as a roller skate rink and a concert venue that attracted talent ranging from Bob Seger to Ted Nugent and Tina Turner. The cave consists of three chambers, and the Sleepers decided to leave many of the walls in their unfinished natural state, which adds to the home’s charm.
Cari spends her free time gardening, canning, testing products for review, helping others prepare. A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource.
If you regularly browse the web, chances are you’ve seen photos being shared of “Tiny Homes”, amazingly minimalistic living spaces often built by the owners themselves. The Dura retails for just $119, and while it's not quite a backpacking stove, it is small and portable enough to make a great addition to a car camping trip or for backyard cooking.The Versa model (seen at the top), as the name suggests, is a bit more versatile of a rocket stove than the Dura, as it's designed to burn not just sticks, but also charcoal or other dry biomass. Geothermal heating and smart passive design keeps the interior comfortable while completely eliminating the need for a furnace or air conditioning. The walls do shed sand, however, so the family has built interior roofs and placed coverings over areas that need to stay sand-free.
These houses prove that when you implement creative design and consolidate square footage, even the smallest of places can be a cozy home. Eagle Force Investment is specialized in UPS, solar inverter, emergency power supply, solar controller, solar power systems and other products. We are dedicated to electric power, commercial and industrial customers to provide highly reliable power supply products, solutions and systems integration for high-tech services.
Definitely the pre-arrange photos and the house-in-a-cave wonder gives this project the worthiness of thought.

We are able to supply and install all your solar power needs.We insist in people-oriented, technology-oriented, development on innovation, keep pursuing the advanced, reliable, and continuous and practicality of product, dedicated to providing high quality, high performance, high efficiency, high reliability power supply products.
The interior is finished with douglas fir and features built-in cabinetry, floor to ceiling windows and kitchen area with table and chairs. The use of an attached studio that is separate from the main structure offers extra privacy, while the built in front port gives more of a traditional home feeling.
Ft.!Benefits found in the tiny house movementThere are many benefits that come with owning a tiny home.
Smaller quarters require less maintenance and cleaning.Can be built as private quarters for parents or other family members who move in.
Smaller spaces make it easier for disabled residents to move around the home.Simplified lifestyle.
Be sure to stay tuned for our next edition of the Tiny House Movement, in which we cover some of the practicalities of building a tiny home. Photos and benefits of owning a tiny home, either for yourself or an older family member.Author Nick Karrandjas Aging in Place NewsletterDelivered every 2 weeks. Email Address About Nick KarrandjasWith over 8 years experience in the residential construction industry I’m prepared for the challenges and excitement we will face on the path to fulfilling your housing dreams. From development of your first 3D design to opening the door of your new home my proactive communication combined with my empathetic and honest approach will help make your build a comfortable and positive experience.

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