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About UsThe Gardening Blog is a blog by Barbie and Christine … life-long friends with two very different gardens. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our gardening philosophy is "Natural and organic is best".
QUESTION: Ok so iv cleaned out my food and looked under my couch cushions and I can't find the source anywhere but I am finding more bugs I found 3 more in the bed room and 2 in the bathroom witch is weird cuz there's no rug in there. AnswerGet some boric acid powder or a pyrethrum based spray at a garden store and spray along all the baseboards.
ExpertiseI can answer any questions about insects and spiders.ExperienceI have taught science for over 57 years. Little black ants are small and dark-brown, black or jet black in color and are a native species found throughout the United States. Although little black ants have a stinger, it is too small to be effective against most threats. Little black ants (Monomorium minimum) dwell in areas of Mexico, southern Canada and United States. Little black ants prefer to live outdoors in decaying wood, but will also build their nests in cracks in walls or cement. Little black ant colonies have moderate to large populations, with two or more queens in one colony.

Signs of a little black ant infestation, include visible evidence of the ants inside the house, crawling on the bathroom or kitchen floor and cabinets in search of food or water, or ants entering a crack or gap that leads to their nest in a wall void.
The first step to prevent and control little black ants begins with a thorough inspection provided by your pest management professional.
Being a true spirit of the earth, my garden is all about vegetables and fruit trees and herbs and chickens roaming free. We are novice gardeners and through this blog we will be sharing our gardening experiences (all the highs and lows) with each other and anyone who cares to join us in “watching our gardens grow”. They look like tiny beetles they didn't move til I touched them they did not jump or fly but when I crushed one it looked like it had wings iv already found about 8 of them mostly on my living room rug I live in an apt that's mostly rug. Outside, little black ants establish their nests under rocks or stones and in rotting logs, gardens and other open areas. Little black ant winged swarms are common from June to August, during which time mating occurs.
I was keen to really start gardening when we moved to Philadelphia in 2005, but not your typical suburban-type garden – sterile and bug-free! I was disconcerted to realise that guavas are an invasive alien, and we South Africans are supposed to have a permit. I never noticed them b4 but about a week ago my cat knocked over a plant in my living room and spilled the dirt.

Little black ant colonies can house several thousands of individuals and are located primarily in dark, protected areas. They feed on aphids and plant secretions, as well as sweets, greasy items, meats, fruits and vegetables. Because little black ants can invade a home, contact a pest control professional to address an infestation. When I try looking up this bug I get carpet bug and tobacco bug the plant did come from my grams where they make there on cigarettes. The beginning year's of a pug's adorable life is usually when the cuteness really exudes from the pug. The trees grow really tall, I see the farmers prune them down to picking height, which makes sense. I love guavas so hopefully in years to come we can make all sorts of  jams, juices and bottled guavas.  Happy gardening!

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