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As part of the anger management groups I facilitate,  I brainstorm with students ways they can "chill out" if they are feeling upset. To make this display, I printed the question "How can I 'Chill Out' when I'm feeling upset?" and the words on computer paper. I am a middle school counselor and founder of School Counselor Blog, a place where school counselors share innovative ideas, creative lessons, and quality resources! Sometimes I feel like Noah in the sunny days before the rains came, when the neighbors still thought he was crazy for building the Ark. So I can understand why some people who care about peak oil have decided to follow Noah’s example.
While Pacific islanders worry that global warming could swamp their nations, people who care about peak oil also foresee a troubled future where many places on Earth will become less hospitable. And some of these activists believe that the collapse of various economies and societies is as inevitable as rising sea levels.
Maybe they’ve moved from one place, like New York City, to another where they imagine people will suffer less in the future, for example, a small town upstate. Or maybe they’ve decided to stay put but to fortify their home with firearms and supply it with water and canned goods to last ten years.
But imagine if, in the hours as the water started to rise before the heavy laden Ark took float, that Noah’s neighbors finally realized he was not crazy, but was in fact the only guy who was prepared to survive disaster. And even if none of them were able to board the ship, at least they could have put enough holes in the hull to ensure that the Ark would sink.
Even if you predict that peak oil will bring the collapse of the economy, looting in the streets and the rise of neo-feudalism, are you sure that you’ll stay dry inside your Ark? It may seem like the safest way to prepare for a scary future is to bring the family and the beasts aboard and then pull up the gangplank. And unless you’ve heard the Voice of God as Noah did, then how do you know that the Flood is coming at all? HOWEVER, the nature of economic collapse brings out both the best and worst in human nature.
Many Transitioners eschew the idea that one might need to plan for future home protection and self-defense in a post-collapse environment. Cut the bullshit: it is wise to store food, water, and medical supplies while they are relatively cheap and plentiful. If you are to agree that some degree of social unrest is inevitable in a collapse scenario, and you are to agree that it is wise to prepare for both disruptions in supply chain and for potential social unrest, but you are unwilling to take steps to protect yourself and your family in said scenario, you are essentially advocating for nonviolent resistance to violent attempts to deprive you of life, limb, and property.
In closing, I would like to voice my continued support for building community, for working towards community resiliency, for building community food banks, for creating city-wide and nation-wide edible permaculturee landscaping, for doing all the things we need to be doing to help create resiliency on local, state, national, and global levels. What I do know is that those who are most resilient will have the best chance to do well whatever may come. Since we have a wide variety of content here (though it all points back to our coverage of peak oil, climate change, economic crisis, and the Transition Town response) it’s easy to see any one of our essays as isolated from the other content. New to the site, I’m very impressed with the ability of Erik, Luke, and Lindsay to engage in actual dialogue about a fraught set of issues where reasonable people have complex and divergent experiences and beliefs. You site is wonderful and I have very much enjoyed searching through the topics discussed here. I very much like your site and especially appreciate the civility of the conversation you’re hosting.
The first concerns your take as to whether or not one’s best shot at preparation is warranted. On the one hand, despite ongoing efforts to educate and persuade a wider community that prevention is essential and preparation warranted there has only recently been more of us looking up. On the other, the situation is something like this… We are in a canoe heading for the falls. Given our current state of affairs, consumption (only in part driven by population, albeit a LARGE part), is doubling, exponentially. Do we need God to tell us that it’s going to rain, or to get out the rain, as best we can? There are more logical ways to judge behavior.We all need to eat, to be sheltered, to reproduce. But we also want a good ratio of food EROEI for all in a team, as this ratio can be called, to be sustainable into the future. Couples can no more reproduce without a team, than individuals can live without one, and this can also be tested if desired.
The lack of social cohesion, lack of care for each other when teamwork is logically vital, the superstition inherent with a system that virtually demands unsustainable use of resources, all leads logically to failure. Observations and logic that cannot be given rebuttal, yet are deeply disliked, can create fanatical reactions of denial, which can lead to self destruction, as people angrily attempt to demonstrate nonsense. Probably a very tiny percentage would be willing to try to make this work, the rest would continue with their irrational hopes or would rather die than make such radical changes. Our activists are taking action against a massive oil drilling ship, stopping it from leaving to drill a deep water well off the Shetland Islands. UPDATE: After hanging on the ship's anchor chain for several days, the activists had to leave after Chevron took legal action to force down the pod they resided in.

Anais and Victor climbed up the giant anchor chain of the 228m long drill ship, Stena Carron, and suspended themselves  from the chain in a tent.
Two days ago a handful of our activists slipped away from our ship, the Esperanza, in Aberdeen and boarded a ferry for the Shetland Islands.
The ship is operated by oil giant Chevron and was due to sail for a site 200km north of the Shetland Islands to drill a well in 500 metres of water in an ecologically sensitive area known as the Atlantic Frontier. Anais and Victor have just returned from a Greenpeace expedition to the Arctic, where they were members of the team that stopped drilling at a controversial deep water drilling rig operated by Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy. Chevron's deepwater drilling operations in the Atlantic Frontier has been blocked by Greenpeace activists. North Korean leader Kim Jong threatened to wage war with Korea and the US if they refused to withdraw this so called “policy of hostility” with North Korea.
A spokesman for Kim Jong said that the USA’s provocative acts would meet with North Korea’s retaliatory strikes and would lead to a war.
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In a nutshell, follow the coast until I get back where I started (with a possible diversion to Uluru near the end). After arriving in Sydney and getting over jet lag I'll head north following the coast past Brisbane towards Cape York. In the unlikely event of my survival to Port Hedland, I will continue down through Western Australia to Perth. I am a doctoral candidate in the Counselor Education and Supervision program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Come on  back again fer more great Redneck stuff like Bad Tattoos, the worst Family Photos, Redneck Recipes and more stupidly good!
It can be hard to get people to open their minds to peak oil and all the changes it could bring to industrial society. They’re making their own preparations while just leaving the nonbelievers to their fate. And if you’re just an ordinary member of Creation, is it a good idea to try to build your own Noah’s Ark to survive peak oil? But peak oil activists fear that refugees could be running as much from economic crisis and political strife as from climate hell.
So they’ve given up on helping their societies, and instead have started planning to save only themselves and their families.
Either way, these people may have decided to find or build their own Noah’s Ark, a place to shelter themselves when everybody else will be drowned in the Flood. He could load up his family and all the animals, two by two, and be sure that they’d be safe because God told him so.
Frightened mobs could have stormed the Ark to try to get aboard, wielding rope ladders with grappling hooks.
For the doomed, sabotaging someone else’s escape plan can be a final desperate comfort. Are you sure that those grappling hooks, archers and catapults won’t ruin your escape? But given how interconnected industrial society has become, this plan looks more and more risky. If the industrial monoculture collapses, and you haved store food, and there are thousands without food, you will become a target for armed robbery or worse.
I’m hoping for the former, but I am prepared to try the latter if necessary, then come out once the bulk of the dying is done, if I live that long. Survival, and more important, a transition toward thriving in new conditions, cannot be guaranteed, even in our day to day lives.
TRANSITION VOICE is an excellent effort, but, for every voice, there are thousands (millions) of deaf ears. Peak oil analysis can be applied to virtually any resource, renewable or not, relative to demand. Given that we are well beyond the global carrying capacity, without access to cheap energy food production and intact economies to deliver goods and services, that failure is likely to be traumatic. The rate of use of everything involved in getting a good food EROEI, needs to be *less* than the rate at which things renew or replace, either by our efforts or naturally. Someone not pulling their weight, may have no intention at all of being a parasite, they are sick, they need help, not to be thrown out as a parasite.
Swimmers took the relay, however, and are now blocking the ship by swimming in front of it. They are preventing the anchor from being pulled up and effectively blocking the ship from moving to its drill site. Then this morning, when the drill ship looked like it was about to move - they started the peaceful action.
I’m in the tent now and we have supplies to last through to tomorrow at least, meaning we can stop it leaving to drill for oil in deep water. Inflatable boats launched from the Esperanza towed a 2 metre diameter 'survival pod' to the Stena Carron drill ship.

In July 2010, BP confirmed that it plans to drill at much deeper depths at a potential field called Cardhu, a few miles south of the Chevron site.We saw what happened in the Gulf of Mexico only a few months ago.
We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. Usually going in circles is a bad thing but if you make it a huge circle then it becomes good! Leaving Perth the direction is south and then east towards Norseman where the Nullarbor awaits.
I then cut Diecuts With A View 8 by 8 Grade School Stack scrapbook paper for behind the computer paper words, leaving enough room for a border. These bad ass redneck cars and trucks, yachts, houseboats and tractors are some of the finest in customizing. His well built ark just bobbed upon the seas until God called back the waters and revealed dry land. Can you ever amass enough gardens, guns and goats to feel safe in your Ark if your fellow citizens are not safe?
A small town in the hinterlands is already accustomed to living without jobs and with little money. And I hope that those of us who care about peak oil can connect better with our neighbors that preparing our whole society for a post-peak world is about the most sane and patriotic thing we can do.
But if building community is your only option, your life may depend on others waking up, others who are currently too busy watching Desperate Housewives to give a flying fuck about resource depletion, financial collapse, or global climate change. Our writer Marc Flora, a trained emergency first-responder, did a piece about it for us last month: Surival of the fittest. On our Peak Oil Christmas Gift Buying Guide for example, you’ll see lots of things that speak to personal preparedness.
Yet to avoid preparation is like not having fire extinguishers, or escape preparations (ladders, smoke detectors, etc) because a propane explosion could overwhelm them. From this argument alone (there are many others), it is REASONABLE to conclude that the probability of catastrophic failure is high, and close as measured in doubling-time.
And while we’re stopping one operation - we are calling on North Sea governments to adopt a ban on all deepwater drilling.
The Shetlands are so beautiful and an oil spill here could devastate this area and the North sea.
Two new activists are now secure inside the survival pod, where they are protected from the elements and have supplies to last for at least a month. The world’s biggest oil spill was a direct consequence of reckless deepwater drilling. Continuing through the Northern Territories towards the Kimberley and across the Great Sandy Desert where almost certain death awaits me. At the end of this desolate stretch, if delerious I may venture towards Uluru and Alice Springs. People are more cooperative and find their entertainment outside of Systems, among friends and family and nature.
As it is said, you must place your oxygen mask securely on your face and be sure it is operating correctly before you help your neighbor put on his respiration device in the event of a rapid cabin depressurization. A dead or injured hero is no help to those in need, and has fallen in need of rescue, him or herself.
At best, they will falter, disrupting food supply chains for the billions in urban and suburban areas.
Beyoned lies Adelaide, a trip along the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne and the final leg ending where it all begins in Sydney. Buy yourself one of these fine redneck thingys and yer sure to be the envy of every tailer park! Such organization is not limited to small groups, groups may specialize and exchange with each other on the same basic principles.
Instead of drilling for the last drops in places like this, the oil companies should be developing the clean energy technologies we need to fight climate change and reduce our dependence on oil. Living by teamwork, putting very little energy into reproduction, no pregnant or nursing women, no toddlers, and being prepared in other ways, would allow people to live in very rugged places for awhile.
The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission or republication of the content (including RSS feeds) without permission is strictly prohibited. And to work, it would have to do that, otherwise any group that did not restrain itself could become a cancer on the rest. Overall, as we do our household prep, we also need to push for community prep, state prep and even national prep for a post-peak world.

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