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This manual has been prepared for, and is intended to be read primarily by, the active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This entry was posted in Education, Safety and Preparedness and tagged Latter Day Saints, LDS, NC Renegade, Preparedness Manual.
Please don’t be offended but would you mind removing the copy of my prep manual from your site and directing your members to download it from my site instead? I ask this only because we are trying HARD to keep track of just how many downloads actually take place this time around. Safety and PreparednessNC Renegade encourages everyone to become self sufficient and continue education in all forms of safety and preparedness. This manual is produced and by The Church of Latter Day Saints.  At 222 pages it has a lot of information, so if you plan to print it out you might want to print it out double sided to save on paper. The LDS Prepper manual was put together by people who are members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and NOT the LDS church itself. First of all let me start off by saying again that SurvivalCache is free of politics, religion and of course it is free from advertisements. When we do come across items that contain excellent information for our community, we don’t care who wrote it or where it came from.
If you don’t feel like going any further in this book review, then just click on the following link and download the LDS Preparedness Manual for FREE (click Here), print it off and keep it somewhere in your house. The LDS Preparedness Manual is a monster at 222 pages of information and they cover a lot of topics.
The first big pro is that this manual is free and it is awesome.  At 222 pages, this manual is information overload.

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Christopher Parrett the editor of the LDS Preparedness Manual has announced  the 2012 edition, which is the most current release. While released a few years ago I recently now stumbled upon this so I suppose others may find it of use as well.
The Mormon Church has been a leader for more than a hundred years – we could say they invented the prepping niche and not be  wrong. I have posted about the Church Of Latter-day Saints canning operations and long term food storage options that they offer and you can read it by clicking here. If for some reason that website above is not accessible you can also access the file from our server by downloading it here:  LDS Prep guide.
The contents of this booklet are intended to assist individuals and families in coping with emergency preparations.
This publication has not been endorsed or produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and its contents and the opinions it expresses are those of the Editor and the separate authors.
Keep in mind that this material is from The Church of Latter Day Saints so there is some religious text.
If you click over to the LDS Another Voice of Warning Site, you can download the entire thing – free on Pdf. They really aim to help people out and if you are in range I would suggest paying them a visit in person.

However, final decisions on preparation for actions taken during an emergency are the sole responsibility of individuals. While it should not be construed as an official church publication, effort has been made to ensure that all materials are in accordance with general church guidelines on food storage and family preparedness. This printed version has been made in response to the many requests we have had from members that do not want to print out such a large amount of information. We strongly encourage you to visit this site and take advantage of its broad knowledge base.
I had no problem with that but it might bother others, just remember that its free and it took them a lot of work to put together. I will be visiting my father and brother this coming week, and would like to come to the store, if possible. No one knows your needs or can take care of you better than you can-nor does anyone else have that responsibility. This manual has not been priced to generate a profit as the majority of the contents ARE copyrighted by the various authors, but is intended to cover the actual costs of printing and shipping. Information and examples contained within this booklet are provided for illustration and advice only. Therefore, no liability is assumed by the Editor or any of the Authors for the use or misuse of any information or products contained in this publication.

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