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While being a reboot, Tomb Raider has not tarnished the Croft name (like the Devil May Cry reboot tarnished Dante’s name), instead telling a story of how Lara became the Tomb Raider. The attention to detail is there, but compared to Lara, the other characters look like mannequins. The cover system is natural and easy to enter and exit, making the fluidity of combat seamless. This is where mechanics play an important role, because it helps (sort of) separate it from Uncharted. Figuring puzzles and tombs out, however, is very satisfying and rewarding, adding to the overall badass feel Lara develops throughout the course of the game.
The story is nothing that has not been done before and, in fact, it is comparable to the story of Far Cry 3. Read previous post:Best of Gamescom 2014 Winners AnnouncedGamescom has just announced the winners for its Best of Gamescom 2014 awards.
Whether she was arousing men with her short shorts and tight-fitting shirt or empowering women with her dual-wielding pistols and badass antics, every single gamer knows who Lara Croft is. With the game released on the last generation consoles last year, those who decided to skip it got the chance to play it because it was re-released for the current generation consoles.
The backdrops are present and well designed, but lack a sort of realism when viewed from afar. While Lara Croft does not have her dual-wielding pistols (until the last five or so minutes of the game), the action and tomb raiding are definitely there.
Speaking of combat, open shooting sections are well versed because there are multiple ways to take down enemies (i.e.
Weapon enhancements and character progression is welcomed and well done, although it takes forever to get the necessary salvage to enhance weapons and experience to level up. The team is searching for the Lost Kingdom of Yamatai, hoping for find something juicy to bring back. Since the PS1 days (those where the days), gamers have wanted Lara Croft to return to consoles again (minus the Tomb Raider games that have come out in recent history). The game tells an invigorating story of how a survivor was born, with upgraded visuals and voice controls, while retaining the same elements that were in the previous iteration.

Just coming off playing The Last of Us: Remastered, Tomb Raider holds its own in terms of graphic fidelity.
Explosions and fire animations are lacking the finesse needed to make them more believable.
The character animations and models, while not the most stunning (except for Lara herself), are still to die for (not literally, of course). Crystal Dynamics have rose to the challenge and rebooted the series, giving Lara a new breath of life (as well as a new actor).
The game was the best looking on the last generation (minus The Last of Us) and improves on those visuals on the current generation. Character animations are a bit floaty, making them seem like they are ice-skating; however, Lara’s animations are superb.
The game follows traditional third person shooter and action-adventure tropes, in the same light as the Uncharted series. Since there are multiple ways to approach combat, it gives the game a strategic approach, as there are different types of enemies that require different types of strategies. Because of this ability, puzzles and tombs become a bit too easy; however, not every one is clear and that is the biggest problem—inconsistency. Interactions during cut scenes and in game seem genuine; like these people have been friends (or enemies) their whole lives.
The gameplay and mechanics, while not the most inventive or consistent, are deep enough to warrant looting everything and searching every nook and cranny. With that being said, the game is still beautiful with awe-inspiring wide open sections and lighting effects that are quite breath-taking. Lara has a plethora of weapons at her disposal for every kind of situation, whether it be sneaking around and killing with a bow or guns blazing with a shotgun and rifle, both able to be fitted with grenade launchers. This is refreshing because, although enemy types are the same, the way to go about battling them is very different.
However, when the necessary salvage and required experience is collected, the progression is fulfilling. Come to find out, they also cannot leave the island because of fearsome storms that are connected to the deceased but somehow still alive Sun queen of the island, Himiko, who is still being worshipped by Japanese warriors that should be dust.

The camaraderie found between Lara and her team feels good and gets the player all the more invested in each character and what they stand for (or gets the player to completely disagree with everything the character does). The story, while not new or different, is good enough to invite the new generation to Lara Croft as the Tomb Raider and captivating enough for the old generation to believe the transformation from archeologist to Tomb Raider. The lighting, hair physics, facial expressions and wear and tear are prevalent on Lara as she crawls, jumps, runs, slides, glides, climbs and such throughout the approximate twelve hour campaign. Because this is a Tomb Raider game, gamers expect there to be a ton of action (as well as tomb raiding) and Lara’s iconic dual-wielding pistols.
In same instances, the player will be faced with enemies whilst doing a puzzle or tomb simultaneously, making it even more tedious than it already was. Lara can add all sorts of enhancements to her weapons from reducing recoil to adding different types of ammunition to outfitting her guns with a silencer or grenade launcher. Seemingly, there was another group of people that have decided to take on this expedition as well, as these are the people Lara and her team end up fighting.
It is too bad that the same level of detail did not go into the other characters found in the campaign. This is unfortunate because puzzles and tombs end up taking far too long to figure out, which detracts from the overall immersion and gets the player either hyper focused on figuring it out or quitting and continuing the story. One of Lara’s team, Sam, apparently has connections to the Sun Queen and Mathias (the leader of the opposition) takes her hostage to try to rectify the storms and get off the island.
Not only is this an origin story, it is also a tale of vulnerability that gets hardened, as Lara learns to trust her instinct since she is a Croft (that gets repeated quite a bit in the game). Crystal Dynamics have done a great job at providing incentive to either see all of the death animations or keep Lara alive (let us hope for the latter, please).

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