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Ja, dieses ultimative, 16-teilige Bear Grylls Survival Kit sollte in keinem Rucksack oder ReisegepA¤ck fehlen.
Took this recently to Peru with me, spent a lot of time in the jungle and in the mountains, preformed brilliantly, really sharp blade. This took up to a month to come as it ran out of stock but when I got it I absolutely loved it great knife for price and outdoors.
The knife is very light compared with its bigger brother, the survival knife, but not as strong. However….I have some concerns about my “BG” Sheath Knife (Item # 31-000752) as well as some thoughts on improvements.
Just by taking this knife out of the package, I have noticed my blade not being as sharp as my other Gerber products I have purchased in the past.
I would have liked to have seen a spring-loaded or “open assist” mechanism in the event I have to use the knife with a single hand. My biggest concern is that when the blade is fully closed within its sheath, the tip of the blade is still barely accessible. I had to wait for about 3 weeks to get it because i live in Portugal and it was fearly hard to get but it?s totaly worthit .

The only thing taht i would change is the belt thing on the back of the seath(it?s to narrow) There is nothing else to improve.
I've used knife serrations for trimming my finger-nails before, but these serrations make my nails feel like butter. My brother game this knife as a present, this is the best knife Ive ever used, and I use it for eveything! Hi Bear, My name is Hector I am Scout and I just bought the ultimate folding streath survival knife. I am scout just as Bear was or is and I have the just right knowledge to say : Ist awesome! People hate on these knives because they're serrated but if Bear Grylls promotes them, I'm pretty sure its for the better.
I Picked up this knife and it is very good nice and sharp and the right size for a pocket knife i got it the day i went camping with my friend and i used it to chop a huge branch in 2 for the fire its a great knife.
Knife feels like 420 hc steel great lock and thick folder comes with a nice sheath thats easily carried vertical upright or horizontal scout carry.
Deshalb hat er dieses Survival Kit zusammengestellt a€“ damit hast auch Du in allen widrigen Situationen das richtige Tool zur Hand. Auto Car Revew Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo Kit Lamborghini Gallardo For Sale In a way, you can call the Lamborghini Gallardo the ultimate kit car….

For people who want a serious blade, yet compact, foldable and able to fit neatly into a sheath, on a belt and out of the way.
Ive used it to cut fabric for bandages, open boxes, cut notches in wood and to take down limbs off of trees. Lightweight, very sharp, suitable for any use, very nice and comfortable, and at a good price. Doch dieses Set macht sich auch im Urlaub bezahlt, denn abenteuerlich kann es A?berall mal werden. I have tightened the screw, but have concerns the rubberized plastic is not strong enough firmly hold the blade in place with the sized screw being used.
I really hope some one important is reading this so they can includ this in there next moportant. The only complaint I have is the serrations I tore them up a bit, but overall the still hold up to hard use, and the blade is very durable.

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