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Katadyn Hiker Micro Water Filter (formerly Pur Water Filter) - America’s best selling activated charcoal micro water filter in the US Outdoor Market.
Includes: Hydration System Connector, Universal Bottle Adaptor, Modular Prefilter, zippered carry bag and field tips. Opblaasbaar Speelgoed Voor In het WaterOpblaasbaar waterspeelgoed in de vorm van een staaf. Luchtbed Voor In Het WaterLuchtbed Voor In Het WaterEenpersoons luchtbed voor in het water. Drinkfleshouder Voor FietsDrinkfleshouder Voor FietsWil jij je water of sportdrank tijdens het fiets bij de hand hebben? Monovin Zeemeermin StijlMonovin Zeemeermin StijlSchuif je voeten in deze monovin en je zwemt als een zeemeermin (of zeemeerman) door het water. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For a better quality bottle to get you through your outdoor adventures, an emergency, or just the day, try the NEW Blue Wide Mouth 1 Liter Water Bottle.

Tritan™ Plastic is a copolyester similar to polycarbonates in strength (#7 Recycle Code) meaning that you get the durability of paint buckets and medical storage containers without the danger of BPA. Because of its molecular makeup, activated carbon can adsorb well, meaning that it can take in or collect many organic molecules on its surface. Specially designed solid block and coated fibre activated carbon filters are also available. De Waterzoom is een handige accessoire, waarmee u een gewone tuinslang omtovert in een krachtige hogedrukreiniger. TiRamen lappen staat waarschijnlijk niet bovenaan uw lijstje van favoriete huishoudelijke klusjes.
These new bottles are made from Tritan™ Plastic, giving you incredible durability while staying BPA free! The new wide mouth water bottles are dishwasher safe if put away from the heating element (or on the top rack only).
Carbon filter’s effectiveness depends on the amount of carbon in the unit and how long the water stays in the unit.

These filters are more expensive but are effective at reducing heavy metals such as lead and mercury. They each include gradations to measure intake or to use for mixing drinks right inside the bottle itself. The longer the water is in contact with the carbon medium, the more of the impurities are removed. Solid block carbon filters with a pore size smaller than 0.2 microns are often effective against biological contaminants by filtering them out physically. Granular activated carbon filters are relatively inexpensive, and maintenance involves replacing the cartridge every two months or so depending on the quality of raw water and the pre-carbon filter media (first stage filter cartridge).

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