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Johnson’s Island was unique among the prisons for captured Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.
Designed and built specifically to hold captured Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, Johnson’s Island was eventually converted to one that held officers only. That made the Johnson’s Island prison unique among Civil War prisons – first, because it was built specifically to house captured soldiers (most of the other Union prisons were former jails or military installations that were converted to prisoner-of-war facilities) and second, because it was eventually holding only Confederate officers. In 1861, the word came down from Washington, find a suitable location for a prisoner-of-war depot on one of the islands on Lake Erie. Secretary of War Simon Cameron asked the governor of Ohio to raise a company of volunteers, who would serve as guards. In April 1862, the first prisoners arrived – 200 Confederates transferred up from Camp Chase, a prison in Columbus, Ohio.
The documentary, “Rebels on Lake Erie,” deals with the day-to-day life of the prisoner at Johnson’s Island and the abortive attempt to liberate the prison.
The history on Johnson’s Island and the abortive attempt to liberate the prison remains Charles E. When you're in Space City you have to make a special trip to Space Center Houston (SCH), the Official Visitor Center to NASA Johnson Space Center, and the heart of our nation's space program. At this space place destination the general public can tour areas of NASA Johnson Space Center, meet astronauts and join in on other special mission events that are hosted in partnership with NASA. Space Center Houston is first and foremost a nonprofit educational and learning center, a place where kids can discover space science and history for themselves. During my visit, the "WOWs!" from summer day campers filled the building and groups of international high school students were busy designing, creating, and testing spacecraft capsules for thermal testing in liquid nitrogen. The spectacle of a shuttle launch, and the work astronauts performed in orbit, got most of our attention throughout the duration of the Space Shuttle program, but once the orbiters landed the problem of how to ferry them around needed solving. SCH's newest exhibit, Independence Plaza, was a major undertaking, and sheds light on an aspect of the often overlooked part of space history. Four years in the making, SCH had to find contractors to do a job that had never been done- in accordance with everything NASA-  in order to give the public the ability to board and explore a full size shuttle replica and the original NASA 905 aircraft that carried it. NASA 905 was once a commercial jet, but was gutted to ferry space shuttle orbiters around when they returned to Earth. The design concepts and challenges are demonstrated as you walk through the as is condition airliner to try out test simulation exhibits that require problem solving skills and collaboration.

Visitors learn about the special aerodynamics involved around a giant plane with a space shuttle mounted on top.
Climb further up the platform and board Independence, where you can get a feel and look at the crew's quarters and cockpit for yourself. Visitors can board space shuttle replica, Independence to learn more about the shuttle program and see where and how payloads were stored. Throughout the Main Plaza of the Space Center you can walk through the most comprehensive display of NASA's space exploration history that I've ever seen. Two tram tours to Johnson Space Center, the only way the public can visit, take you on a ride through the campus and on to view the historic Apollo Mission Control room or the Space Vehicle Mock-Up Facility. Throughout the year SCH also hosts traveling exhibits that explore other areas of science and popular culture, but also incorporate space tie-ins.
Invest in the City Pass to save both time & money if SCH is one of many trip destinations. Wyoming Territory was created by the Organic Act of July 25, 1868 but a portion of it appears on this 1865 map. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. The island was an ideal location for a prison — it was close to Sandusky, making it easy to build, outfit and supply. Approximately 10,000 Confederates called Johnson’s Island home for at least a portion of that time.
Of course, if you're as inspired by all things space as I am, Space Center Houston is the reason for your trip. It's also filled with several exhibits and theaters where you can see the history of space exploration as it progressed, and learn about all the science, technology, and passion behind our country's space program. Meridyth Moore, a Public Relations Specialist at SCH, spoke about several of the programs available, including a Girls STEM academy and an educators conference, available to children and educators all over the world. Exhibits require children to test and experiment with options in order to determine for themselves how and why things work, or learn what life in space requires. Step aboard the former commercial carrier and you'll see firsthand how inspired, out of the box ideas are given a chance at NASA.

Highs and lows of the space shuttle program are celebrated and remembered, and astronauts share recorded reflections of their time in flight. The shuttle features artifacts and displays that highlight the technology and engineering that both went into and came out of making space travel and life in space possible.
Flown vehicles command your attention, and exhibits and demonstrations give you a taste and feel for what life in space entails.
Both options take you to Rocket Park, to behold the massive SaturnV rocket- one of only three and the only one whose stages were flight ready. Currently, a popular Myth Busyers exhibit encourages guests to take part in testing theories and popular ideas for themselves. The VAB and shuttle mockup indoors will be replaced with a Journey to Mars display featuring Orion, Mars robotics vehicles, a model of SLS, and a Martian landscape. JSC engineer and model enthusiast, John Kiker, conceived, developed, and tested the aircraft ferry concept which had to take into account control, weight, separation, and dozens of additional factors. Given that there are only two aircrafts in the world that were capable of carrying shuttles, and NASA 905 is the only one open for public viewing, it really is a piece of space history worth visiting. Because Independence is a high fidelity shuttle the tools and equipment, including a replica of an engine, the actual flown cradle for that engine, and Canadarm, are all true to size.
The rockhound and lab assistant in me urges you to touch the moon fragment on display and then really appreciate how important the rocks in the lunar vault were to shaping the Apollo program, as well as our understanding of the lunar surface. Children of all ages are able to participate in year round programming and camps hosted by SCH, and families and adults can attend mission specific events, celebrations, and even astronaut meet and greets. Even more exciting is the 905 Innovation Lab, a makers space for guests, students, and teachers.

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