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By following the links, you will be able to find out about the way in which the Hay method will be applied across all staff categories.
To evaluate a job, a group of role analysts, working as a panel assess the role (from an agreed job description and information) against a number of factors, which are known as the Hay Guide Chart Profile. The level of knowledge, skill and experience (gained through job experience, education and training), which are required to perform the job successfully. For each of the elements, there are a number of levels from which the panel selects the most appropriate. It is crucial to evaluate Employer Branding messaging, regardless of the chosen channel, in order to ensure success. Universum has significant experience in helping employers evaluate their Employer Branding messaging using both online and in-person focus groups.
As the illustration below shows, employers use a combination of channels to reach students through multiple touch points.

Below is an example of our evaluation framework with regard to career websites as well as advertisement and brochures.
It is possible, if you choose to disable the cookies from your browser and delete all cookies currently stored on your computer. Comparative analysis of the company’s wage structure and policy and the evaluation of jobs resulting from the job evaluation study.
Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos la mejor experiencia al usuario en nuestro sitio web. It was established around 60 years ago and has been developed and used worldwide by numerous organizations, in both the public and private sectors. The outcome of the evaluation shows the total size of the job, which can then be placed in order with other roles within the organization. As the global leader in employer attractiveness research and insights, Universum delivers a full range of services to empower employers to better attract, recruit and retain talent.

At Universum, we helps employers evaluate their messaging in most channels, ensuring that they maximize the impact with their communication budgets. It also allows us to compare different jobs, which in turn enables us to determine where jobs should be placed on the single pay spine, thus ensuring equal pay for work of equal value. The Hay methodology is an analytical, factor-based scheme, which aims to measure the relative size of jobs within an organization.
Universum helps employers evaluate their messaging in most channels, ensuring that they maximize the impact with their communication budgets.
Moreover, we will help you get an understanding of what other employers are doing and provide insights on what job seekers want from your online careers page.

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