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Prego may be the Westin hotel’s flagship Italian restaurant, but it’s good to see that the restaurant doesn’t take itself too seriously. Prego with it’s spaced out seating and open kitchen maintains a contemporary aura that is reflected in the food.
Prego functions as a kind of extension of the Westin lobby and gives the impression of occupying far more space than you would expect. From the large open kitchen, with its wood fire oven to the rack of hand rolled pasta in a glass display, there’s plenty to catch the eye at Prego. Smoked Chicken RisottoOur first course was a creamy Mushroom Soup served piping hot topped with chopped mushrooms. ALSO READ -   Review- San-Qi at Four Seasons Mumbai is the place to see, be seen and indulge in delightful Asian cookingChocolate Lava CakeDessert was a classic Chocolate Fondant sometimes better known as Chocolate Lava Cake.
The Farnese Gardens were created on the northern portion of Rome's Palatine Hill in 1550 by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese and were the first private botanical gardens in Europe. A Vignola was also involved in the creation of Villa Lante, a villa A situated north of Rome at Viterbo. The Villa Medici Garden is an excellent example of a Renaissance garden in the mannerist style.
Hearst Castle gardens (above) were designed by Julia Morgan and William Randolph Hearst in the Mediterranean Revival style.
The Italian style garden is still popular in California and landscape architects don't seem to tire of designing A or restoring gardens inspiredA by classical Italian Villas.
You’ll find all the popular liquors and a number of classic cocktails in addition to a long list of wines neatly categorized by region.
It was a clever item designed to trick both the eye and the taste buds featuring a dollop of mango gel served inside the shell of a quail egg. The soup was hearty and filling with that trademark roasted flavour that takes any mushroom dish to the next level.
The Mushroom Soup, the Smoked Chicken Risotto and the Chocolate Lava Cake are all worth a second visit.
You would think that a dessert this rich (especially at the end of a three course meal) would be a suitably tiny, but Prego is actually generous with the portion size. The space is perfect for hosting large groups and has something of a celebratory vibe to it so come here for group lunches or reunion dinners with friends.

This feeling has been shared by most travelers who have ever visited Italy and it explains why Italian gardens have provided the inspiration for garden designers all over the world. A Among them the Cortile Del Belvedere, overlooking old St Peter's Basilica and designed by Donato Bramante, profoundly influenced the way gardens were designed in Europe from 1506 onwards and then later in America. The slope of the garden was divided into terraces separated by stone stairs and these were themselves supported by walls surmounted by balustrades and ornamented by fountains and statues. As Villa Medici has been the home of the French Academy in Rome since 1803, it's not uncommon to see artists working or relaxing in the expansive gardens. This is a two story Mediterranean style house A with a 17 acre garden designed by landscape architect Lockwood de Forest. I spent a few minutes in the company of Executive Chef Rahul Dhavale (who recently took the reins as Head Chef at the hotel Dhavale was formerly the Executive Sous chef at The Westin Mumbai Garden City) and we talked about new menu items, ingredients and the next step for the restaurant. For me, the gold lighting and coloured glass decor elements made the inside far more cheery, but if you like a cigarette with your drinks, you’ll appreciate the comfortable sofas and secluded feel of the open air dining area.
Though we skipped the alcohol and stuck to glasses of fresh fruit juice, we were intrigued by the Martini style drinks which featured interesting ingredients like tamarind, coriander seeds and cardamom.
The appetizer was Roasted Goat’s cheese served with a beetroot marmalade and a mustard inspired sauce.
There is nothing quite like that moment when you crack open the cake and find gooey chocolate goodness spilling all across your plate! The staff is happy to help and even happier to crack a few jokes, you cannot stay morose here for long! On each side of the terraces were groves that symbolized the transition from the garden to the countryside.A  These essential principles of the Renaissance garden were to take a century and more to to move across Europe. A The geometric design, surrounded by walls with a fountain at its center, was inspired by the Roman epistyle.
The construction of the garden was begun in the end of the 1560a€™s and featured a combination of fountains, grottoes, sculptures, terraces, box hedges A and square parterres.A  Villa Lante provided the complete grammar of classical garden design and the design of many French gardens of the 18th c. In Roman times it figured in the vegetableA gardens of Lucullus, the famous gastronome, and in the photo below one can see that a small part of the original vegetable garden still remains.
It features many elements typical of Italian gardens such as walls, colonnades, pools, boxwood hedges, olive trees, cypresses and ficus trees. Authenticity with modernity form part of the philosophy of Prego; this manifests as a casual and youthful setting, an engaging staff and food that makes international flavours palatable to Indian taste buds.

The dark wood chairs and tables are devoid of significant furnishings; there are no tablecloths in sight! I almost wish I hadn’t known that it wasn’t a real egg, just for that moment of sweet surprise when I ate the “yolk”.
When it comes to roasted or baked cheese dishes, I enjoy the firm texture of halloumi or homegrown paneer.
If you want fine dining without the airs that often come with it, then Prego is the place for you.
In such a garden nature is redesigned and tamed, and as such is the antithesis of the classic English garden. Bruce Porter was educated in San Francisco, Paris, London, and Venice, Italy and was a talented painter, sculptor, stained-glass designer, writer, muralist, landscape designer and art critic. Chef Dhavale hopes to add new and exciting items to the menu while doing justice to the old classics.
A traditional vanilla ice cream or gelato would have appealed to me more as an accompaniment, though some will doubtless appreciate the mascarpone which takes much longer to melt. If you’re not used to European food, this is a great way to ease into it and rice lovers like me need not have a second thought before ordering this dish. The restaurant has a smart casuals dress-code, but you wouldn’t be out of place here even in jeans and a t-shirt. If you order this dish (though I’m not sure it was on the menu) don’t shy away from the sauces as some people do. The main course was Smoked Chicken Risotto served under a glass cloche that was filled with swirling white smoke.
The risotto itself was concealed inside a layer of thinly sliced cooked chicken, so eating it was almost like unwrapping a present. Some might sing the praises of long grained basmati rice, but the squat, fat grains found in risottos certainly offer a unique pleasure of their own.

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