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This lovely home in Bellingham, WA features a massive photovoltaic system in the front yard that allows it to operate completely off-grid.
The wood-clad home reflects the spirit of the upper Northwest, and it’s built to efficiently integrate into its surroundings and local climate.
The Washington area sees a lot of rain, and this home makes good use of the resource by collecting rainwater using via multiple butterfly-esque roofs. ADEX is a system for building self-sufficient prefabricated pod houses that are capable of adapting to different sites while meeting the changing needs of their inhabitants. Don't be fooled by this trailer’s boxy facade—inside lies an impressively spacious and luxurious miniature home!
By building their tiny home on wheels, the Morrisons were able to bypass many of the building codes and regulations that normally stand in the way of building tiny homes. Strategic glazing also adds to a sense of spaciousness by bringing natural light into the tiny house and offering views out to the couple’s forested five-acre property. The spacious kitchen is equipped with a full size gas stove and oven, an 18 cubic foot fridge, a wine rack, and nearly 12 feet of counter space. As expected of Zyl Vardos, Moon Dragon was created with fantastic craftsmanship and design. The tiny home is entered via hand-built Dutch-style doors that open up into a wood-lined interior that looks surprisingly spacious thanks to its tall arched ceiling built from cedar tongue and groove.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Seattle-based firm Prentiss Architects, designed and built the house for a large family looking for a home with a low environmental impact that reflected their East Asian heritage.
While Washington may not be known for its solar resource, it still receives sun and this family wanted to take advantage of what they could with a large photovoltaic system located in the front yard, which allows the home to operate off-grid. The modular eco houses are constructed from an interlocking system of prefabricated pieces, are capable of gathering renewable resources from their surroundings, and can be installed anywhere with no site-specific requirements. Designed and built by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, hOMe is a 221-square foot tiny house mounted on a flat-deck trailer in Ashland, Oregon. Although hOMe measures just 8.5 feet wide, its tall slanted ceilings and white walls gives the narrow house the illusion of space. Tiny house builder Abel Zimmerman Zyl of Zyl Vardos designed and built Moon Dragon, a gorgeous house on wheels that looks like it was plucked from Middle-Earth. The home measures 13.1 feet in height, 9 feet in length, and 24 feet in width, and can be pulled with a one-ton pickup truck. The 216-square-foot main floor features a small wood-burning stove, mahogany ply cabinetry and walls, and a cork floor. Green design features mingle with oriental decor in this beautiful project, dubbed the Chuckanut Ridge home.

We have to admit, our favorite feature (after the solar panels of course) is the gorgeous red staircase with built-in storage. Created to function off grid, hOMe was built and furnished for $33,000 in just four months. The couple also placed their fully equipped kitchen and bathroom at opposite ends of the house to maximize the full width of the galley style trailer.
Storage space is also built into a black staircase that climbs up to the large loft master bedroom. The tiny timber home boasts charming curves and arches, a surprisingly roomy interior, and even comes with off-grid capabilities. The kitchen boasts a five-burner Range cooker with two ovens, as well as an energy-efficient fridge and washing machine, along with plenty of storage. The 117-square-foot loft bedroom—big enough for a queen-sized bed—is reached via storage-integrated stairs.

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